Can You Bring a Scissors on Plane?


Can You Bring a Scissors on Plane

It can be difficult to understand what items are allowed in your carry-on due to the many restrictions in place. Many people often wonder if they can bring scissors or other sharp objects in their carry-on bags when they travel by plane. They are unsure if scissors are allowed on airplanes.

Can I Carry Scissors on Planes?

Yes, when carrying scissors in your hand luggage on planes in the United States and many other countries, the length of the blades must be less than 4 inches from the pivot point (10.16 centimeters). Scissors that are longer than 4 inches cannot be brought in your carry-on bag and should be packed in your checked luggage instead.

TSA Policies on Carry Scissors on Plane

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) works hard to make sure that people who use American airports are safe. If any of the items you have with you trigger the alert, the TSA officials will conduct a detailed search. You cannot bring scissors and other sharp objects in your carry-on bag.

Even if your items fit within the allowed size limits, the TSA checkpoint may still conduct additional inspections. Following TSA regulations means:

  • You are allowed to bring scissors with blades that are up to 4 inches long in your carry-on bag. Otherwise, because they are longer, they have to be kept in checked luggage.
  • You are not allowed to bring any sharp objects in your carry-on bags, no matter how big or small they are. This includes switchblade shears, folding scissors, and scissors with serrated blades.

This includes most types of scissors, such as pliers, brow tweezers, medical scissors, and small nail scissors. Please be aware that scissors with sharp points, like the ones used in medical or embroidery fields, may require additional inspection.

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Types of Scissors Allowed on Plane

Here are some types of scissors that you can bring with you when you travel on a plane. Remember that the 4-inch dimension rule applies to all of them. You can store them in any bag you prefer, whether it’s a checked bag or a carry-on bag.

Small Scissors: These are scissors made specifically for travel. They have small, rounded blades that fit within the allowed size limits.

Safety Scissors: These scissors are made for safe use, especially in schools or by children. They have rounded tips and small blades.

Nail Scissors: These scissors have small blades and are made specifically for cutting fingernails and toenails.

Folding Scissors: Foldable scissors are scissors that can be folded, and they usually have small blades that are suitable for carrying in your luggage.

Type of Scissors Not Allowed on Plane

Here are some types of scissors that are usually not allowed in carry-on luggage on planes because they can be unsafe: Sometimes, passengers were also asked about these scissors that were in their checked bags.

Kitchen Shears: Powerful scissors are often used in the kitchen to cut through bones and tough materials.

Crafty Knives Integrated Scissors: Multi-tools are tools that have a utility knife or blade along with a pair of scissors.

Heavy Duty Scissors: These scissors are made for tough jobs like construction or industrial work. They have big, sharp blades.

Scissors Like Weapon: These scissors have a feature that allows the blades to be locked in an open position. This is done to prevent them from being perceived as a potential weapon.

Scissors with Concealed Blades: Scissors that have blades that can be hidden or pulled back into the handle, because they might be seen as a safety concern.

Can I Put Scissors in My Baggage?

You can bring scissors on an airplane as checked baggage, but they need to be securely packaged following the rules for carrying sharp objects. You can bring scissors in your checked bags without any additional screening by TSA. Make sure to pack the scissors securely. To keep it safe, a piece of fabric or a sheath is used to wrap the scissors.

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Scissors on Domestic or International Flights

You are allowed to bring scissors that are longer than 4 inches from the pivot point on domestic U.S. flights and on flights leaving the U.S. for other countries. However, when traveling internationally, this is converted to 6 cm, which is equivalent to 2.36 inches. To put it simply, if you’re flying from any international airport, whether it’s in the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, or anywhere else, you must make sure to inspect any scissors that have a blade longer than 6 cm (2.36 inches).

Why TSA Banned Bigger Scissors Airplanes?

Why TSA Banned Bigger Scissors Airplanes?

The TSA has made a list of things that you can’t bring with you on the plane in your carry-on bag. This is to keep everyone safe, including the passengers and the airline workers. The TSA has strict rules about carrying sharp tools like scissors and knives because they can be used as weapons.

The TSA considers large scissors to be dangerous items, but smaller ones are allowed. As a result, there is a chance that your belongings may be taken away at the checkpoint. The TSA’s decision to take such action is important because large objects with sharp edges can be used as weapons. We suggest creating a specific plan for packing similar items, like safety pins, in your carry-on bag.

Can You Use Scissors on a Plane?

You are allowed to use scissors while on a plane. Using scissors on a flight can be dangerous. You could accidentally hurt yourself or someone else, damage the seats or inside of the plane, and disturb other passengers.

Airlines and flight crews have rules in place to make sure that everyone on the plane stays safe and has a comfortable trip. Using sharp objects, such as scissors, is not allowed during the flight because it goes against the safety guidelines.

If you enjoy activities like knitting, sewing, or stitching, you might want to give needlework a try. Remember, though, you should avoid making any sounds that could be heard by the person sitting beside you. You should have no trouble completing the task.


In conclusion, when traveling by plane, small scissors with blades up to 4 inches are allowed in carry-on bags, but larger ones must be checked. The TSA implements these rules for safety, as sharp objects can pose a threat. Using scissors during a flight is generally prohibited. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a secure and comfortable travel experience for all passengers.

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