WestJet Airlines Seat Selection Policy

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WestJet Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Have you booked a WestJet flight and are you ready to switch seats? Then you need to know about WestJet’s stance on seat selection, which lets you change your seat as you see fit. During a flight, customers can also enjoy more ease, more legroom, and more high-end features in their seats.

With a managed ticket option, you can also choose the seat you want 24 hours before the trip leaves. To improve your WestJet seats, you need to follow the steps below.

About WestJet Airlines Seat Selection Policy

  • WestJet’s policy on seat selection says that customers can only move their places from one class to the next class.
  • But you can’t switch from business class to economy class.
  • Passengers should also try to choose their favorite seat when they book their trip. Because they have a better chance of getting the seat they want when there are more seats available.
  • During check-in, you can choose your seat if there are open places on the trip.
  • WestJet lets people choose their seats one to two hours before a local flight is set to leave.
  • On the other hand, for foreign flights, you can choose your seats one to three hours before the flight is set to leave.
  • If you want to choose a seat in a different flight class, you have to rebook the trip.

A few Important Things to Know Before Choosing Your Seat on WestJet

For Basic Seat

These kinds of seats give you a way out in case of an emergency. To choose this spot, you must follow a normal procedure, and you might be charged more.

For Economic

Also, these WestJet seats are the same as Basic in terms of service. But you can choose this place ahead of time without having to pay extra.

For EconoFlex

It’s a package of regular seat choices and recommended seat choices with an emergency exit that doesn’t cost anything extra.

Family Seating

If you bought more than two tickets, you can also choose your places so you can all sit together. But you have to give the personal information of each visitor.

Steps to Upgrade Seats on WestJet 

If a WestJet passenger wants to improve their seat, they can follow the steps below and do so without any trouble.

  • Go to the WestJet Airlines website to find out how to improve your seats.
  • Then, go to “Check-in” and tell them about your reservation.
  • Now, go on and pick “Seat upgrade” from the menu.
  • Next, you can check to see if there are seats available and choose the class you want to change your ticket to.
  • At last, you have to pay for your spot increase online to confirm it.

Methods to Select a Seat on WestJet Airlines

If you are a first-time flyer buying your tickets for the first time and want to know how to choose your seat on a WestJet flight, here are the steps you need to take.

  • Go to the WestJet website first to book your chosen seat when you book.
  • Now you need to choose “Manage My Trip.”
  • Next, click the “Manage flights” choice.
  • Then, you’ll need to log in to your account to find out about your trip.
  • Then, pick the “Seat Selection” choice.
  • You will also see a map of the spots so you can choose the ones you want.
  • Follow the last set of directions and you’ll be able to choose your spot.

Westjet Airlines Seat Selection Cost

Using the “Manage Trips” area, passengers can choose their favorite seats when they check in or make a reservation. But if they don’t choose their seat when they book, the flight will give them any seat for free.

Passengers can also pay the WestJet seat selection fee to reserve their favorite seats. To do this, you need to know how to choose a seat based on the charge.

  • At check-in, the airport pick fee for the basic fare is 5–118 CAD.
  • The basic fare usually costs between $5 and $59 CAD to choose a place.
  • Also, the basic price for a place in the exit row or a preferred seat costs between 10 and 118 CAD.
  • The normal seat selection fee for the Econo price is $59.CAD and the fee for a preferred seat or a seat in an exit row is $ 101.8 CAD.
  • Also, if you buy a Basic or Econo price, you can get a saving on the fees for choosing your favorite seat.
  • For an EconoFlex price, the cost to choose a place in the exit row is between $10 and $118 CAD.

Free Seat Selection

  • With the “Manage Trips” option, WestJet customers can book certain places on their flight at any time or up to a day before their scheduled departure.
  • The cost to choose your seat on WestJet varies on the type of ticket you have.
  • If you don’t choose your seat ahead of time, it will be given to you for free when you check-in.

What is WestJet Prefered Seat?

We know that WestJet Airlines gives its customers the choice of a “preferred seat.” Now, people with basic prices can book their WestJet seats in advance. Most of the time, these seats are at the front of the plane. In the same way, you can choose your seats on WestJet so that you can fly in different types of advanced seats. That is places in the exit row, regular seats, and priority seats.

Can I Get a Refund for My Westjet Seat Selection?

  • When you choose your seat with WestJet Airlines, the charges for seat selection cannot be refunded if you cancel your flight within one day of your planned departure. However, there are some exceptions if the flight itself is canceled.
  • It should be done approximately 48 hours before the scheduled time announcement.
  • In addition, seats that have been paid for cannot be refunded.
  • If you change your seat on the same plane to a low-cost or free seat, you can get a refund using different methods.


Can I switch seats on my WestJet flight?

Yes, you can switch seats, but only to a higher class.

When can I choose my seat on WestJet?

You can choose your seat during booking, at check-in, or one to two hours before domestic flights and one to three hours before international flights.

How do I upgrade my seat on WestJet?

Go to the website, select “Check-in,” then “Seat upgrade.” Choose your preferred class and pay online to confirm.

What are the seat options on WestJet?

Options include Basic, Economic (free selection), and EconoFlex (no extra cost for preferred seats).

Is the seat selection fee refundable?

The seat selection fee is generally non-refundable, except in cases of flight cancellation.

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