American Airlines Name Change Policy

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American Airlines Name Change Policy

American Airlines Name Correction Policy – It is common to see misspelled names on the PNR. When booking a flight ticket, like in many other aspects of life, it is common to make mistakes. If you accidentally entered the wrong name details in the American Airlines reservation form and need to correct it, here is a guide to help you. I want to inform you about American Airlines’ name correction policy. This policy involves different legalities and aspects that you should be aware of.

What steps are involved in the Airlines’ name correction policy? This guide will provide you with a step-by-step procedure to assist you with this. If you are planning to travel with American Airlines, one of the world’s largest air carriers, you’ve come to the right place.

American Airlines is a well-known airline in the United States. Its headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas. This airline seems to be the largest in the world when it comes to measuring the fleet size and the number of passengers it carries on scheduled flights.

Right now, the company is providing services to customers in over 350 places in more than 50 countries. The airline has 957 planes and offers a large number of domestic and international flights, with about 6800 flights every day.

In addition, it is one of the founding members of the Oneworld alliance, which is the third-largest airline alliance in the world. The airport serves about 500,000 passengers every day and has over 130,000 employees.

American Airlines Name Change Policy

Does it really matter to have the correct name details on the air ticket? For your kind information, it is legally necessary to have the passenger’s similar name on the ticket and the government-issued ID/passport. Names on all documents must contain the same alphabet in the same order to be legally eligible to board a flight.

Additionally, the Department of Transportation rules suggest that it is important to have accurate name information on the PNR. If there is a slight difference, your eligibility may be canceled and you may have to wait at the airport until the issue is resolved. However, there are certain situations where the ticket can also be terminated.

Sometimes, mistakes happen when you accidentally enter your name incorrectly on a reservation form. It’s possible to make a mistake when entering your booking information quickly. If you don’t resolve things on time, you might face severe situations. An error is an error, whether it’s just one letter or the entire name.

The good news is that travelers can easily change their names with a customer-friendly policy. The airline understands the seriousness of the situation and has created a friendly and stress-free process for it. Visitors can use it to fix any mistakes they made when entering their names during the booking process.

One of the most common mistakes made by passengers is inserting the wrong name. The error is revised according to a specific policy. In the next chapter, we will explain the step-by-step process of fixing the passengers’ names together.

According to American Airlines Check-In Policy, You cannot do an online check if your name is a mismatch. You must apply for a name correction.

Different Kinds of Name Changes

Changing or amending your name on the airline ticket is not a simple process. The carrier has imposed some restrictions on what can be done. But there’s no need to worry. They provide a simpler process to ensure your name is correctly formatted.

Additionally, passengers have the option to change or modify their names in various situations. If someone needs to change their ticket name because of typos or legal reasons, they are allowed to do so. For instance, if your last name has changed due to marriage or divorce.

Changing or correcting names can have different meanings.

The name change policy lets the carrier change the name on the ticket to match the name on the TSA government-required documents. This is for correcting misspellings, marital status changes (married/divorced), maiden names, reversed names, legal names, and additional names.

You should also correct any discrepancies in gender or age between the legal document and the ticket.

Their name change policy comes from a document called the same name. The airline allows passengers to make small or big changes to the names on their unused tickets.

Minor Name Corrections

This name correction system is valid for itineraries that involve American Airlines and American Eagle flights exclusively. Furthermore, it can be followed for the same PNR.

Major Name Corrections

This policy applies to reservations in the ‘R’ inventory and codeshare flight segments. The most important thing to note is that the name correction cannot be done on the same PNR (Passenger Name Record) because of software limitations. Instead, a new PNR is required for the name correction.

How to Make Name Corrections with American Airlines?

This airline has specific rules for fixing different types of errors in visitors’ names. The processing fee can change depending on the type of change or correction.

Here are the guidelines for correcting your name on the ticket:

  • To get started, go to the company’s official website. Look for the Manage My Trips Section, which can usually be found on the homepage.
  • From now on, you will need to enter your booking details in the appropriate field.
  • Once you have logged into your account, simply fill in the provided boxes with your last and first name.
  • To see the complete list, simply click on the ‘Find Reservation’ button.
  • You will choose one flight for making name corrections out of all the available options.
  • You can change the name on your ticket by paying the required fee.

Rules for Making Corrections in Passenger’s Name

  • According to American airline policy, visitors are allowed to correct minor spelling mistakes.
  • American Airlines allows you to change a passenger’s last name in certain legal situations, like getting married or getting divorced.
  • Passengers can change their last names, but they need to provide the necessary documents.

American Airlines Name Correction Fee

Just like other airlines, they also charge passengers a fee for name corrections.

According to the minor name change policy, passengers will not be required to pay any fees. Visitors don’t have to pay anything for this amendment.

Visitors will need to pay a processing fee of US$25 for making significant name corrections.

The fee for correcting the name of domestic passengers is US$200, while for international passengers it is US$700.


Can I fly with American Airlines if my name is spelled wrong?

Yes, you have the ability to do so. American Airlines allows you to make simple changes, such as correcting your name on the ticket.

Can I change my name on the American Airlines ticket?

If your ticket allows it, there won’t be any charges for changing your name. However, if your ticket doesn’t allow it, you will have to pay a high price for the name change.

How do I fix the wrong name on the ticket?

If you made a spelling mistake on your ticket, just call customer service and ask them politely to make a small change.

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