Saudi Airlines Wheelchair Assistance


Saudi airlines provides wheelchair assistance to passengers with mobility needs, ensuring a travel experience that is comfortable and easily accessible. Here’s a breakdown of how to access and make the most of these services:

Requesting Saudi Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

  • Passengers must pre-order in advance to access Saudi airline wheelchair service.
  • It is recommended to arrive at the departure airport two hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • We prioritize those who have pre-applied to ensure that they receive prompt assistance at the boarding gate, in line with the designated boarding time on their boarding pass.
  • Remember to have your boarding pass ready when you arrive for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

If you need wheelchair assistance or have any questions about mobility services, you can easily contact Saudi Airline’s dedicated Sales Call Center.

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Wheelchair Availability and Types

Wheelchairs are provided at all airports served by Saudi airline, making sure that your journey is accessible and convenient. Various airports provide different boarding facilities, such as jet-bridges or specialized equipment like mobile lifts, to assist customers who may need help with stairs.

Saudi airline provides three different categories of wheelchair assistance:

  • Ramp Wheelchair Assistance: Designed for passengers who require help with stairs but are able to walk short distances.
  • Stairs Wheelchair Assistance  Available for passengers who are unable to climb stairs but can move within the cabin.
  • Cabin Wheelchair Assistance: Provided for passengers who are completely immobile and require full assistance.

Checking and Handling Wheelchairs

  • Passengers have the option to check-in their wheelchairs either at the ticket counter or at the gate. It is advised to bring disassembled wheelchairs to the check-in counter for proper handling.
  • If you have a personal wheelchair that needs to be checked-in, Saudi airline is happy to provide you with a wheelchair. It would be helpful to give them advance notice.
  • If you would like to use your own wheelchair at connecting airports, it is recommended that you inform the airline ahead of time. This is because there may be time constraints during layovers.

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Electric Wheelchairs Guidelines

  • Electric wheelchairs are examined with luggage. Special safety precautions are necessary for batteries utilized in these wheelchairs.
  • Clear instructions for disassembling and battery type are crucial for Saudi airline’s handling and safety protocols.


In conclusion, Saudi Airlines provides comprehensive wheelchair assistance services, including three categories of assistance, options for checking wheelchairs, and guidelines for electric wheelchairs to ensure a comfortable and accessible travel experience for passengers with mobility needs.

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