Iberia Airlines Flight Change Policy

Flight Change

Iberia Airlines Flight Change Policy

Sometimes, unexpected events can occur and cause changes to our travel plans. Iberia has updated its booking policy to give passengers more flexibility. Now, passengers can change their flight booking at any time before departure and will only have to pay minimal change fees. I would like to help you understand everything about the change policy and the process of changing your Iberia reservation. 

  • The change fee for Iberia is non-refundable and depends on the date/time, route, or name change.
  • According to Iberia Airlines’ change policy, if the price of the new fare is higher than the existing one, you may have to pay extra for any fare difference, additional services, or taxes. If the fare difference is small, the remaining balance cannot be refunded.
  • To change the date of your Iberia flight, you need to make the request at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. However, please note that this is only possible if you haven’t already checked in.
  • The Iberia flight policy change applies to flights booked through the Iberia Airlines portal, customer service phone number, or ticket office at the airport.
  • Iberia Airlines can change flight requests based on seat availability and the class of service you want to reserve. 
  • According to Iberia’s change booking policy, passengers are responsible for any extra travel expenses that may occur due to flight change requests.
  • If Iberia changes its reservation policy, all the extra services that were bought initially and the ones that the passenger is entitled to according to the policy may be included. 
  • If you want to change the date of your Iberia Airlines flight, you can do so by paying the required fee for changing flights with Iberia, as well as any additional fare difference that may apply. 
  • According to the Iberia Airlines change policy, you can request to change the date or time of your flight as many times as you want, as long as your booking with Iberia Airlines is still valid. Whenever you make a change to your booking, you will need to pay the change fee, fare differences, additional services, and taxes that apply. 
  • According to Iberia Airlines’ change flight policy, if any additional travel services are not available for your new flight route, date, time, or destination, you will receive a refund for those services.
  • According to Iberia’s change booking policy, if a passenger bought a Flex fare for any part of their trip, they must follow the terms and conditions for the Flex fare when requesting flight changes.
  • According to Iberia’s flight change policy, if you want to change your route or destination, you may have to pay a fare difference and a change fee imposed by Iberia Airlines.
  • Iberia’s Name Change Policy says that if you want to change the name on your ticket, you must pay the Iberia change fee. The ticket would then be sent to be reissued in the same class of service or a better class. There may be different prices.
  • Iberia’s rules say that the ticket holder’s name can only be changed once, and only if they get married or are forced to by the law.
  • If you booked a round-trip flight, you must ask Iberia to change your flight before your outgoing flight leaves.

Rules and Regulation For Flight Change

Here are the most important parts of Iberia’s rules for changing flights:

  • Iberia’s change booking policy says that once a trip has started, customers cannot change the flight date, time, name, or location.
  • If the person changes or corrects the name and there is no flight available, Iberia will not start a change ticket request. 
  • Iberia Airlines doesn’t charge a change fee to anyone with a Flex price.
  • According to Iberia’s policy on changing flights, if a passenger’s name was misread when the ticket was made, the person can call the Iberia change flight contact number. The request to change the reservation with Iberia would be taken care of for free. There may be different prices, though. 
  • If you book a flight on www.iberiaexpress.com and choose an Express, Classic, Flex, or Business price, you can change your flight, but you may have to pay an Iberia change fee based on the ticket plan you choose.
  • After filling out the Iberia change flight date request, customers have to rebook any meals, seat arrangements, or special requests that have already been made. 
  • If a traveler bought a hotel room, a rental car, travel insurance, or all three, the travel basics will not change on their own. For these services, people who want to change their Iberia flight bookings need to contact their service provider.

Same-Day Flight Change Policy

According to Iberia Airlines’ change flight policy, travelers can only fly within Europe, North America, and trans-Atlantic zones and must request a change of flight within 24 hours of the originally scheduled departure time. 

Iberia customers may switch their confirmed seats to another flight on the same day if a ticket in the class of service they initially bought becomes available.

  • Iberia charges a 75 USD domestic and 150 USD international same-day flight change fee. There will be no fare differential.
  • There would be no charge if the traveler had a refundable ticket with Iberia Airlines.
  • Changes to Iberia’s same-day flights from connections to non-stops are not allowed.
  • Changes to confirmed same-day travel are not permitted for basic rates.

24-hour Flight Change Policy

Iberia’s ticket change 24-hour policy permits travelers to modify their flight plans without incurring additional costs as long as the intended departure date is at least seven days away at the time of the modification. No Iberia change fee would be charged, and there would be no fare difference. Here are the conditions of Iberia’s 24-hour ticket exchange policy.

  • The 24-hour Iberia change booking policy is in effect for all ticket purchases made through Iberia.com, Iberia Airlines ticket counters, and Iberia customer care. 
  • Iberia’s change-flight fee would not be applied after 24 hours; just the fare difference would be charged.
  • No group reservations are available for modifications within 24 hours, and the Iberia ticket change group policy applies. 
  • This restriction does not apply to tickets purchased with gift certificates or e-travel vouchers.

How to Change the Iberia Flight?

With the use of the following three techniques, passengers can modify their flight on Iberia Airlines:

Online Method:

  • Go to iberia.com and choose the section marked Manage Booking.
  • To access the booking, enter the passenger’s last name and the booking code.
  • To continue, select the flight schedule and touch the ‘Change’ option. 
  • According to your changing travel demands, enter the new departure date, time, or location, or a combination of them all.
  • All requests for flight changes must be made in accordance with Iberia’s change booking policy, and any applicable ticket difference must also be paid. 
  • At the checkout page, pay the necessary Iberia change flight fee. Passengers will receive the Iberia change booking request on their registered email when the payment is successful.

Over the Phone

  • Call the Iberia change flight contact number and wait for the flight executive to help you.
  • Give the flight attendants your Iberia booking confirmation so they may access your reservation.
  • Give the updated departure date, time, and location, or a combination of all three.
  • All requests for flight changes must comply with Iberia Airlines’ ticket change policy and pay the necessary pricing difference. 
  • The representative will inform you of the updated flight schedule and any Iberia change fees that may be associated with each ticket choice. Over the phone, passengers can use a debit or credit card to pay the necessary amount.
  • Passengers will receive confirmation of the new Iberia Airlines change in flight date on their registered email as soon as the payment is successful. For the new flight segments chosen, passengers must check in anew. 


Can I carry Pet with me on Iberia Flight?

Yes, But you must have to adhere Iberia Airlines Pet Policy.

Can I change my Iberia flight booking?

Yes, Iberia Airlines offers flexibility to change flight bookings before departure with minimal change fees.

What is the change fee for Iberia flights?

The change fee varies and is non-refundable, depending on factors like date, route, or name changes.

How do I change the date of my Iberia flight?

You can request a date change at least 3 hours before departure, as long as check-in isn’t completed. 

How many times can I change my Iberia flight?

You can request multiple date or time changes as long as your booking is valid, but each change incurs fees, fare differences, and taxes.

How can I change my Iberia flight?

You can change your flight online through the “Manage Booking” section on iberia.com or contact Iberia customer service for assistance.

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