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Avianca’s flight change policy is designed to be hassle-free and stands out from other policies. If you need to make changes to your ticket, the airline will definitely help you with that. Avoid the hassle of searching the internet to find information about Avianca Airlines’ flight change policy. Join us as we provide a comprehensive guide filled with all the necessary information to make your journey a breeze.

Avianca Ticket Change Policy

The airline has recently made some unexpected changes and implemented impressive policies that ensure a fantastic flight experience for passengers. Avianca ensures that all passenger needs are taken care of. If you want to change your seat or meals, keep reading to learn more about how to do it.

  • Passengers flying with Avianca Airlines can change their tickets for free within 24 hours of making the booking. If passengers don’t make the free change window, the airline will require them to pay a small fee.
  • To change your Avianca flight, you can only do so using the same method you used to book your tickets. If you booked your tickets online, you can only make changes online.
  • If the cost of the previous flight was lower than the cost of the new flight, passengers will need to pay the difference in price to make the change.
  • Making changes to the itinerary is simple, but passengers will lose all the benefits of their original flight when switching to a new one. For instance, if the airline upgraded you to Business Class on the flight you want to change, you will lose the upgrade when making the modification.
  • Changing the name on the ticket is a simple process. If you want to change the name on the ticket and sell it, the airline will not allow that.

Change Itinerary

  • If you want to make changes to your travel plans, you can choose the “Book with Flexibility” option. This facility allows you to change your destination for free if needed.
  • It might be difficult to change a domestic trip to an international one. In this situation, passengers can contact the customer service representatives.
  • The changes to your itinerary will vary depending on the type of tickets you have bought. Passengers may not have to pay a fee for changes made close to the departure date.
  • You cannot make any changes to your itinerary if you have purchased tickets using Avianca’s Life miles. If the passengers want to change their destination, they need to cancel their current tickets and book new ones.

Change the Wrong Name on the Ticket

  • As per Avianca’s Flight Name Change Policy, every passenger can make the change in their first and last name. In case of any typo, you can make the corrections for free.
  • Avianca change name on the ticket would only be completed if the passengers have sent a valid passport for the name change and the airline has approved of it.
  • If the passengers have purchased group tickets, they need to split the ticket on which the name change has to be done. Create a new PNR with the modified passenger name keeping all the details such as the date, class, and time of the ticket the same.
  • For the easiest name change way, the passengers can mail their PNR with the wrong name and the correct name to [email protected].

Avianca Seat Change Policy

  • When you book your tickets, you have the option to choose any seat you want. If the airline does not include this service in your airfare, you will need to pay a small additional fee for it.
  • To change your seat on Avianca Airlines, it will depend on the type of ticket you bought and where you’re going.
  • To make changes to your booking on Avianca Airlines’ official website, follow these steps:
    • 1. Click on the “Manage Booking” section.
    • 2. Look for the “Modify Booking” option.
    • 3. From there, you can change your seat according to your preference.
  • You can change your seat for free once per ticket. If you need to make multiple changes to your booking, the airline will charge a fee based on the number of changes you make.

Avianca Airlines 24 Hours Change Policy

When you fly with Avianca Airlines, you can expect a great experience and excellent policies. If something goes wrong, you can take advantage of Avianca’s policy that allows you to make changes to your flight within 24 hours for free. How? Please ensure that you read the following points.

  • The Avianca flight change policy is related to the 24-hour policy. You can change your ticket for free within 24 hours of booking.
  • If you can’t change your ticket within the airline’s specified time frame, you may need to pay a fee to make the change.
  • The change within 24 hours will vary depending on the type of ticket you bought. Tickets that are non-refundable cannot be changed under any circumstances.
  • If the cost of an old flight ticket is less than the cost of the new flight ticket, you will need to pay the difference even if you make the changes within 24 hours.

The fee to Change Avianca Airlines Flight

Airlines have different prices for different classes of flights. Here are the details.

  • If a passenger purchases a ticket in Economy Class, they will need to pay a total of 500 USD, plus any additional fare difference for their flights. The fare difference is the amount that the new flight costs compared to the previously booked flight. If the passengers have a ticket in flex class, they will need to pay a flight change fee of 150 USD, as well as the fare difference between the two flights.
  • The fee for changing the promo class is $700 USD, plus any additional cost for changing the flights.
  • Passengers must pay the fare difference for their flights, even if the change is made within 24 hours. In this situation, the airline is only asking passengers to pay if they want to upgrade their flight.
  • The fee for changing a flight with Avianca Airlines can vary based on a few things. These include the date when the changes are made, the class of the ticket, whether the ticket is refundable or non-refundable, and the destination.
  • Avianca Airlines goes the extra mile to make your experience more enjoyable. If you want to learn more about changing flight fares for
  • Avianca Airlines, you have two options. You can either find information online or call their customer support center for detailed fare information.

Ways To Change Your Tickets In Avianca Airlines

There are multiple ways to make changes to Avianca Airlines. The Avianca flight change policy offers many options for passengers to choose from based on their convenience.

The easiest way to make changes to your tickets is by doing it online. You can do this from the comfort of your couch. It saves you from delays and extra charges.

Online Method

  • You can visit Avianca airline’s official website at
  • To access your account, please log in using your login information.
  • Once you log in, go to the home page and click on the “Manage My Booking” tab. This will take you to a separate page where you can make changes to your booking.
  • Please provide your name and confirmation number before clicking the ‘continue’ button.
  • To access the Avianca ticket change button, simply click on the link provided.
  • Before you cancel, double-check your details and then click on the Continue button.
  • Once the process is complete, you will receive an email or text message on the email address or phone number you have registered.

How To Change Flight Via A Call?

  • Call the official help center for Avianca Airlines.
  • A customer support representative will call you to help you with any additional changes you need.
  • Please explain the changes you would like to make.
  • The executive will ask you for the PNR number and check if the passenger is allowed to make any changes.
  • Once you have paid the difference in the flight, the executive will inform you about the modification charges and make the necessary changes.

Changing Flight At The Ticket Centre

  • Visit any ticket center of Avianca Airlines.
  • When you’re at the airport, find an executive and share your flight details with them. They will assist you by investigating your situation.
  • Please provide more details about the changes you need to make, and be specific to avoid any mistakes.
  • The executive will compare your requirements with Avianca’s flight change policy. If necessary, you would be charged a small amount.
  • Voila! Once you have completed the payment, the executive will make the changes.

Avianca Flight Change Rules

The airline doesn’t consider going the extra mile to provide you with a luxurious experience. If you want to continue enjoying the relaxed Avianca Airlines flight change policy, there are some important terms and conditions to remember.

  • If you make changes or alterations to your Avianca Airlines ticket multiple times in a way that violates the terms, the airline will require you to pay the fees.
  • Avianca Airlines is not responsible for making any changes to tickets purchased from a third party. If you bought a ticket from the agents, just get in touch with them to make any changes or cancellations.
  • You need to make any changes to your seats and meals at least 24 hours before your flight departs. The airline requires additional time to fulfill your requests.
  • If you modify your ticket and lose your class upgrade, you will not be able to claim any compensation.
  • If the airline delays your flight for more than 3 hours, you can either get a full refund or choose to take the next available flight offered by the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Avianca Airlines taking any special measures during the lockdown?

Yes. The airline is doing everything possible to make sure you have a great flight. Passengers must take a COVID test before their trip. It is recommended to practice social distancing and the flights are regularly cleaned for safety. Avianca Airlines has made changes to its flight policy and cancellation policy to make it easier for people dealing with emergencies during the pandemic.

How can  I change my name on the flight ticket on Avianca Airlines?

To change the name on your airline ticket, simply update the seat number. If you’re booking your ticket online, you can easily make changes by visiting the official website of the airline. Look for the “manage to book” section, where you can change your surname and enter the new one as you wish.

The airline will review the submitted name and verify the identity of the new name. To make changes to your name, you need to follow Avianca’s flight change policy.

How to change seats on Avianca Airlines?

Changing seats on Avianca Airlines is a simple process according to their flight change policy. To find the information you’re looking for, please visit the official website and navigate to the “manage to book” section. After that, you can input your flight information and proceed to select your seat.

Passengers need to cancel their current seats and book new ones according to their preferences. Please ensure that the airline permits you to change seats.

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