Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

Baggage Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

Flying with Lufthansa Airlines? Exciting! Whether you’re jetting off for a vacation or embarking on a business trip, understanding the Lufthansa baggage policy is crucial for a smooth journey. In this blog, we’ll break down Lufthansa’s baggage rules in simple language, making your travel preparations a breeze.

Lufthansa Airlines offers different baggage allowances depending on your travel class, fare type, and route. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate:

Lufthansa Carry-on Baggage Policy

Lufthansa’s carry-on baggage refers to the personal items you’re allowed to bring on board with you during your flight. It shouldn’t be checked in at the baggage counter. Here’s a breakdown of their main regulations:


  • Main piece: Maximum size of 55 x 40 x 23 cm (21.7 x 15.7 x 9.1 inches).
  • Foldable garment bag: Maximum size of 57 x 54 x 15 cm (22.4 x 21.3 x 5.9 inches).

Number of pieces:

  • Economy Class: Generally one piece (including a personal item like a purse or laptop bag).
  • Some fares like Economy Class Light may not include any free carry-on.
  • Business Class and First Class: Two pieces, including a personal item.


  • Any class: Maximum weight of 32 kg (70.5 lbs.) per piece.

Additional things to remember:

  • The sum of the width, height, and depth of your main piece must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches).
  • Liquids must be in 100ml containers and placed in a clear plastic bag.
  • Certain items like sharp objects and flammable liquids are prohibited in carry-on baggage.
  • Lufthansa Regional flights have different regulations – you can keep your carry-on with you until boarding and retrieve it immediately upon disembarking.

Lufthansa Checked Baggage Policy

Lufthansa Checked Baggage refers to the larger suitcases or other items you hand over at the check-in counter and are transported within the aircraft’s cargo hold. Here’s a breakdown of their key regulations:


  • Travel Class: Generally, Economy Class gets 1 (some fares none) or 2 checked bags, Business Class receives 2, and First Class allows 3.
  • Fare Type: Different fares within each class might have variations in allowed baggage pieces.
  • Weight limit: Each checked bag can weigh up to 32 kg (70.5 lbs) regardless of class.


  • Maximum size per piece: 158 cm (62 inches) total, calculated by adding width, height, and depth.

Additional Points:

  • Excess baggage fees: If you exceed your free allowance, you’ll incur fees based on weight, route, and number of excess pieces. Check Lufthansa’s website or contact them for specific details.
  • Sports equipment and musical instruments: These might require additional fees and have size/weight restrictions. Verify with Lufthansa beforehand.
  • Prohibited items: Certain things like dangerous goods or flammable liquids cannot be checked. Refer to Lufthansa’s website for a full list.

Lufthansa Overweight and Oversize Baggage Fees

When it comes to Lufthansa overweight and oversize baggage fees, it’s important to consider both aspects separately:

Overweight Baggage Fees:

  • Rates: These depend on your route, travel class, and number of excess kilos.
    • Examples:
      • Within Europe: €20 per kilo for Economy Class, €30 per kilo for Business Class, €40 per kilo for First Class.
      • To/from North America: €90 for the second checked bag up to 23 kg, then €20 per kilo for any additional weight.
      • Tip: You can use Lufthansa’s baggage calculator to estimate potential fees for your specific itinerary.

Oversize Baggage Fees:

  • Dimensions: Any bag exceeding the maximum size of 158 cm (sum of width, height, and depth) is considered oversize.
  • Rates: These are generally flat fees depending on your route and travel class.
  • Examples:
    • Within Europe: €60 for oversize baggage.
    • To/from North America: €150 for oversize baggage.

What is Lufthansa Airlines Sports Equipment Policy?

What is Lufthansa Airlines Sports Equipment Policy

Lufthansa Airlines has a specific policy for transporting sports equipment, which allows you to bring your gear along but with some restrictions and potential fees. Here’s the breakdown:

Free Allowance:

  • You can bring one piece of skiing or snowboarding equipment for free (including skis, poles, boots, and helmet) to most destinations, except for flights to/from the USA, Mexico, and Central America.
  • Other sports equipment like golf clubs, tennis rackets, or surfboards may also be accepted as one free piece depending on size and weight restrictions.


  • If your sports equipment exceeds the free allowance in terms of size, weight, or number of pieces, you’ll be charged sports equipment fees. These vary depending on the route, type of equipment, and excess weight/size.
  • Check the Lufthansa website or contact them for specific fee details for your particular equipment and itinerary.

Important Points:

  • Sports equipment must be packed in a suitable bag or container.
  • Maximum dimensions: 350 cm (total length + width + height) and 315 cm maximum length.
  • Maximum weight: 32 kg. Equipment exceeding this weight limit cannot be accepted as baggage but can be shipped as air freight.
  • Certain sports equipment requires special handling or approval. For example, hang gliders, diving equipment, or firearms may have additional restrictions. Check with Lufthansa before your flight.

Lufthansa Airlines Restricted Items

When flying with Lufthansa, it’s essential to be aware of their list of restricted items to avoid any security issues or inconvenience at the airport. Here’s a breakdown of some key categories:

Dangerous Goods:

  • Explosives: Fireworks, flares, ammunition, etc.
  • Flammable liquids and solids: Gasoline, paint thinners, lighter fluid, etc.
  • Compressed gases: Oxygen tanks, propane canisters, etc.
  • Toxic and infectious substances: Poisons, pesticides, bacteria cultures, etc.
  • Radioactive materials: Medical isotopes, industrial gauges, etc.
  • Magnetized materials: Strong magnets can interfere with aircraft instruments.

Other Restricted Items:

  • Caustic materials: Acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries, etc.
  • Sharp objects: Knives, scissors, box cutters, etc. (Exceptions may apply for small, blunt-tipped scissors).
  • Blunt instruments: Baseball bats, clubs, crowbars, etc.
  • Firearms and ammunition: Check with Lufthansa for specific regulations and permits required for transporting firearms.
  • Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices: May be permitted but check with Lufthansa for specific restrictions.
  • Lithium batteries: Spare batteries for electronic devices have limitations on quantity and capacity. Check with Lufthansa for details.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy for Kids

Lufthansa’s baggage policy for children depends on their age and fare type:

Babies (0-2 years):

  • Free allowance: One item of baggage (max. 23 kg, 158 cm) – usually a stroller or car seat.
  • Carry-on: You can bring one additional item like a baby bag or diaper bag.

Children (2-11 years):

  • Same allowance as adults: They receive the baggage allowance based on the booked fare and travel class (Economy Light might have exceptions).
  • Carry-on: Same as adults, typically one piece plus a personal item.

Tips for kids’ Baggage

  • Pack light and utilize the free allowance efficiently.
  • Consider using a backpack or wheeled travel bag for younger children.
  • Pack essential items like medications, snacks, and entertainment for them.
  • Label all luggage with your child’s name and contact information.
  • Take advantage of priority boarding for families with young children.

How to Add Extra Baggage with Lufthansa Airlines?

Adding extra baggage with Lufthansa Airlines can be done through various methods depending on your preference and timing:

Before your flight:

  • Lufthansa website: This is the most convenient and often cheapest option. Go to “Manage my booking” on the Lufthansa website, find your flight, and select “Add baggage.” Choose the desired amount of extra baggage and pay the fee online.
  • Lufthansa call center: Call the Lufthansa call center at +49 69 86 79 97 25 (international charges may apply). They can assist you in adding extra baggage and guide you through the payment process.
  • Travel agent: If you booked your flight through a travel agent, they usually offer the option to add extra baggage directly during the booking process or later by contacting them.

At the airport:

  • Check-in counter: You can add extra baggage at the check-in counter, but be aware that fees might be higher compared to pre-booking online. Have your payment method ready, as payment on site is usually required.
  • Lufthansa service desk: If you encounter any issues at the check-in counter regarding extra baggage, visit the Lufthansa service desk at the airport for assistance.

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