WestJet Airlines Flight Change Policy

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WestJet Airlines Flight Change Policy

WestJet Airlines has a flexible policy for changing flight bookings. We have a customer-friendly policy that allows passengers to easily change their ticket details. This guide will help you understand WestJet Airlines’ reservation change policy and learn about the different rules and regulations.

Overview of WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines was established in Canada in 1994, but it started operating in 1996. WestJet is the second largest aviation company in Canada, following Air Canada. The airline operates more than 700 flights every day, serving over 100 destinations in Canada, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, the United States, and Central America. The main office of WestJet Airlines is located in Calgary, Alberta. It is the 9th largest airline in North America in terms of the number of visitors served.

WestJet Airlines Flight Change Policy

WestJet Airlines began as a budget-friendly service provider and has now become a highly respected aviation company worldwide. It consistently does a great job of making visitors feel comfortable. The airline has many service policies that are flexible and easy to understand. These policies include flight changes or cancellations, baggage rules, name corrections, policies for minors, and more.

WestJet’s ticket change policy is designed to provide you with better facilities and convenience. The airline is flexible and allows passengers to change their booking details if something unexpected happens. Everyone will experience certain events that are unavoidable, such as a tragedy in the family, a serious illness, a stolen passport, legal issues, or bad weather. People have no choice but to change or cancel their scheduled trips.

Additionally, the WestJet flight change policy is very convenient and easy to use. This provides guidelines that focus on customers and aim to ensure travelers have the most comfortable experience possible. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the company has simplified the process of changing flights. Let’s take a look at the different terms and conditions involved in this matter.

Learn about WestJet Airlines’ flight cancellation policy to feel secure about your travel arrangements. Learn about reservation modification and cancellation choices, eligibility for refunds, and the simple procedure. You can rely on WestJet to take a customer-centric approach and guarantee a hassle-free journey even if your plans change.

  • Visitors can change their booking details with WestJet Airlines according to the airline’s policy.
  • If you want to make changes to your booking for free, just make sure to request them within 24 hours of booking. Just a reminder, you may need to pay the fare difference if there is any.
  • If you don’t take advantage of the risk-free period, you will have to pay a penalty based on the current circumstances.
  • Additionally, WestJet offers the flexibility for passengers to make changes to their tickets up to 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure time.
  • You can make changes to your booking either online or offline, depending on your preference.
  • You can book the next available flight to the same destination using the same-day flight change policy.
  • In addition, WestJet customers can also experience customer service for additional assistance.

How to Change the WestJet Airlines Flight?

I’m excited to find out how I can change my scheduled journey with WestJet in a legitimate way. Here is a section that will provide you with a detailed overview of different methods recognized by the airline. Let’s begin our exploration.

Online Method

WestJet passengers can easily go online to make changes to their flights. How? Here are some steps to follow:

  • Go to westjet.com, the official website of the Canadian airline.
  • To access your bookings, go to the homepage and click on the ‘Manage My Bookings‘ tab. Then, choose ‘Manage Flights’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Please enter your reservation number and last name in the appropriate fields. Then, click the ‘Search’ button.
  • You can now choose the appropriate flight from the list of bookings.
  • Make necessary changes and complete the process by paying any relevant fee.
  • WestJet Airlines will send the new ticket details to you by mail.

Offline Method

Do you enjoy using digital technologies? Here are some more options. Customers have the option to modify their WestJet reservation using any of the following platforms:

  • To find the WestJet ticket counter, go to the nearest airport and look for the representatives there. Remember to bring all of your documents with you when you go to the airport.
  • For the utmost convenience, travelers can use the customer helpline number.

WestJet Airlines Flight Change Fee

The service fee can change depending on different situations. Visitors have the option to change their flight details such as the date, time, meal, seat, and name, based on any updated circumstances. You can make changes to your WestJet reservation for free within 24 hours. You will be charged based on the type of flight ticket you have, where you are going, and when you make the request.


Q1) Can I Change My Flight With Westjet Airlines?

Yes, WestJet flights can be modified as per the rules mentioned in the flight change policy. However, please note that changes may be subject to availability and fare conditions. It is recommended to review the specific terms and conditions of your ticket before making any changes.

Q2) How to Change the Westjet Flight Online?

You can move to the official website to perform changes online.

Q3) is It Possible to Change the Seat With Westjet?

Yes, you can change your seat assignment with WestJet. You can choose where you want to sit on your flight, whether it’s by the window or in the aisle, or if you want to upgrade to a different class. You can do this by going to the “Manage Trips” section on the WestJet website or by contacting their customer service team. But please note that specific seat changes may depend on whether seats are available or not.

Q4) Can I Change My Destination and Travel Dates With Westjet Airlines?

Absolutely! WestJet Airlines offers flexibility in changing both your destination and travel dates. If your plans have changed, you can modify your itinerary to a different city or alter your travel dates by following the steps mentioned by contacting WestJet’s customer support. Do keep in mind that fare differences and change fees may apply depending on the ticket type and fare rules.

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