Air New Zealand Seat Change Policy

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Air New Zealand Seat Change Policy

Choosing a seat beforehand guarantees a safe and comfortable trip until you arrive at your destination. If you want to choose your seats when flying with Air New Zealand, make sure you understand their guidelines for selecting seats.

Air New Zealand is the main airline of New Zealand and is located in Auckland. The airline flies to 20 different places within one country and 20 other countries, mostly around the Pacific Rim. Air New Zealand is part of the Star Alliance.

The flight reservation team assists customers in choosing their preferred seat at least 30 minutes before the flight departs, which is very important. You can choose your seat on Air New Zealand when you buy your ticket or when you check in for your flight. In addition, the process will guarantee more room and a nicer seat on the plane.

What are the Options for Air New Zealand Seat Selection?

Making an Air New Zealand advance seat choice may be done in a number of ways, including online or over the phone. Additionally, you may visit the manage booking page on the airline’s official website if you wish to select the seats of your choosing. You can get the customer care number of Air New Zealand from Contact us Page.

Types of Seats Offered By Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand offers four types of seats for passengers. The seats are very comfortable and safe, and they also have extra legroom. If you’ve booked a flight, you can choose your seats when you book your tickets or when you check in.

Standard Seats: If you’re an Elite, Elite Partner, or Gold member, your ticket already includes the cost of selecting a standard seat in advance. You can choose your seats ahead of time when booking your flight, up to 24 hours before your flight takes off. If you don’t pick seats before your flight, the airline will give you seats when you check in.

Preferred Seats: You can buy the seats you want on Air New Zealand in the location you prefer. Also, the seats offer priority boarding options such as extra legroom, space to stretch out, and other airfare services.

Exit Row Seats: Passengers have the option to book exit row seats which provide more legroom, priority perks, extra space, and additional features. Before you confirm your seat, you must follow the trip’s restrictions. Make sure you’re eligible to choose exit row seats before booking them.

Business Seat: Bassinet seats are seats made for people traveling with a child. Also, the seats have rows with bassinets, bigger seats, and more space for your legs. If you’re traveling with an 8-month-old infant, Air New Zealand recommends selecting a seat in a bassinet row. This is in accordance with their seat selection policy.

Air New Zealand Seats Selection or Change Fees

To choose their preferred seat on Air New Zealand, passengers need to pay an additional fee. Also, the cost of the seat is not included in the ticket fare. When you book your flight or check-in, you can select the seats you want to sit in. If you don’t pick seats, the team will choose seats for you randomly from the ones that are available on the plane. The seats won’t cost anything, but they may not be together in the same row.

The cost of choosing your seat in advance on Air New Zealand depends on whether you’re flying domestically, on a long-haul flight, or to the Tasman and Pacific Islands.

Domestic Flight

  • Imagine you have two options: a seat or a seat with a bag. If you want to select your seats, you can choose standard seats for $5 or exit row seats for $10.
  • If you bought Flexi Plus and FlexiTime, you’ll get regular seats at no extra cost from the airline. Alternatively, you can pay $10 to reserve an exit row seat for your upcoming trip.

Tasman and Pacific Islands Flight

  • Customers who have purchased Economy or Premium Economy tickets are eligible to reserve standard seats at no additional cost.
  • You can choose your seat in Economy class for $10 or in Premium Economy class for $20.
  • If you want to book a Bassinet seat in Economy or Premium Economy class, the airline will charge you an extra $10 fee.

International Flights

  • The cost of a regular seat is $20. If you want a preferred seat, it will cost $50. If you need a bassinet, the cost is $25 for the Bassinet Row. If you want an exit row seat, it will cost $105. In addition, the seats can be used for Economy sweet deals and value fares.
  • The regular seat is available at no cost for both flexible and Economy fares. If you choose certain seats like an exit row or a bassinet row, you will need to pay extra. Exit row seats cost $50, bassinet row seats cost $25, and preferred seats cost $105.


How Can I Choose My Seat When Flying With Air New Zealand?

You have the option to select your seat while purchasing your ticket or while checking in. The airline has a flight reservation team that can help you at least 30 minutes before your flight leaves.

What Are the Options for Air New Zealand Seat Selection?

To choose your seat, you have three options: do it online, call the airline, or go to the manage booking page on their website. To find the customer care number for Air New Zealand, visit the “Contact Us” page.

What Types of Seats Does Air New Zealand Offer?

Air New Zealand has four types of seats: standard, preferred, exit row, and business seats. If you’re traveling with an infant, you can also choose bassinet seats.

Are Standard Seats Included in the Ticket Fare?

If you are an Elite, Elite Partner, or Gold member, you don’t need to pay extra for selecting a standard seat in advance because it’s already included in your ticket. Passengers can select standard seats in advance while booking their flight or during the check-in process.

What Are the Features of Business Seats (Bassinet Seats)?

Business seats are also called bassinet seats and are meant for people who are traveling with babies. These seats have bassinets, bigger seats, and extra legroom in the rows.

Are There Fees for Seat Selection or Changes on Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand charges passengers an extra fee to select their preferred seat. The price of the seat is not part of the ticket price.

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