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Traveling with pets can be fun and rewarding, but you need to know the airline’s pet policy. You’re in the proper place if you want to fly with your pet on Avianca.

This post will provide Avianca pet policies to help you and your pet have a pleasant flight.

What’s Avianca’s In-cabin Pet Policy?

Aviana Pet Travel only allows dogs, cats, and small ornamental birds on domestic flights in Colombia.

The following conditions may apply –

Topic Details
Pets Allowed Only Cats and dogs are allowed on international flights. Within Colombia: Small birds, cats, and dogs.
Pet Age At least 4 months old.
Pet Reservations – Call or visit the Avianca Airlines office in your city/country. Avianca Pet Travel must be booked up to 48 hours before departure.
Height The maximum height of the pet must not exceed 20 cm.
Pet Forms Health Certificate. Vaccination certificate issued by a certified veterinarian.
Pet Limit Only 1 pet carrier is allowed per passenger.
Pet Carrier Size Must be within 55x35x25 cm
Weight Weight must be within 10 kg
Changes/cancelation After pet travel is confirmed, an Avianca flight change request is not permitted.

The dogs need to be emotional support animals and should be carried in flexible containers. Please be aware that you cannot bring other pets as checked or carry-on baggage.

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To comply with Avianca’s pet policy, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of the Health Certificate
  • A vaccination certificate is given by a licensed veterinarian.
  • The import/export documentation meets all the required requirements.

To book, simply contact the center and sales office. You have two options: you can either contact Whatsapp support or go directly to the Service Office and follow these steps:

  • To reach a representative, simply call the specified phone number.
  • When you speak to a customer service representative, simply let them know that you want to book pet travel on an Avianca flight.
  • Please give me all the information about your pet and your travel arrangements.
  • The Avianca customer service representative will help you understand any specific requirements or regulations for traveling with pets.
  • To complete your booking, please provide the necessary personal details and payment information.

After you finish booking, simply ask the representative to confirm the travel details for your pet. Please confirm the dimensions of the carrier that can be used inside the cabin, as well as any other requirements that need to be met.

Avianca Pet Travel Fee: 

Travel routes Through Customer Service At the Airport
Nationals in Colombia From COP 75,000 From COP 115,000
Nationals in Ecuador From $45 From $70
In America From $135 From $153
To Europe From $170 From $192
From Europe From EUR 150 /From GBP 125 From EUR 176 /From GBP 150

What types of pets are accepted onboard?

We welcome dogs and cats that are over four months old. Also,

  • Service dogs are specially trained to assist individuals with disabilities by performing tasks or work for them. The training they receive is provided at accredited and specialized facilities.
  • Emotional support dogs do not require training, but travelers must provide a medical note from a mental health expert to bring their pet along.

What is Avianca Pet Policy as Checked Baggage (Cargo Hold)?

If your pet is too heavy to travel in the cabin according to Avianca Airlines’ rules, you can choose to transport them as checked baggage in the hold instead.

The following conditions may apply

Topic Details
Pets Allowed Dogs, Cats and Roosters
Pet Age At least 4 months old.
Pet Reservations Avianca Pet Travel must be booked up to 48 hours before departure.
Pet Forms – Health Certificate. Vaccination certificate issued by a certified veterinarian.
You need to arrive at the Avianca check-in counter at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure
Pet Limit Only 1 pet carrier is allowed per passenger.
Pet Carrier Size Must be within 55x35x25 cm
Weight Up to 50 Kg. Including the container, the weight must be within 55 kg.
Maximum Pets allowed
No more than 15 pets are allowed, each pet weighs no more than 50 kg.

The required documentation for Avianca In Cabin Pet Travel remains the same.

To book a flight, passengers should contact the Avianca Contact Centre. To make it easy, just follow the steps mentioned in the ‘Avianca Pet Policy For In Cabin Travel’ section.

Avianca Pet Fee:

Travel routes At the Airport At the Airport
Nationals in Colombia From COP 220,000 From COP 280,000
Nationals in Ecuador From $60 From $70
In America From $210 From $222
To Europe From $215 From $216
From Europe From EUR 190 /From GBP 160 From EUR 235

Special conditions for roosters include: Here are some important things to keep in mind when arranging pet travel for roosters:

  • Pet owners need to transport birds in suitable containers or crates made of cardboard, wood, or the more common cloth material.
  • It is important to present a valid health certificate issued by a veterinarian for the bird being transported.
  • Only one bird is allowed per compartment. You are allowed to bring a maximum of two containers for your birds.
  • You can only transport up to six roosters in total.
  • The weight of the birds should not exceed 20 kg, excluding the weight of the container.

Please note that Avianca does not transport live exotic birds, as well as protected or endangered species.

Exceptions – Here are some important exceptions to keep in mind for pet travel in the hold:

  • Transporting live animals to the Galapagos Islands is not allowed.
  • Flights to the UK cannot provide this service because of restrictions at the Animal Reception Center.
  • Flights to and from Aruba and Curaçao do not offer this service, except for authorized permanent moves to Curaçao.

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What is Avianca Pet Policy For ESA?

Here is an overview of the requirements for an Emotional Support Dog:

Requirement Information
Accepted Animals Dogs, cats, and small ornamental birds (in a cabin on domestic flights in Colombia)
Kennel Size Requirement Must not exceed 22x14x10 in
Emotional Support Dog Limit Only one (1) emotional support dog allowed, with the required documentation
Booking limit Passengers must book the pet travel up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure
Maximum Weight 22 lb. If the dog weighs more than that, it will fly in the hold at no additional charge
Maximum Dog Height 20 cm
Minimum Age Requirement Dogs must be at least 4 months old
Exclusion of Aggressive or Disruptive Pets Aggressive pets or those that may bother passengers or crew will not be allowed in the cabin
Option for Aggressive Dogs Aggressive dogs can be transported in the hold, with extra fees
Maximum pet limit 6 pets per aircraft

Here’s how to book: To ensure smooth travel for your pet, make sure to book their travel at least 48 hours before your flight by contacting the airline’s contact center. To book your travel, simply follow these steps:

  • Contact Avianca’s customer service. To find the number, you can visit the airline’s website. Alternatively, we have compiled a list of phone numbers for your convenience below this section.
  • I would like to inform you that I will be traveling with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and would like to make a reservation.
  • They will help you through the process and assist you in choosing the right seating arrangements for you and your ESA.
  • Please include the following information for your travel: – Dates of your trip – Preferred airports for departure and arrival – Any specific requirements related to your Emotional Support Animal (ESA).
  • Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) does not require any fees.
  • After you finish booking and pay, please review your reservation details. This includes flight dates, times, and any special instructions regarding your ESA.

Before you travel, make sure you have all the necessary documents and supplies for your emotional support animal (ESA), including a suitable carrier or kennel.

Required Paperwork –

  • A paper that confirms the dog’s breed.
  • I need a copy of my pet’s vaccination record.
  • A certificate of health inspection is given by a veterinarian.
  • Form for Aviana Emotional Support Animal

If you are flying from any of these countries, you need to provide the following documents:

Destination Requirements
Flights to Colombia Health certificate valid up to 10 days on the day of departure
A certificate that states that the pet is free of any infection.
Pets from the United States The health certificate must be stamped and signed by APHIS.US DOT ESA Transportation Form and Animal Relief Attestation Form. Download the import permit application. A valid rabies certificate is required.
Pets from Spain  Export Certificate from the Kingdom of Spain. The said document is required upon arrival in Columbia.
Flights from/to Europe A pet passport is required.

Can I fly with my service dog on Avianca Airlines Flight?

Passengers need to book their travel with service dogs at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure. You need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • For international flights, make sure to arrive at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure. And for domestic flights, arrive at least 2 hours before.
  • If your dog shows signs of aggression, it’s a good idea to use a muzzle.
  • Pets that display aggressive behavior are not allowed to fly in the cabin. Instead, they will be placed in a holding area and there may be extra charges for this.
  • The airport animal health authorities and Avianca can refuse to transport your pet if it doesn’t meet the safety requirements.
  • According to Avianca’s service dog policy, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • Keep standing
  • Please avoid barking repeatedly.
  • Do not bite or jump over people.
  • Please refrain from smoking at the airport or on the airplane.
  • You should not display inappropriate behavior.
  • You can travel with a maximum of 2 services, guides, or rescue dogs.
  • Service dogs are not subject to any breed restrictions.
  • We welcome service dogs of all sizes as long as they do not block evacuation.
  • If needed, you can transfer to a different flight.

The Avianca pet policy provides helpful guidelines and requirements for people who want to travel with their pets. Avianca offers clear instructions for safely and comfortably transporting your pet, whether you choose to bring them in the cabin or in the hold.

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