Viva Aerobus Airlines Seat Selection Policy

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Viva Aerobus Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Traveling by plane may be exhilarating, especially if you choose to fly with VivaAerobus Airlines. The airline seeks to offer a comfortable flight to its customers by offering competitive tickets and a wide network. The choice of your seat is an important decision that frequently causes controversy. You may learn how to reserve the best seat for your future journey by reading this article’s in-depth discussion of VivaAerobus Airlines’ seat selection policy.

About Viva Aerobus,

A Mexican low-cost airline called VivaAerobus strives to give a variety of clients access to economical air travel choices. The airline offers both local and international service, making it a well-liked option for travelers on a tight budget.

Importance Seat Selection

Your flight experience may be greatly impacted by selecting the proper seat. By choosing your seat, you may customize your trip to suit your needs, whether they be more legroom, a window view, or close access to the bathroom.

Types of seats offered by Viva Aerobus Airlines

  • Standard Seats
  • Preferred Seats
  • Front Row Seats

Standard Seats

All passengers have access to standard seats, which are the most affordable choice. These seats are perfect for passengers who value cost-effectiveness above all else and offer decent comfort.

Preferred Seats

Preferred seats are located in particular airplane rows with additional legroom or better views. Although they are more expensive, they may significantly improve your comfort on the journey.

Front Row Seats

The aircraft’s entry is close to the front row seats, allowing for rapid access during boarding and disembarkation. These seats are very beneficial for travelers who wish to minimize waiting time.

Methods to Select Your Seat on Viva Aerobus Airlines

During Booking

You can select your favorite seat throughout the booking process on the VivaAerobus Airlines website or app. By doing this, you may be sure to get the seat you desire straight away.

Through Manage Booking

You can choose a seat if you’ve already made a reservation for a flight but haven’t done so yet by going to the “Manage My Booking” area of the airline’s website. Here, you may look over the seats that are available and choose one.

At Airport

The opportunity to select your seat at check-in is offered by VivaAerobus Airlines if you would rather make that decision at the airport. But be aware that there could only be a set number of particular seat categories available right now.

Seat Selection Fees

Standard seats are the least expensive option available for seat selection on VivaAerobus Airlines’ various ticket levels. Due to the extra benefits they provide, preferred seats and front-row tickets are more expensive.

Family and Group Booking

Taking a trip with relatives or friends? Families and groups are seated together as much as feasible by VivaAerobus Airlines. The airline’s computer system will seek to distribute seats appropriately throughout the seat selection procedure.

Special Assistance

All passengers will be given equal access by VivaAerobus Airlines. The airline crew will help you choose a seat that meets your needs if you have special needs or need assistance.

Note: According to the Viva Aerobus Minor Policy, minors cannot sit in an emergency seat.


Can I Change My Selected Seat After Booking?

By entering the “Manage Booking” section of the website, you can modify your seat preference.

Do Preferred Seats Include Any Extra Amenities?

Yes, depending on the trip, preferred seats may also come with extra bonuses and often have greater legroom.

Is Seat Selection Available on All Flights?

Yes, you may choose your seat on both local and foreign flights.

Can I Request a Refund for My Seat Selection Fee?

Depending on the terms and circumstances of the airline, refund policies for seat selection fees may change.

What if I Need Assistance During the Flight?

The cabin crew of VivaAerobus Airlines is prepared to attend to customers’ requirements at all times.

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