Eva Airways Manage My Booking

Manage Booking

Eva Airways Manage My Booking

Managing your booking with Eva Airways can be a challenging task if you are unfamiliar with the process. However, with a solid understanding of the procedures, it can become a straightforward task. Managing your booking with Eva Air is a breeze. You have the option to reach out to their customer service or utilize their convenient manage booking tool. However, waiting on hold for customer service is always time-consuming. In today’s guide, we will explore the online portal for managing bookings with Eva Air. Skipping the waiting time to connect with Eva Air customer service can help you make changes to your reservation more efficiently.

About Eva Airways Manage My Booking

The Eva manage booking portal is a user-friendly online tool that enables passengers to easily make changes to their reservations online. It also offers services for seat changes, meal selections, baggage allowances, and flight date modifications. The portal offers a range of features, both paid and free, to cater to the varying needs of passengers. It’s a breeze to personalize your Eva booking to perfectly suit your preferences.

How Do I Use Manage My EVA Air Booking?

To use your EVA Airways booking online, simply visit the official EVA Air website and select the manage booking option from the menu bar. Simply choose the login option dropdown menu and enter the necessary information, such as your booking reference/ticket number/EMD number and last name.

Once you click on the Login option, you’ll find a range of manage booking options available for your EVA Air reservation. Simply choose one of the options based on your preferences and confirm the changes to your EVA Air reservation.

What Types of Changes Do You Make With Eva Manage Booking?

With the EVA Airways Manage booking portal, you have the flexibility to make a range of changes to your reservation:

  • Use your booking information: Simply log in to your account to easily view your flight itinerary, passenger details, and other essential information.
  • Choose your seats: Utilize the manage booking portal to easily select your seats for the flight.
  • Modify flight dates and times: In the event of a rescheduled trip, adjusting your flight dates and times is a straightforward process.
  • Download and Print Boarding Pass: With EVA manage booking, you have the convenience of printing your boarding passes either at home or at the airport.
  • You can easily cancel your booking using the EVA Air Manage Booking Portal if you no longer need it.
  • EVA Air Check-In Online: Skip the hassle of waiting in line at the airport by checking in online.

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Change Seat With Eva Airways Manage Booking

  • If you want to change your EVA Air reservation seat or select a new seat, you can easily do so using the online portal.
  • To choose your new seat on EVA Air, simply visit the official website, click on manage booking, and select the seat selection option from the dropdown menu. Please provide your “Booking Reference” and “Last Name” and click on login for access. Once more, choose the seat selection option and select your new seat from the available options.
  • With just a few clicks on your mobile or desktop, you can easily choose between a window seat or a seat from the first row of your EVA Air flight.

Check-In With Eva Airways Manage Booking

With the manage my booking option offered by EVA Airways, travelers can easily check in online for their upcoming EVA Air flights. To access the EVA manage booking portal, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  • Go to the official EVA Air website.
  • Click on the manage booking option from the Menu Bar.
  • Now select “online check-in” from the dropdown menu.
  • Fill in your EVA Air booking reference and last name.
  • Click on the “Login button” available down there.

Cancel Flight With Eva Airways Manage Booking

If you decide to change your mind or change your travel plans, you also have the option to cancel your EVA Air booking through their online portal.

  • Visit the EVA Air Manage Booking page for support.
  • Please provide your EVA Air booking reference number and last name for verification.
  • Please choose the booking you would like to cancel.
  • To register a cancellation with EVA Air, simply click on the cancel option.
  • Please choose the reason for cancellation and then click on the confirm button.
  • Please be patient and keep an eye out for the confirmation email regarding the cancellation of your EVA Air flight.

It’s important to note that not all of the EVA Airways bookings can be refunded. If you need to cancel your EVA Air booking, it’s important to determine if it qualifies for a refund. If you decide to cancel your booking within 24 hours of making the reservation, EVA Airways won’t charge you any cancellation fees. This is a convenient policy offered by EVA Air.


In summary, managing your Eva Airways booking is hassle-free with their user-friendly online portal. From seat selection to cancellations, the platform offers flexibility and convenience. Skip customer service wait times and personalize your travel experience effortlessly.

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