Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

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Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

When purchasing airline tickets, passengers have been known to make mistakes with their names and other identification. They could enter incorrect first or surname names, or both, in the passenger details box. Passengers make mistakes while choosing their gender, date of birth, and other details. The name-change policy of Air New Zealand, which assists travelers in changing/correcting their names and other facts, came to the rescue at that point.

There’s no need to be concerned if you misspelled your name or if your name has to be changed for any legal reason. Here is a list of all the requirements and policies pertaining to name changes or corrections on Air New Zealand flights, including how to go about doing so, the costs involved, and more.

Guidelines with Name Change on Air New Zealand

During the first 24 hours after making a purchase, and in accordance with Air New Zealand’s name change policy, it is possible to alter the name for no additional cost. The additional suggestions are:

You discover a misspelled name or need to add the second last name after purchasing the flight.

  • A name correction cost must be paid if you need to modify a name 24 hours after the purchase (for example, a typo, a different surname, the addition, omission, or modification of the second last name, a change in the gender, etc.).

Change Passengers Name on Air New Zealand Ticket

Under the following conditions, the airline permits passengers to add their maiden name or modify their family name:

  • People can only legally change their names when they get married or divorced.
  • At the time of the name change, the airline would try to get the same fare class as what was on the ticket. If that isn’t possible, the ticket reservation would be reissued in a better class of service, if that was possible. In that case, there may be a fare change.

Misspelled Name

Names that are misspelled can be changed for free if the following are true:

  • According to Air New Zealand’s policy, you can only change three characters of your first name, middle name, or last name for free. After that, Air New Zealand would charge a fee to change the name on the ticket.

For Domestic and International Travel

The rules for changing your name on Air New Zealand are different depending on whether you are traveling within New Zealand or internationally.

  • You can change the name on your travel booking for trips within Australia and New Zealand up to 3 hours before your scheduled departure.
  • You can change the name on your Air New Zealand ticket for international flights up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

More Conditions:

You can change your name on an Air New Zealand flight as long as the flight segment you want to change is unused. Also:

  • If you need to correct or change your name, you can’t change your travel dates, class of service, or where you’re going from or to.
  • Air New Zealand’s name change policy allows for one change per booking.

Methods to Name Change on Air New Zealand

You can change or correct your name online by going to the Air New Zealand Manage Booking section. Passengers can also contact the airline’s customer service to make the request.

Method 1: Through Official Website

There is a way to modify or correct names on an Air New Zealand booking through the airline’s website. With just a few clicks, you can change the name in a number of important ways. You can make changes online by going to the “Manage Booking” area of the website. You’ll see certain prompts as a result. Please do this and use the right name.

  • Please visit the site’s official website.
  • Enter the ticket number and the last name of the passenger in the “Manage My Booking” field.
  • Choose the Air New Zealand name change ticket option. To obtain your itinerary, select the “Change” option.
  • Continue to correct/change the name on the receipt that was misspelled.
  • Next, click “Save.”
  • The email address provided at the time of booking will receive confirmation of the name change.

Method 2: Through Call Customer Care

Calling Air New Zealand’s toll-free customer service number will enable the traveler to modify or rectify the name. It is also an ideal method for promptly correcting any errors made when making a ticket reservation.

You can reach the Air New Zealand reservation desk by dialing the provided number. You should describe your problem and the ticket’s specifics to the airline representative. He or she will manage your situation.

Follow these Rules:

  • Keep your six-digit reference number or e-ticket number accessible when communicating with airline executives.
  • On the call, passengers can request a name change or correction.
  • The representative of the airline may request that passengers provide a copy of their official travel documents as identification.
  • Pay any applicable name change fee to Air New Zealand.
  • This will be confirmed via email to the supplied address upon booking.

Air New Zealand Change Fees

When initiating the name change procedure, you must adhere to the aforementioned conditions and pay an Air New Zealand name change fee. You must be knowledgeable about the cost to change or rectify a passenger’s name.

  • Air New Zealand may charge up to $250 for name changes under certain conditions.
  • Air New Zealand permits complimentary name changes of up to three characters.
  • The fee will remain the same regardless of the scheduled fare or service class.
  • In addition to the change fee, there may be a fare difference.

Here is an overview of Air New Zealand’s fee for changing a passenger’s name for travel within New Zealand and abroad.

  Travel within New Zealand and Australia Travel to and from the United States Other international routes
Name correction up to 3 characters (in USD) Free 100 100
Name correction beyond 3 characters (in USD) 75 200 250
Name change to marriage, and divorce (in USD) 75 250 250

Air New Zealand Airlines are usually understanding when it comes to changing legal names or fixing misspellings on tickets. You need to solve the problem quickly.

Changing your name with the airline is easy and free of charge. If you need to change your name because of legal reasons, you may have to pay a small fee. The fees may be different for domestic and international travel.


Can I Change the Name on My Air New Zealand Ticket if I Made a Mistake While Entering My Details?

Air New Zealand permits passengers to correct their name if they made an error while entering their information. Making changes may come with conditions and costs that depend on when and what kind of change is being made.

Is There a Time Limit for Making Changes to the Name on My Air New Zealand Ticket?

You can change the name on your Air New Zealand ticket within certain time limits. You can make changes to your purchase within 24 hours without any extra charges. If you want to change the name, there might be a charge.

What Are the Conditions for Changing My Name on an Air New Zealand Ticket?

Passengers on Air New Zealand can change their names if they need to fix a misspelling or add or remove a second last name. Passengers can legally change their names if they get married or divorced. You can’t change travel dates, class of service, or the origin and destination of the trip.

How Can I Change My Name on an Air New Zealand Ticket?

You can change your name on an Air New Zealand ticket using two methods. To change your booking, you can go to the airline’s official website and click on the “Manage Booking” section. To request a name change, you can call Air New Zealand’s customer service and give them the required information.

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