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Jetblue Logan Terminal

Terminal C offers a smooth experience for passengers who are arriving. It makes it easy for them to get off the plane and retrieve their luggage. Once the plane has landed, passengers will walk through the jet bridge and enter the terminal. Once inside, you will find clear signs and directions that will help you easily navigate to the baggage claim areas. These areas have carousels where luggage is delivered for passengers to pick up.

For passengers who are leaving, Terminal C has many services and amenities to make their journey smooth and enjoyable. Passengers can check in for their flights and leave their luggage at special JetBlue stations before going through security. Once travellers have gone through security, they will discover a range of shops, restaurants, and seating areas in the terminal where they can relax while waiting for their flights.

Jetblue Logan Terminal Overview

Jetblue Airways sometimes uses Terminal E for handling its arrivals, although it is not very common. In Terminal E, there are customs facilities. Passengers might have to declare certain items or go through extra screenings depending on their travel situation. Once you finish going through customs, you will see a variety of transportation choices right outside the terminal.

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
Arrivals Terminal
Terminal C or E
Departures Terminal Terminal C
Airport Address
1 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128, United States
City Boston
United States

Services Offered at Jetblue Boston Logan International Airport

Services Offered at Jetblue Boston Logan International Airport

  • Flight reservations
  • Cancel reservation
  • Upgrade Seat
  • Check-In
  • Lost and found department
  • Information desks
  • Pet Reservation

Flight Reservations

Follow these general steps to book a flight, whether it’s with JetBlue or another airline:

  • To easily book your flight, you can either visit JetBlue’s official website or use a trusted travel booking platform.
  • Please provide the city you will be leaving from, the city you are going to, and the dates you would like to travel.
  • Please let us know how many passengers will be travelling and choose the class of travel for your destination.
  • Please review the flight options that meet your criteria or preferences.
    Select the flight that suits your schedule and preferences and proceed.
  • Please provide the required passenger information, such as names and contact details.
  • Make sure to review all the details of your booking, including the total cost of the ticket.
  • To make the payment, you can use various methods such as credit/debit card, PayPal, cash, and more.
  • Once you have completed the payment, please check your email for a confirmation email that will include your flight details.

Before you finish making the reservation, it’s important to double-check that all the information is accurate. If you have any problems or specific needs, feel free to contact JetBlue’s customer support for help.

Cancel Reservation

If you want to cancel your reservations with Jetblue Airlines, here are the steps you can follow:

  • To access Jetblue’s official website, simply use your mobile device or computer.
  • To log in, use your username and password. Make sure you already have an account with Jetblue.
  • To access your reservation, you can use your confirmation code and the last name of the primary passenger.
  • After you log in, go to the “Manage Trips” or “My Trips” section. Please provide your booking details, including your confirmation code, in order to access your reservation.
  • Once you have accessed your reservation, you can proceed with the available options to make changes or cancel your booking with Jetblue.
  • To cancel your flight or reservation, please click on the “cancel flight” or “cancel reservation” button.
  • Before canceling your Jetblue flight, it’s important to review their cancellation policy. The airline has different policies based on the type and timing of the cancellation.
  • Please confirm that you would like to proceed with cancelling your flight reservation after reviewing the cancellation policies.

After the cancellation is done, you will get an email or message confirming that your reservation has been cancelled. The email might also have information about refunds if they apply to your cancellation.

Upgrade Seats

To upgrade your seats with Jetblue, simply follow these steps:

  • Visit JetBlue’s official website at
  • To log in or access your reservation, you will need to use the confirmation code and last name.
  • To locate the option to change seats or upgrade seats, go to the “Manage Trips” section.
  • Please check if there are seats available in the class you prefer.
  • Please choose the seats you want from the seat map.
  • To pay for the upgrade, choose from the payment options that are available.
  • You will receive an email confirming your upgraded seats.


  • Use the online check-in feature on JetBlue’s official website. It typically opens 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time and closes 90 minutes beforehand.
  • To check in, use the JetBlue mobile app on your tablet or smartphone. To finish the process, download the app, sign into your account, and access your reservation. Check-in using the mobile app is open 24 hours prior to takeoff and ends 90 minutes before takeoff.
  • Look for a self-service kiosk at the airport. To check in and print your boarding card, enter the details from your reservation. Check-in is possible at JetBlue’s airport kiosks up to 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
  • You have the option to check in at the JetBlue counter at the airport if you’d like. Bring your booking information to the airline’s check-in counter, and a professional will help you through the check-in procedure.

Lost and Found Department

Don’t worry if you’ve lost or misplaced any of your personal belongings while traveling with JetBlue at Logan Airport. JetBlue has a special department at Logan Airport called Lost and Found. They are there to help you find and get back your lost items.

You can find the Lost and Found Department at the airport. Our staff is friendly and dedicated to helping you find your lost items. If you have left behind a phone, wallet, or any other item, the airlines will try their best to help you.

If you have lost an item, you can either go to the Lost and Found office at Logan Airport or contact the customer service team for assistance. When you report a lost item, please give as much information as you can. This includes describing the item, telling us when and where it was lost, and mentioning any unique characteristics it has. This information will be very helpful for finding and getting back what we need.

Information Desks

Information desks are really important in airports. They are like central hubs where people can go to get help and find out important information. These desks are conveniently located and have helpful customer service representatives who can assist with information about different services and facilities.

They provide useful information about when flights are scheduled, where to find the gates, where to pick up your luggage, how to get to and from the airport, and places to stay nearby. Additionally, information desks or counters are commonly available to provide travellers with helpful resources such as maps, brochures, and other informational materials. These resources can assist individuals in efficiently navigating the area.

Pet Reservation

If you’re planning to travel with your pet on a JetBlue flight, it can be a fun experience as long as you plan ahead and follow the airline’s pet travel policies. JetBlue allows passengers to bring small domesticated cats and dogs in the cabin, as long as they meet specific requirements. If you’re planning to travel with your pet on JetBlue, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • JetBlue allows small cats and dogs to travel with you in the cabin. However, there are a few requirements. First, your pet must be at least 8 weeks old. Second, they must be able to fit comfortably in an approved pet carrier. This carrier should be able to fit under the seat in front of you.
  • To travel with your pet, you need to use a pet carrier that is approved by the airline. The carrier must meet certain size requirements. Make sure the carrier has good ventilation, doesn’t leak, and is spacious enough for your pet to move around and rest comfortably.
  • Making advance reservations for your pet’s travel is very important. JetBlue has a limited number of spots available for pets in the cabin on each flight. To contact JetBlue’s customer service or let them know about your pet’s travel, you can do so either during the booking process.
  • JetBlue charges a fee for bringing pets in the cabin. When making your reservation, make sure to visit the airline’s website to find out the current fee and available payment methods.
  • Health and Documentation: Make sure your pet is healthy before traveling. Before your trip, make sure to consult with your veterinarian. It’s important to carry any health certificates or documentation that may be required by the destination or state regulations.
  • Check-in Process: Make sure to arrive at the airport early so you have plenty of time for the check-in process. Before boarding, make sure to bring your pet’s travel documents and get them settled in their carrier.

Transportation Service & Facilities

Transportation Service & Facilities

JetBlue terminals offer a range of car rental and ground transportation options to make it easy for you to get to your destination. Both arriving and departing passengers can access these services. Here’s what you can expect:

Car Rental Companies

You can find car rental counters from major companies inside or near JetBlue terminals. These companies have many different types of vehicles for various needs and preferences. If you have made a reservation ahead of time, you can go straight to the rental company’s counter to get your vehicle. Alternatively, you can go to the counter and ask about availability and make a reservation right then and there.

Shuttle Service

Certain hotels and car rental companies located outside the airport provide shuttle services to and from JetBlue terminals. The shuttles can take you to your hotel or the car rental place outside the airport. To find the shuttle pick-up location, search for signs or information boards inside the terminal.

Taxi Service

You can easily find taxis outside the terminal, which is a convenient way to get to nearby places or your final destination.

Public Transportation

Certain airports offer public transportation choices, like buses or trains, that connect to nearby areas or city centres. To find public transportation stops, ask airport staff or look for signs.


JetBlue mainly operates at Terminal C and occasionally at Terminal E of Logan International Airport in Boston. Both terminals are JetBlue’s main hub and provide a variety of services and amenities for passengers. If you’re flying with JetBlue, you can look forward to a smooth and pleasant experience at this terminal.

The check-in process is easy, there are plenty of places to eat and shop, and the waiting areas are comfortable. In addition, the Terminals make it easy to access car rental services, ride-sharing options, taxis, and public transportation for your ground transportation needs. JetBlue passengers can count on Terminal C and E to meet their travel needs efficiently, whether they are arriving or departing.

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