Lufthansa Upgrade Class


Lufthansa Upgrade Class

The Lufthansa Upgrade policy lets passengers upgrade their seats to a higher class of service, like Premium Economy, Business, or First Class. This can be done by paying a fee or using their miles. The airline has different options for requesting an upgrade. You can do it through their website or mobile app, or you can also ask at the check-in counter or gate. You can upgrade your booking if there are available upgrades. You can confirm the upgrade up to 24 hours before your departure.

  • There are three ways you can upgrade your Lufthansa flight:
    • You can upgrade your travel class and flight route at a fixed price.
    • You can upgrade by placing a bid with the price you choose.
    • You can use the miles you’ve earned in your frequent flyer account to upgrade.
  • You can also make a last-minute upgrade at your airport’s ticket counter, check-in counter, bag drop counter, or at the gate at some airports, subject to availability

Lufthansa Upgrade to Business Class

You have the option to upgrade from a lower class to Lufthansa’s Business Class on both long- and short-haul flights.

  • When you upgrade on Lufthansa’s long-haul flights, you get to enjoy some perks. Before your flight, you can relax in one of the airline’s Business Lounges. During the flight, you’ll have a comfortable Business Class seat that can be converted into a bed that’s almost 2 meters long. Plus, there are other privileges you can enjoy too.
  • When you upgrade on Lufthansa’s short- and medium-haul flights, you get to enjoy lounge privileges and save time with priority check-in and boarding. Once you’re on the plane, you’ll have more room to yourself and can enjoy a delicious meal.

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What is the Eligibility for a Business Class Upgrade on Lufthansa?

To qualify for a Business Class upgrade on Lufthansa:

  • There should be plenty of seats available in Business Class.
  • You need to have a reservation that has been confirmed.
  • Your ticket should have already been issued.
  • Your flight needs to be operated by Lufthansa, meaning it should have a Lufthansa number.
  • To upgrade your booking, you need to do it within a range of 360 days to 24 hours before your departure.
  • The length of the period will vary depending on where you’re going. You can check this information online by entering your booking code.

When Will I No Longer Be Able to Upgrade on Lufthansa?

  • If you have already completed the check-in process for your flight.
  • If you have reserved extra services that require payment, but you haven’t paid for them yet and haven’t received the documentation for those services.
  • You have already booked an additional service that does not allow for upgrades, such as bringing a pet as cabin baggage.

Lufthansa Upgrade to First Class

If you’re traveling on a long-haul flight with Lufthansa, you have the option to upgrade to a First Class seat. By doing so, you’ll get to experience a range of benefits. These include increased privacy, special meals catered to your preferences, and the assistance of a personal assistant. This assistant will be there to help you at both your departure and arrival airports, ensuring that your travel formalities are taken care of efficiently.

Lufthansa Upgrade to Premium Economy

If you want a more comfortable flying experience, consider upgrading to Lufthansa’s Premium Economy. Many travelers are switching because of the wider seats, increased legroom, and other amenities that make the journey more enjoyable. Premium Economy passengers not only get extra comfort, but they also have the benefit of priority boarding and access to exclusive lounge areas.

If you have an Economy Class ticket, you can pay a fee to upgrade to Premium Economy at any point during your trip. This will give you more personal space and extra amenities, like a welcome drink. You also have the option to use your miles to upgrade on long-haul flights.

To upgrade to Premium Economy, you can:

  • Offering a fixed-price upgrade.
  • Offering an upgrade before your departure and potentially getting lucky enough to be upgraded.
  • You can use your miles or eVouchers to make an upgrade with Miles & More.

How Can I Book a Premium Economy Upgrade?

You have several options for booking your upgrade to Premium Economy Class:

  • You can book your flight on Lufthansa’s website or mobile app. The price will vary depending on how long your flight is and the route you choose.
  • You can pay a fixed price to access different areas at the airport, such as the ticket/check-in counter, bag drop counter, or gate. The price will vary depending on your route.

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Methods to Upgrade a Lufthansa Flight

There are three ways to upgrade your Lufthansa flight:

  • At Fixed Price
  • Through Biding
  • With Your Miles

Lufthansa Upgrade with Miles

To upgrade to a higher class of service, you have three options: using your award miles online, going to the airport check-in counter, or contacting Lufthansa’s local Miles & More staff. In addition to using award miles, you have the option to use an eVoucher to upgrade to a higher travel class.


  • Check out this page: Lufthansa lets you use reward miles to get better seats.
  • Press the button that says Sign up for an upgrade now
  • Choose the flight you want to improve from “My Bookings.” If your flight doesn’t show up, use your booking code to get it back.
  • Use your service card number, user ID, or email address to log in (travel ID login).
  • Choose to Upgrade
  • Pick how you want to pay: with miles or an eVoucher.

Lufthansa Upgrade Through Bid

The Lufthansa Upgrade Bid program is a fantastic way to enhance your flight experience without spending too much money. You can use it to bid for a seat upgrade. If your bid is accepted, you’ll get all the perks of a higher class, like extra legroom, improved food and drink choices, and more attentive flight attendants.

The Bid Upgrade program is offered on certain flights and in specific classes of service. If you’re flying for work or fun, Lufthansa’s Bid Upgrade program is a clever way to enhance your next flight experience.

Lufthansa Bid Upgrade Tips

If you want to upgrade your Lufthansa flight using the airline’s bid system, here are some tips to improve your chances of success.

  • Think about when you place your bid. If you bid earlier when fewer seats have been sold, you may have a better chance of your bid being accepted.
  • Please make sure your bid amount is realistic and avoid offering a significantly lower amount than the starting price, as Lufthansa is unlikely to accept such bids.
  • If you want to upgrade your seat, try doing it during off-peak times when there are more seats available for upgrades.
  • Make sure to check your emails for any messages from Lufthansa. They might have some great deals or chances to bid on upgrades at a lower price.

How Many Miles Needed to Upgrade on Lufthansa?

The number of miles needed to upgrade on Lufthansa can vary based on factors such as the route, class of service, and availability. You can usually buy upgrades with miles. The number of miles needed ranges from 10,000 to 85,000, depending on the type of fare and the route.

The tables below show the specific number of miles needed for an upgrade. It’s a good idea to check the website or contact Lufthansa’s customer service team for the most up-to-date information, as things can change.

It’s important to remember that upgrading with miles depends on availability and there may be certain restrictions based on the type of ticket or fare class.

Can I Upgrade My Seat on Lufthansa?

If you want to improve your seat on Lufthansa, there are a few choices you can consider. You can choose to use your miles to upgrade to a better class of service. You can also choose to buy an upgrade when you check-in or at the gate, if it’s available.

Lufthansa has a bidding system that allows you to bid for an upgrade. You can bid for a better seat and possibly get an upgrade for a lower price than buying it directly. It’s important to know that upgrades may not always be available. To increase your chances of getting an upgraded seat, it’s best to ask about your options as soon as you can.


How Can I Upgrade My Lufthansa Flight?

Choose from fixed price, bidding, or miles for upgrading.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for a Business Class Upgrade?

Seats available, confirmed reservation, issued ticket, Lufthansa-operated flight, upgrade within 360 days to 24 hours before departure.

When is the Deadline for Upgrading on Lufthansa Flights?

Cannot upgrade after completing check-in, unpaid extra services, or booking services restricting upgrades.

How Can I Book a Premium Economy Upgrade?

Book on the website or app, pay a fixed price for airport access, prices vary by route.

What Are the Ways to Upgrade With Miles on Lufthansa?

Use miles online, at check-in counter, or contact local Miles & More staff. Use eVouchers for upgrades.

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