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Airlines Airlines Name Change Policy

It is always unpleasant to have the wrong name on your airline booking. If you book a flight with the wrong name on your reservation, it’s like breaking the rules of aviation. Are you planning to fly with Austrian Airlines? Are you excited about fixing the name on your Austrian Airlines booking? Here is the guide that is relevant to you! We have thoroughly researched the Austrian Airlines name change policy and will provide you with all the important information.

Understanding Austrian Airlines Name Change

In order to fly legally, the name on the confirmed booking must closely match the name on the passport and official ID. If not, there would be an issue. Sometimes, when passengers are reserving tickets, they give a false name in the provided box. This practice is most likely to happen with people who are flying for the first time in the aviation industry.

Passengers should be careful when entering their details because it is not acceptable to have the wrong name in the booking. If it doesn’t work out, there could be negative consequences for your travel plans. Here are some important points to consider:

  • According to the rules of the aviation industry, passengers must make sure that the name on their booking matches the name on their passport and government-issued ID.
  • If you try to board a flight with a name on your ticket that is not correct, you will not be allowed to fly.
  • To become eligible, please correct the incorrect name within the given time period.
  • If you don’t fix the name on your flight ticket in time, your ticket might be cancelled.

Austrian Airlines Name Change Guidelines

Coming across unexpected problems, such as having the wrong names on a booking, can be very upsetting. If you travel with a skilled airline like Austrian Airlines, everything goes smoothly. We are committed to providing comprehensive travel services to passionate travelers. There’s no need to panic if you have the wrong name on your booking PNR. Visitors can make important changes to their reservation details, such as their name, with the Austrian carrier.

  • According to the Austrian airlines name change policy, customers can correct the name on their booking if needed.
  • You can change the name details by up to 3 characters in total, including the first, middle, and last name.
  • Just a reminder, clients are not allowed to transfer tickets to someone else’s name.
  • Additionally, individuals can choose to make name corrections through either online or traditional methods.
  • The airline will only consider requests to correct the name on tickets that were purchased through official and authorised channels.
  • If you change your name through marriage, divorce, or any other legal process, you can modify your name for free. However, you need to submit a legal document to support your request.
  • Additionally, the aviation service provider based in Austria may require a service fee in certain situations.
  • You can contact the customer assistance department to get immediate help.
  • Sometime you have to change flight due to some important work and family emergency, Here is Austrian Airlines Flight Change Policy for you

How Austrian Airlines Change Name on Ticket?

Next, we would like to discuss different ways that are valid and approved to change the name on the booking of Austrian Airlines. The professional aviation company’s main priority is to ensure that all customers are completely satisfied. Similarly, the airline has a policy in place to help customers with name corrections in important situations. Austrian airlines name change policy is designed to be customer-friendly.

Austria name change Online

  • Go to, which is the official website of the airline.
  • Go to the section called “Manage Booking” to find more information.
  • To proceed, you need to fill in the provided boxes with your booking reference code and your family name.
  • Choose the appropriate booking from the list on the following page.
  • You can now change the name using the available options.
  • Make sure to carefully double-check all the details of the new name and don’t skip this step.
  • If you qualify, please pay the service fee according to Austrian airlines name change policy for correcting your name.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Austrian Airlines soon.

Austria name change Offline

Not everyone will be satisfied with web technologies. There are people who dislike using the internet for important tasks like managing flights. Additionally, a lot of people view the internet as a place where fraud and scams occur, so they look for other reliable options. Austrian Airlines has a solution for you! It also listens to and addresses customer complaints through the following channels:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Help desk Number

What is Austrian Airlines Change Name on Ticket Fee?

Whether or not you need to pay a fee for correcting your name depends on the type of fare and the class of service you have. Austrian Airlines has created a name modification policy that is fair and focused on customer needs. The Austrian airlines name change policy aims to ensure that clients do not encounter any difficulties when making changes to their names. If you fix small mistakes or typos in your name, the airline won’t charge you any fees.

Austrian Airlines charges a fee of €25 (EUR) to change a name on a ticket. This applies per ticket [Austrian Airlines name correction fee]. Here’s some additional information to consider:

  • The fee is called a “name correction fee.”
  • The change needs to be done through Lufthansa Group Agency Support, which handles Austrian Airlines bookings.
  • Minor misspellings or corrections within a certain number of letters (exact number not publicly available) might be possible without a fee. It’s best to contact Austrian Airlines directly to confirm if your situation qualifies

In conclusion, it’s crucial to ensure the accuracy of your name on Austrian Airlines bookings. The airline allows name corrections of up to three characters, offering online and offline methods. The Austrian airlines name change policy is customer-focused, with flexibility for legal name changes. Prompt action is advised to avoid ticket cancellations. While some situations may incur fees, the airline aims for fairness and customer satisfaction. Stay informed by checking the official website for the latest information on name change policies.

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