VivaAerobus Flight Change Policy

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VivaAerobus Flight Change Policy

You can change your flight booking with VivaAerobus worry-free. This helps make your travel plans more flexible. You can easily make changes to your flight, such as the date, origin and destination, and flight time. You can also correct the name of the traveler. Please note that there may be a small fee or fare difference for making these changes. Here are the guidelines for VivaAerobus’ change policy and how you can take advantage of it:

  • Passengers have three options to make changes to their reservations: through the official website, by contacting customer service, or by visiting the airport ticketing counters.
  • You can request changes to your VivaAerobus flight for things like your name, flight time, and date. If you need to correct your name or change the origin or destination of your flight, you should call them.
  • If you need to make changes to your VivaAerobus reservation, please note that there may be charges, fees, taxes, or a fare difference if the new flight costs more than your current itinerary.
  • You can request a flight change with VivaAerobus up to 4 hours before your scheduled departure time, as long as you haven’t checked in yet.
  • If there are multiple flights scheduled under the same Reservation PNR, passengers need to use a similar name. After using a booked flight leg under a specific name, passengers will no longer be able to change the name for another flight segment.
  • If the fare for a reservation change is lower than the fare originally paid, passengers will only need to pay the VivaAerobus flight change fee. They will not receive a refund for the difference in fares.

VivaAerobus Change Flight Rules

Before you make a reservation change, it is important to understand the flight change rules that you need to follow.

  • According to VivaAerobus flight change policy, passengers who have booked a flight with Zero Fare cannot make any changes to their reservation. This includes changes to the date, name, flight time, or destination.
  • Under the VivaAerobus change flight policy, passengers can make Reservation Changes for free. If the changes are made within 24 hours of booking and the scheduled departure date is at least 7 days away, no change fee will be charged. There may be differences in fares.
  • If the passenger wants to make changes to their reservation, like changing the date, route, name, or adding extra services, they need to pay according to VivaAerobus’ flight change policy. If they don’t pay, their reservation will be automatically canceled. No refunds will be given for any unused part of the ticket, regardless of the circumstances.
  • If passengers have booked a flight with multiple segments that include flights other than VivaAerobus, the fare rule that has the most restrictions will be applied. All the airlines in the itinerary would have to pay the change fee.
  • If you request to change your flight within 48 hours of the scheduled departure, you may have to pay an additional change fee of 10% of the fare value, plus any difference in fare.
  • If passengers want to change their reservation and the current fare is higher than what they originally paid, they will need to pay the fare difference along with the VivaAerobus flight change fee.
  • The amount of the VivaAerobus change fee will depend on the fare rule. The passenger will be informed of the fee when they make the flight change.

Flight Change by VivaAerobus

The flight change policy of VivaAerobus allows them to make changes to the passenger’s flight schedules. We suggest that passengers check the flight timing on the airline’s website before the scheduled departure. Here are some important points to consider:

  • VivaAerobus will let passengers know about any changes to the flight time or date through the email or phone number they provided when booking. This information will help passengers know what to do.
  • VivaAerobus is not responsible if the passenger doesn’t receive the notification about a reservation change. This could be because the passenger made a mistake when entering their contact information. The airlines expect passengers to enter their contact details accurately and take responsibility for any necessary corrections.

VivaAerobus Change Fee

If you want to enjoy extra benefits, upgrade your entitlements, or make changes to your booking with Vivaaerobus, it’s important to be aware of the change fee and other charges that may apply.

The fee for changing a VivaAerobus flight varies depending on the travel route. Here is a clear explanation of the change fee for your booking:

For Domestic Travel –

VivaAerobus Ticket Change Fees Online Over the Phone
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in more than 24hrs) 150 USD 175 USD
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in less than 24hrs or up to 4 hours before the flight departure) 200 USD 225 USD

For International Travel –

VivaAerobus Ticket Change Fees Online Over the Phone
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in more than 24hrs) 200 USD 225 USD
Itinerary Changes (Flight departs in less than 24hrs or up to 4 hours before the flight departure) 250 USD 275 USD

VivaAerobus 24-Hour Change Policy

Passengers are allowed to make Reservation Changes for free under the VivaAerobus flight change policy, and no change fee would be assessed if passengers make the changes within 24 hours of booking provided that the scheduled departure date must be 7 or more days at the time of making changes. Fare differences may apply.

The following are the booking types that are eligible under the VivaAerobus change flight policy –

Group Booking –If you have a group booking, please note that only bookings with 9 or fewer passengers are eligible for the 24-hour change policy. The VivaAerobus group contract applies to more than 9 passengers.
Gift Certificates –If you use a travel credit voucher or Travel Gift Certificate to make a reservation, you cannot make changes to your flight within 24 hours.
Rebooked or Rescheduled Flights –You cannot make changes to a flight that has already been rescheduled for another date within 24 hours.

VivaAerobus Flight Changes Types

What kinds of flight change requests can you make for VivaAerobus bookings? Let’s discuss and understand this topic.

VivaAerobus Flight Change Date

Passengers have the option to easily change their flight date before the scheduled departure. You can change your VivaAerobus reservation online by going to the ‘Manage My Booking‘ section. Certain fares do not allow online requests for changing the date. To change the flight date, passengers can easily call.

VivaAerobus Name Change

According to VivaAerobus’ name change policy, you cannot transfer your booking to another person. Please make sure to double-check all the details before booking a new flight.

Passengers have the option to request a name correction if there are any errors or misspellings. VivaAerobus allows name corrections in the following cases:

  • You can correct a spelling mistake in the first name, middle name, or last name by changing up to three characters.
  • Making a gender change
  • Making changes to the end or beginning of a word

VivaAerobus Seat Change

If you have already booked a seat when you made your reservation, and now you want to change your seat preference, VivaAerobus allows this option only on certain fares. If passengers want to change their seats, they can call customer service. Here is an overview of the VivaAerobus change fee for upgrading or changing seats:

VivaAerobus Seat Change Fees Online(From-To) Viva Tiendas Airport
VIP Priority 50-60 USD 85 USD N/A
More Space 60-100 USD 125 USD N/A
Preferred 40-70 USD 100 USD N/A
Regular 30-50 USD 75 USD N/A

VivaAerobus Route Change

Passengers have the option to change the flight’s origin or destination, but only before the outbound flight takes off. If the outbound flight has already been taken, you cannot make any changes to your travel routes. Passengers have the ability to modify the starting and ending points of their flight.

How Do I Change My Flight with Vivaaerobus?

Passengers have the option to change their VivaAerobus flight either online or over the phone. Let’s learn how you can request a flight change using the two methods below:

Change VivaAerobus Flight Online

Follow these steps to change the flight online –

  • To access your flight information, go to the website and click on the “My flight” tab located at the top of the home page.
  • To modify your reservation, go to the ‘Modify Your Reservation’ page. Enter the six-digit booking reference and the surname of the passenger. To continue, simply click on the SEARCH button.
  • To change your flight, simply select the itinerary or flight leg you want to change. Then, click on the ‘Change Flight’ button to continue.
  • Please choose a different date or time for your flight. Please click on the “CONTINUE” button now.
  • Choose the flight that best fits your travel requirements, then click on CONTINUE to move forward.
  • If you need to make changes to your VivaAerobus reservation, please note that there may be charges, fees, taxes, or a fare difference if the new flight costs more than your current itinerary.
  • To make the required payment, you can use either a debit or credit card on the checkout page.
  • Please review your itinerary and click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete it.

Change VivaAerobus Flight Over the Phone

If passengers are having trouble changing their flight online or if they are restricted because of the type of fare they purchased, they can call our flight executive for assistance.

  • When you speak to the flight executive, simply request to change your flight.
  • Please provide the updated travel dates, times, or destinations based on your travel requirements.
  • Please review the available flights for your new travel plans.
  • According to VivaAerobus’ flight change policy, if you want to change your reservation, you will need to pay a change fee and any fare difference that applies.
  • To make the required payment, you can use a debit or credit card by providing the details over the phone.
  • Could you please ask the flight executive to summarize the flight schedule for me?
  • You will get the new flight confirmation and flight itinerary sent to the email address you provided.

VivaAerobus Schedule Change Policy

VivaAerobus releases flight schedules up to 11 months ahead of time. The airlines provide plenty of time for passengers to make changes to their travel plans. Sometimes, VivaAerobus might need to change the flight schedules that have already been published. This is done to adjust for any changes in aircraft or routes. The VivaAerobus schedule change might include –

  • Flight departure or arrival times may be subject to changes.
  • Flight frequency is being adjusted.
  • New travel routes are being added or taken away.
  • Making changes to the type of aircraft.

Here are some important things passengers should know about the VivaAerobus Schedule Change Policy:

  • If your flight schedule changes and the delay is less than 4 hours, you will not receive any compensation for changing your flight with VivaAerobus.
  • If the departure or arrival time changes, the airline will provide alternative flight options that suit the passenger’s needs. The airline will provide other flight options where –
    • The starting point and ending point will stay the same as the original travel plan.
    • If your current flight booking has a layover, you have the option to select a different flight with a different layover city.
  • If the other flight doesn’t work for the passenger, the airline will give them a refund for the part of the ticket they didn’t use. This is according to the VivaAerobus cancellation policy. Passengers can only get a refund if
    • The time for departure or arrival has changed a lot.
    • The airline cannot provide you with the same class of service for your flight as you originally booked. If the passenger decides not to continue traveling, they will be eligible for a full refund. If the passenger agrees to take a new flight in a lower class than what they originally booked, they can get a refund for the fare difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my flight with VivaAerobus?

Yes! You can change the date, time, or route of your flight reservation with VivaAerobus. If you want to change your reservation, keep in mind that the airline may charge you a penalty fee. Additionally, you may also need to pay the fare difference.

What is the same-day flight change?

With VivaAerobus, you can change your flight on the same day and get a seat on a different flight that leaves on the same scheduled date. You can only make same-day flight changes on VivaAerobus-operated flights. The alternate flights need to have the same starting and ending points as the ones you already booked. You can only request to change your flight on the same day if it’s within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time.

How do I change my seats?

To access your trips and check-in, simply go to the homepage and click on “My trips/check-in”. Then, enter your last name and the record locator. You can choose your seats and make changes to them, even if you have already selected them before.

If there are no seats available right now, try checking again later or choose a different seat when you check-in.

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