American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

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American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

American Airlines offers a complimentary seat selection with many fare types. This article will explain the American Airlines Seat Selection Policy and Fees in detail. Okay, let’s begin working on it.

American Airlines Select Seats

When booking a ticket with American Airlines, travelers can choose their preferred seats either during the reservation process or after completing the booking. They can also choose seats for any children traveling alone.

If you want to select your preferred seats on American Airlines, here’s what you need to do. If that’s the case, you can take action by visiting American Airlines’ official website or by calling their customer care. If you’re traveling with your pet on American Airlines, keep in mind that you’ll need to have extra space available.

About American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

  • American Airlines gives you the option to select a seat when you make your booking or even after you have completed the booking.
  • You have the option to upgrade your seat. If you have a basic economy seat, you can upgrade it to a premium economy seat.
  • You can choose your seat on American Airlines, but it depends on whether there are seats available. When selecting a seat after booking your ticket, you will only be able to get your preferred seat if it is currently available.
  • You don’t need to choose a seat. However, the advantage is that if you choose to upgrade your seat, you will receive additional space or access to more premium features.
  • You can choose between a window seat or an aisle seat based on what you prefer.
  • If you don’t choose a seat, you will be given whatever seat is left after other passengers have made their selections.
  • To ensure you get the seat you want, it’s best to select your seat when you make your booking. If you choose your seat at a later time, you might end up with the seats that are left over.
  • The cost of the seat you choose can range from approximately $100 to $700. If you decide to select a premium seat or a business seat, you will need to pay a higher price compared to the basic economy seats.
  • Once you have checked in, you can choose a seat at the counter of American Airlines. However, you will still need to reserve a seat before you arrive.
  • You have the option to select from a basic economy seat, premium economy seat, business seat, or first-class seat. The premium seats require an additional payment.

Method of American Seat Selection

Online Method

  • You can visit the website
  • To access your trips or check-in, simply click on “Manage My Trips” or “Check-in.”
  • Please provide the necessary passenger information and record locator.
  • Please choose seats from the available seat map.

Through App

  • Please open the American Airlines app.
  • Click on the option that says “Find Trip.”
  • Please provide the customer’s information and the record locator.
  • Please choose an available seat on the seat map.

Seat Selection Fees and Charges

You can choose your preferred seat with American Airlines for free if you select a standard seat.

The cost of basic economy fares can reach $160. If you’re taking a long-haul international flight, you have the option to purchase extra-legroom seats.

The fees for selecting a seat on American Airlines can vary. They depend on factors like the type of seat you want and how long your flight is. Aisle and window seats are usually more costly. However, if you choose a middle seat between two preferred seats, you won’t have to pay anything extra.

What Are Some Ways to Avoid Paying American Airlines for Selecting a Seat?

To avoid seat selection fees, a good option is to obtain elite status with American Airlines or a partner airline such as British Airways or Alaska Airlines. Additionally, you have the option to use AAdvantage miles to cover the cost of seat selection fees.

American Airlines Preferred Seating

If you have AAdvantage elite status, you can get free preferred seating. This will include seating with standard legroom in preferred sections of the cabin. Elite members of the Oneworld Alliance partner will also get free access to American Airlines’ preferred seating, even if they are at the lowest Ruby tier.

American Airlines Main Cabin

In addition to more legroom, the main cabin also offers extra seats. Travelers can enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks, such as wine and beer. Plus, they get the perk of early boarding. If you have Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum, or Platinum Pro status, you can get free access to extra seats in the Main Cabin when you book your flight. Gold Elites can select Main Cabin Extra seats without any fees up to one day before their flight.

Members of Alaska Gold 100k, MVP Gold, and Gold 75K can also select Main cabin extra when making a booking. Alaska MVP members need to wait for at least 24 hours before they can choose extra seats in the main cabin without paying any fees. Additionally, Basic Economy fares do not qualify for this benefit.

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles 

If you can’t use your elite status to avoid paying for seat selection on American Airlines, you can use AAdvantage miles instead. The cost of AAdvantage miles will vary based on factors such as where the seat is located in the cabin and the length of the flight.

The rate at which the seat selection fee can be redeemed is approximately 1% for every mile. The rate could be improved. If you have a low mileage balance, redeeming miles for booking would be a great option for you to consider for redemption.

To cover the cost of American Airlines’ selection charges, you need a significant amount of AAdvantage miles for each account. You have two options: either select a seat that requires a few miles or purchase additional miles. Passengers are not able to purchase a single seat by using both cash and miles together.

Upgrading to the Main Plus Ticket

Passengers who purchase the Main Plus ticket can enjoy free access to the Main cabin extra and preferred seats. However, if you choose to use this option, you will need to make a payment. Paying a little extra will be worth it because you’ll get an extra checked bag, free seat selection, and preferred boarding.

How Can You Choose or Reserve a Seat With American Airlines?

American Airlines provides three options for selecting seats. Booking seats with American Airlines (AA) is a convenient and comfortable option for selecting your preferred seats.

Through Website

  • Contact the official website of American Airlines.
  • Please provide the necessary information for your flight bookings. This includes the dates you are available, the dates you wish to depart, and the number of adults traveling.
  • Please choose the flight that meets your needs.
  • When choosing a flight, make sure to check the seat map to find the seat you prefer from the options available.
  • Choose the seat that is ideal for your travel.
  • After choosing your seat, make sure to follow any on-screen instructions that are available.
  • To pay for the ticket, simply use your credit or debit card. If you want a preferred seat, you may have to pay extra. The ticket price will increase if this is the case.
  • Your ticket will be booked.

Through Customer Care

If you don’t like the website method, you can choose the old method by calling customer care.

Through Email

If you don’t like the above two methods, you can try this method by emailing your all details to customer care.

Unaccompanied minors cannot sit on emergency seats according to American Airlines Minor Policy.

What is the Cost of Changing Seats With American Airlines?

  • American Airlines typically assigns seats to passengers according to their seat selection policy. If you want to cancel or change your assigned seat for basic economy, it will cost you between $9 and $13.
  • If you want to reserve an aisle seat, it will cost you $13. For a center or middle seat, the price is $12.
  • If you want to reserve your seat ahead of time, it will cost $40.
  • The cost of selecting a seat in the Main cabin starts at $20. For first-class and premium economy, the price is $80. The charges will be applied based on the flights for American Airlines, including Boeing 777, A320, A319, A321, and Boeing 737-800.

How Can You Get Your American Airlines Seat Selection Costs Returned?

Normally, American Airlines seat-choice tickets are non-refundable. Additionally, reimbursements for seat selection are only shown in a few circumstances. For example, American Airlines would reimburse you if you upgraded to first class or business class, chose to cancel your trip within 24 hours of making your reservation, had to pay extra for another ticket on the same route, or purchased seats on any rebooked aircraft.

If American Airlines decides to cancel your flight on its own, you will be reimbursed. Or, if the American Airlines aircraft is overly delayed, you miss your connecting flight and no equivalent seat is available on the subsequent trip, resulting in your missed connection.


On American Airlines, customers can choose their seats either after or at the time of booking. If you want free seat selection, you must stay away from the basic economy fares. Additionally, a passenger will only get preferred seating or extra legroom if they have elite status or are paid with miles.

Check to see whether any of American Airlines’ partners fly the route if you need assistance choosing seats. If so, you will need to search for confirmation and get in touch with the airline to confirm the seat.

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