VivaAerobus Airline Name Change Policy

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VivaAerobus Airline Name Change Policy

VivaAerobus Name Change/Correction Policy – Having the wrong name on your booking can cause issues with your travel plans! It is important to have the correct name on your air ticket according to industry rules. If you have booked a ticket with the wrong name on VivaAerobus, it’s important to fix it as soon as you can. In this blog, we will thoroughly analyze VivaAerobus’ name correction policy. Our goal is to provide reliable rules and guidelines for travelers. Please make sure to read the entire piece to gain the necessary knowledge and insights.

About VivaAerobus

VivaAerobus is an aviation company based in Mexico that is known for its excellent management and professionalism. This company is a low-cost airline that focuses on providing great travel options for individuals and clients. Additionally, the young airline combines valuable infrastructure and a focused approach to ensure excellence and consistency in all departments. Here are some important aspects of the aviation organization:

  • VivaAerobus was founded in 2006.
  • This company is based in Mexico and offers affordable aviation services.
  • Additionally, the Mexican service provider conducts its business operations from its main station located at Monterrey International Airport.
  • The airline began using two Boeing 737-300 planes to serve customers.
  • VivaAerobus has a fleet of approximately 56 vehicles that are used to provide flights for passengers in Mexico and the United States.
    Additionally, the Mexican carrier offers an in-flight magazine.

Why do I need to Fix the Name on My Booking?

Technology is making the world feel smaller and more connected. The aviation industry has been instrumental in connecting faraway places. At the same time, the rulebook for the industry keeps updating with new laws and provisions. One important rule to remember is that having the wrong name on your ticket can cause problems.

When making a reservation, some commuters may get excited and accidentally enter the wrong name or other flight details in the reservation form. It can be painful when you see the same mistakes on the printed PNR. There could be errors in some of the characters or the entire name.

  • According to the laws in the aviation industry, the name on your ticket, official ID, passport, and other important documents must have the exact same characters.
  • All documents need to have similar letters.
  • Having different names on these documents is similar to breaking aviation rules.
  • The airline will give you a specific time frame to change the name on your booking.
  • If you can’t fix the name on your flight ticket, the airline might cancel your reservation for security reasons.
  • You can not perform Check-In Process if you have the wrong name on the flight ticket.

It is very important to check and correct any mistakes in your name details on the PNR before you leave.

VivaAerobus Name Change Policy in 2022: Latest Features and Rules

VivaAerobus is a well-known and passionate aviation organization in Mexico. It works hard to help travelers who want to explore the world by flying. In addition, the airline creates different service policies and regulations with a focus on putting passengers first. VivaAerobus has a customer-friendly policy for correcting names to help visitors during difficult times.

VivaAerobus has a straightforward name correction/change policy that is designed to be easy for clients to understand and follow. Before starting the procedure, you need to understand and follow a set of important rules and laws.

Rules and Regulations

Do you know the rules and regulations for correcting names in VivaAerobus?

  • If you’re traveling with VivaAerobus, you can change the name on your booking if there are any spelling mistakes or missing information.
  • According to the policy, the name on the ticket must closely match the name on the passport and official ID.
  • Additionally, VivaAerobus offers customers the option to correct the name on their ticket, but only for a few characters.
  • You can change the name by swapping the first name with the last name and vice versa.
  • You can change the name on your VivaAerobus booking using either online or offline channels.
  • Remember to provide a legal document to officially change your name if it has been altered due to marriage or divorce.
  • The policy covers tickets bought from the official website, customer service number, or ticket counter.
  • Additionally, the airline does not accept requests to change names for tickets bought through third-party agents. To correct your name, you should contact the appropriate agent.
  • You can make minor name corrections without having to pay a fee.
  • However, the airline may require an additional fee in certain situations.
  • Additionally, it is not allowed to transfer the ticket to someone else’s name.

There Are Different Ways to Change the Name on Your Vivaaerobus Ticket

It is important to choose the best and most relevant platform to avoid any unwanted problems. Commuters will have multiple options to choose from when starting the process to correct their name. The airline based in Mexico works hard to provide excellent travel options and takes care of all the needs of its passengers. In this discussion, you will learn a detailed analysis of different mediums.

Online Method

  • Visit the official website of the Mexican service provider,, to explore more.
  • You can now go to the section called ‘Manage My Booking.
  • To continue, the user needs to enter a 6-digit booking reference number and their last name.
  • On the next page, you will see a list of bookings that have been found. You can choose the one you want from this list.
  • It’s time to follow the instructions and guidelines on the screen to fix any errors in the name.
  • Make sure to double-check the recently entered name details before submitting them finally.
  • To complete the online process, please make sure to pay the required fee.
  • VivaAerobus will finally send a confirmation email.

Offline Method

Some travelers find web technologies confusing and dishonest. Traditional channels are here to help you! If you’re a passenger who needs to correct your name offline, you have a few options to choose from.

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Call Helpdesk Number

VivaAerobus Name Correction Fee

Before you make any changes to your name details, it is important and practical to ask about the service fee. Changing the name on a VivaAerobus ticket can be expensive. You can make small name corrections at no cost. There might be additional fees for making important changes to names. The fee for changing your name can vary based on factors such as where you’re going, the type of fare you purchased, and when you make the request. So, you can also talk to an expert for advice.


How Can I Change the Name on My Vivaaerobus Booking?

VivaAerobus customers have three options to make name amendments: using the official web portal, going to the airport ticket counter, or calling the customer support number.

What Kinds of Name Changes Can You Make Without Having to Pay a Fee?

Passengers are allowed to make small name corrections on their VivaAerobus booking without any additional charges.

Can I Make Online Name Changes With Vivaaerobus?

You can go to the carrier’s official website to change your name online.

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