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You’re excited to book the flight for the family vacation. Once you have entered all the necessary information, simply click on the purchase button. Voila! You have a flight ticket with Iberia to your dream destination. Hey, what’s up? Have you verified if you entered the correct names of the passengers on the reservation? Most likely, you didn’t. 

However, you are not alone. We don’t mind if our names are the same on our photo IDs. Iberia Airlines has a policy regarding name changes that is important to note. When booking your tickets, it is crucial that the name you use matches exactly the name on your government-issued photo ID. Your IDs contain all the important information that your name has.

Simply put, you should not worry about requesting a name change on your Iberia booking. To avoid any issues with your Iberia Airlines reservation, follow these steps:

  • Make sure to include your middle name, as well as any suffixes or prefixes, when writing your name to match what is on your government-issued ID.
  • If you forgot to do it, that’s okay. To quickly find your reservation, go to the ‘Manage My Booking‘ section and make sure the name is correct. 
  • If you’re flying on an Iberia Airlines flight that has multiple segments with different airlines, make sure to access your reservation on each airline’s website. Update all the necessary information there.
  • Additionally, consider creating a frequent flyer account with Iberia Airlines. This will allow you to store your passenger information in your profile securely. Next time you book a flight with Iberia, make sure to add your frequent flyer number. This will automatically update your passenger information and save you from having to request a name change with Iberia Airlines.

Rules for Iberia Airlines Name Change

If you accidentally entered the wrong name, it’s important to know what you can do to ensure a smooth flight. Here are the important rules and considerations from Iberia Airlines’ name change policy:

  • According to Iberia Airlines’ name correction policy, passengers have a grace period of typically 24 hours to correct any misspelled names without any additional charges. In this situation, the tickets would be sent for re-issuance. Passengers may need to pay the fare difference if there is one.
  • According to Iberia Airlines’ name change policy, passengers are only allowed to correct their first, middle, or last name if it is within three characters. Please understand that the count of these characters does not mean three characters for each of the first, middle, and last names. 
  • You can only get the ticket from Iberia Airlines (IB). The ticket should have a stock number starting with 075. The flight must be operated by Iberia Airlines. 
  • According to Iberia Airlines’ name change policy, passengers are not allowed to change the name on their ticket to another person. The airline has rules about changing the ownership of a reservation. If passengers find themselves in this situation, they may need to cancel their current reservation, request a refund, and then make a new reservation for the different passengers. There may be a cancellation fee for Iberia Airlines
  • If you need to change the name on your Iberia ticket and immediate payment is not necessary, you can make a request.
  • If you have booked a package that includes a car rental and hotel booking with Iberia, you can request a name change by calling the Iberia Airlines customer service number.

Name Change Fee and Costs

The fee for changing the name on an Iberia ticket will be applied according to the fare rules or conditions mentioned below:

Fare Conditions Iberia name change fee
Can only make changes if you booked with the Iberia Airlines 125 USD
You’ll need to visit one of their offices and request the re-ticketing option. 150 USD
Iberia Airlines change up to 3 letters 125 USD
Can only correct tickets on flights operated by Iberia Airlines, can’t if other airlines are involved 125 USD
Iberia Airlines’ name correction is only for special cases and requires the airline’s approval 75 USD
Iberia Airlines change the passenger name to another ticket 200 USD
Iberia Airlines name change in a genuine case of typo errors 50 USD
Iberia Airlines name change requests for Europe-bound flights 200 USD

Please Review the Conditions Regarding a Name Change for Iberia

Before requesting a name change with Iberia Airlines, passengers should check the fare conditions. This information can be found on the booking receipt and confirmation.

Certain fare conditions may apply to all Iberia Airlines fares and flight tickets. The airline, Iberia, allows passengers to request a name change before a certain time before their scheduled departure. If you want to smooth the check-in process then you must be aware of Iberia Airlines Check-In Policy.

Name Correction Fee Concerning Changes

The fare conditions for changing a booking with Iberia include information about whether you can change the name on the ticket and if there will be a fee for doing so. The fee for changing the name on an Iberia ticket can be calculated differently.

  • A one-time fee for Iberia Airlines to change its name.
  • Iberia charges a fee per passenger and trip section to change a name.
  • Iberia will charge a name change fee per passenger, per flight section, in addition to any difference in price.

Methods to Change Name With Iberia Airlines

In this post, we’ll tell you how to change your name on an Iberia trip. Read this thread to find out more:

Contact Iberia Airlines Customer Care

It is time to contact Iberia Airlines now that you are aware of the airline’s name change options and associated fees.

You can call Iberia Airlines and ask to have your name changed to avoid paying any further fees.

Your trip information is connected to the airline booking system and can only be accessible by the airline, thus if the reservation was made through them, it is crucial to get in touch with Iberia Airlines. 

The Iberia Airlines name change agent may ask you certain security questions when you’re contacting us to ensure that nobody else accesses your reservation. Therefore, it is advised that only the person with the ticket contact Iberia Airlines customer support. To help you, the staff will ask you the security question. 

Describe the Issue With the Name on Your Airline Ticket

Our Iberia Airlines executive is available to you for advice, assistance, and a comprehensive explanation of the issues with your request for an Iberia Airlines name change. The executive will inform you of any spelling errors or name discrepancies between the name on your Iberia Airlines reservation and the machine-readable strip at the bottom of your passport. 

Based on this, the agent will decide what kind of Iberia name change is required, which fare condition may be applicable, and what potential resolution the passenger may be provided. 

Allow the Iberia Airlines Executive to Provide You a Solution

It might be tempting to mention during the customer support chat that you’ve read that the Iberia Airlines name correction is achievable at a particular cost after you are aware of your alternatives and the Iberia Airlines name change price. 

However, there are situations when it is preferable to let an Iberia Airlines executive find a solution. Sometimes the airline may present you with a more affordable choice or a solution that you haven’t read about or considered yourself.

There are occasions when it seems like you could also have to pay the difference on top of the Iberia Airlines name change cost. Alternatively, there are situations when it may be less expensive to cancel a current ticket and reserve a new flight with the right passenger name. 

Iberia Airlines Pet Policy

Iberia’s pet policy says that dogs and cats can travel in the hold, but brachycephalic animals and dangerous kinds are the only ones who can’t.

The total weight of the pet and the box cannot be more than 45 kg. If your pet weighs more than 45 kg, you can still send it through WOOF Airlines and fly with Iberia.

Check Your New E-Ticket

You will receive a confirmation along with the new e-ticket when the Iberia Airlines name correction request is finished. If required, please remain on the phone while you wait for the email confirmation to check. Make a note of the Iberia Airlines agent if it is not feasible. In this way, you may express your gratitude to the executive for his assistance and, if something goes wrong, call the Iberia Airlines customer support line to speak with the same executive once more. 


Can the Name on the Flight Ticket Be Changed With Iberia Airlines?

According to Iberia Airlines’ policy, the name on the ticket cannot be changed after the order has been marked. For up to three characters, you can only change your name. Because of this, travelers must pay close attention when writing their first and last names, which must match the information they bring to the airport when boarding the plane.

Does Iberia Airlines Require Middle Name?

Yes, you can use your photo ID if it includes your middle name. When you make a booking, it’s a good idea to include your middle name if it’s on your ID. This is because Iberia Airline wants to make sure the name on your ticket matches your government-issued photo ID.

Can Iberia Airlines Allow You to Change the Name on a Ticket?

According to Iberia Airlines’ policy, they refer to this as a change in ownership. However, you can only make this change if the fare conditions or rules associated with your flight booking allow it. Sometimes, you can change your name with Iberia Airlines if you haven’t been checked yet.

What is the Price for Changing the Name on the Ticket?

The fee for changing the name on an Iberia flight can vary depending on factors such as the route, time of year, and the method chosen by passengers to make the change. The fee for changing the name on Iberia Airlines varies from $125 to $200. The details about the fee and costs can be found in the previous post.

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