Royal Jordanian Seat Selection Policy

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Royal Jordanian Seat Selection Policy

Have you booked a trip with Royal Jordanian and are looking forward to getting a seat on the flight that suits you? How a person feels about flying depends a lot on where they sit on the plane. Also, the Royal Jordanian Airlines seat selection policy tells you how to choose the seats you want on a planned trip. Here, then, is clear information about how Royal Jordanian decides which seats to give people.

  • According to Royal Jordanian Airlines’ seat selection policy, customers can choose their favorite seat during online check-in.
  • Later, you can choose your seat when you check in at the airport, but the faster you get a seat, the more likely you are to get the one you want.
  • Between 4 and 224 hours before a Royal Jordanian flight is set to leave, passengers can choose their seats.
  • Royal Jordanian passengers can pay extra to get the seat they want on the plane, but they can’t promise that and can’t help them find the best option.

The extra fees you have to pay to choose your seat on a Royal Jordanian flight are small, so you can go ahead and do it to make your flight more comfy. If you have any other questions about the extra services Royal Jordanian offers after you’ve booked a flight with them, you can call their call center and ask for help from their Royal Jordanian bookings team.

The Flight Change Policy of Royal Jordanian makes it easy to make changes to your trips. Find out about your choices for flexibility, who is eligible, and how easy it is to change your plans. Whether plans change or something unexpected comes up, Royal Jordanian makes changes to trips easy and customer-focused.

What Does It Mean to Have a Preferential Seat on Royal Jordanian? 

Alia, which is another name for Royal Jordanian Airlines The national airline of Jordan, Royal Jordanian, offers a wide range of services to its passengers in order to give them the best possible travel experience. In addition to these services, the airline also lets you select the seat you prefer in order to make your trip more comfortable.

Royal Jordanian Seat Selection Cost

You must pay the seat selection fee to continue with the Royal Jordanian flight, but the Airlie seat selection fee starts at USD 5 and offers a 50% savings.

The process to Choose My Seat on Royal Jordanian Airlines

The airline offers a preferred seat option that allows you to travel for a low cost while occupying the seat of your choosing. Follow the steps listed below and use the procedure to move on with the seat selection process:-

  • Visit Royal Jordanian’s Official Website.
  • Enter Your Reference Code and Last Name.
  • Find Manage My Booking.
  • Select Your Flight
  • Now Edit the Flight.
  • Select the Seat Choice From the List Below.
  • Afterward, Choose “Show Seat Options.”
  • Then Decide Whatever Seat Suits Your Preferences.
  • Review the Information, Then Go on to the Payment Method.
  • Make the Payment for the Seat of Your Choice.
  • You Will Then Get a Confirmation Code.

Benefits of Preferred Seat

When choosing your favorite seat, you receive a number of perks. Read the steps listed below to learn more about the points:

Comfortable Setting: You can select the seat on the aircraft that best suits your needs, whether it be an emergency escape seat, a window seat, an aisle seat, or a seat in the first row.

Traveling Together: If you are going with a partner, you can choose your favorite seat to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. 

Low Price: You receive a 40% fare reduction. This helps you save money while providing you with the greatest travel experience possible.


Can I choose my seat with Royal Jordanian Airlines?

Yes, you can select your preferred seat during online check-in or at the airport, within 4 to 224 hours before departure.

Is there an extra fee for seat selection?

Yes, there’s a fee starting at USD 5, offering a 50% savings on seat selection.

What are the benefits of preferred seats?

Enjoy comfort, travel together with companions, and get a 40% fare reduction for a better travel experience.

How do I choose my seat?

Visit the official website, enter details, select your seat, review, pay, and receive a confirmation code.

Need more help?

Contact the Royal Jordanian call center for assistance with seat selection and other services.

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