Malaysia Airlines Baggage Policy

Baggage Policy

malaysia airlines baggage policy

Malaysia Airlines is a well-known airline in the aviation industry and a member of the Oneworld airline alliance. Malaysia Airlines has received many awards for its excellent service.

If you’re thinking about flying with Malaysia Airlines, you can expect excellent service. Make sure to check Malaysia Airlines’ baggage allowance before you travel so you don’t have to pay extra fees for exceeding the weight limit.

Malaysia Airlines Cabin Baggage Allowance

Cabin bags are the type of baggage that passengers can carry by hand and store in the cabin. The amount of cabin baggage you can bring on Malaysia Airlines depends on the class you are traveling in. Passengers in economy class can bring one carry-on bag weighing up to 7 kg.

Passengers in business class and those wearing Business suits are allowed to bring two carry-on bags, each weighing a maximum of 14 kg.

Travel Class Maximum Weight Allowance Allowed Number of pieces
Economic In total 7 kg (15 lbs) 1 piece
Business Class In total 14 kg (31 lbs) 2 piece
Business Suite In total 14 kg (31 lbs) 2 piece

Checked-in Baggage Allowance

Baggage Dimension

The maximum size for checked baggage on Malaysia Airlines is 158 cm (62 inches). Bags that measure between 158 to 204 cm (62 and 80 inches) in size will be considered oversized. Passengers may need to pay additional fees for oversized bags, which vary depending on the destination.

Baggage that is larger than 204 cm (80 inches) in linear dimension will not be accepted as checked-in baggage. The baggage will be transported as freight by Malaysia Airlines’ freighter fleet called ‘MASkargo’.

Size Allowed Oversized Not Accepted
Dimension Less than 158 cm (62 inches) 158 to 204 cm (62 to 80 inches) Larger than 204 cm (80 inches)


The amount of weight you can bring for your checked-in baggage on Malaysia Airlines depends on where you’re going and what class you’re traveling in. Each piece of baggage should not weigh more than 32 kg (70 lbs) for Business Class/Business Suite and 23 kg (50 lbs) for Economy Class.

Here are lists of the FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE for Malaysia Airlines, organized by route and travel class.

Flights inside Malaysia and internationally excluding Malaysia to Japan, Madinah, Jeddah, and AMAL:

Travel Class Free Baggage Allowance (Weight)
Economy Lite 0
Economy Basic 20 Kg
Economy Flex 35 Kg
Business Basic 40 Kg
Business Flex 50 Kg
Business Suite 55 Kg

Flights from Malaysia to Japan

Passengers traveling from Malaysia to Japan have the following luggage allowance:

Travel Class Free Baggage Allowance (Weight)
Economy Promo 35 Kg
Economy Basic 35 Kg
Economy Smart 35 Kg
Economy Flex 35 Kg
Business Promo 40 Kg
Business Flex 40 Kg

 Flights for Jeddah, Madinah, and AMAL Routes

Travel Class Free Baggage allowance (Weight)
Economy Promo 30 Kg
Economy Basic 30 Kg
Economy Smart 30 Kg
Economy Flex 30 Kg
Business Promo 40 Kg
Business Flex 40 Kg

Flights between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

Business shuttle passengers between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore can carry up to 50 kilograms.

Travel Class Free Baggage Allowance (Weight)
Economy Lite 0
Economy Basic 20 Kg
Economy Shuttle 35 Kg
Business Basic 40 Kg
Business Shuttle 50 Kg

Excess Baggage Fee and Charges

If luggage exceeds the permitted weight, Malaysia Airlines charges extra. The route determines Malaysia Airlines’ free baggage allotment. Additionally, excess luggage costs are based on distance. All Malaysia Airlines countries are divided into five zones. Zones charge different extra luggage fees.

  • Zone 1: Malaysia (Peninsular, Sarawak, and Sabah)
  • Zone 2: Bangladesh, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Zone 3: India, Nepal, South Korea, Indonesia (Jakarta), Sri Lanka, Japan.
  • Zone 4: New Zealand and Australia
  • Zone 5: The United Kingdom
From/To Zone No. 1 Zone No. 2 Zone No. 3 Zone No. 4 Zone No. 5
Zone No. 1 5 USD 8 USD 14 USD 20 USD 28 USD
Zone No. 2 8 USD 16 USD 22 USD 28 USD 36 USD
Zone No. 3 14 USD 22 USD 28 USD 34 USD 42 USD
Zone No. 4 20 USD 28 USD 34 USD 40 USD 48 USD
Zone No. 5 28 USD 36 USD 42 USD 48 USD 56 USD

Purchase Extra Baggage

Extra luggage can be purchased 24 hours before departure. Extra luggage purchases lower excess baggage fees by 20%. Purchase extra luggage as follows:

  • When you book your ticket online, you have the option to purchase additional baggage.
  • You can make a post-booking by using the Manage My Booking feature.
  • You can also purchase additional baggage by calling the call center or visiting the MH Ticket Offices.


What is the Luggage Allowance for Malaysia Airlines?

On Malaysia Airlines, you can bring as much luggage as you want. However, please make sure that the total weight of your luggage does not exceed the weight limit set for your travel class. Please refer to the table above for details on the checked-in baggage allowance for each class and route.

Malaysia Airlines Allows How Many Weighs of Hand Baggage?

Malaysia Airlines limits Economy class carry-on luggage to 7 kg and business class/business suite to 14 kg.

Does Malaysia Airlines Charge Extra Fees for Oversized Baggage?

Malaysia Airlines typically charges extra fees for baggage that exceeds the weight limit. If your baggage is bigger than 158 cm, it will be considered oversized and the airline won’t transport it. The baggage will be sent to MASKargo for transportation as freight. You will be charged fees based on MASKargo’s policy.

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