Air France Seat Selection Policy



Air France has a wide range of international destinations. They have a seating policy that offers different options for comfortable flying. The tool can analyze your budget and suggest seats that fit within your price range.

Air France makes it easy for customers to select seats and offers the flexibility to change or upgrade their choices. The seating policy helps you become familiar with the available options. Based on this, you can easily make a choice.

About Air France Flight Seat Selection

If you want to choose a specific seat, you can select the Air France pre-seating option. You can select the position beforehand. To choose your seat on Air France, you have two options. You can either contact Air France directly or visit their main website. 

Choosing your seats online can be a relatively easy option. To select your seat on Air France online, you will need to follow these steps: 

  • Please open your web browser. Please enter the link “”.
  • When you visit the website, you will see a button called “My Bookings” at the top of the page. Please tap on it. 
  • Here, please enter the necessary information.
    • Booking Number
    • Last Name
  • You can now easily review your bookings. To get started, simply follow the instructions that appear on your screen. Look for the “Air France Choose Seat” option and select it. 
  • Please let us know which seat you would like, considering the available options. 
  • If you choose Economy or Premium Economy seats, please make sure to submit the required amount. 
  • Please verify your new position and, if available, print your boarding pass. 

Air France Seat Options

This airline offers different seating options for flights. The differences in them can happen because of how far you fly and where you’re going. Here are the main seating options available: 

Economy Seat

These seats are the cheapest options for international travel. They provide simple services and regular benefits. Air France’s seat reservation policy allows passengers in this cabin to bring one checked bag for free. We can offer delicious French dishes and meals that are suitable for children. This cabin offers seats that can be adjusted and have inclined headrests. Working passengers can also use electrical outlets and USB ports. If you want more space, you can reserve seats with extra legroom. The Duo and Front Section Seats allow for a quick and convenient way to exit. Choosing economy seating can be a good choice for budget-conscious travelers. 

Premium Economy Seat

To access these seats, you can use the Air France Book Seats option. Customers are allowed to check in with two baggage items and two hand luggage bags. Passengers have the option to enjoy priority boarding, which allows them to skip the queues during the boarding process. One of the main things about this cabin is that it offers lounge services. Passengers can relax before getting on the plane. In addition, they offer large seating at affordable prices. You can also access personal touchscreen tablets, headsets, reading lamps, and USB ports. Premium Economy offers a range of in-flight services such as delicious meals, snacks, and a variety of drinks. This seating option is great for vacations or short trips. Must check out Air France’s Baggage Policy.

Business Class Seat

These seating options are very comfortable and come with upgraded features. They provide excellent lounge services that include snacks and refreshments. Business Class flyers can enjoy the privacy of their own personal cabin and receive customized services. The seats here can recline all the way back to 180 degrees, creating flatbeds. We can provide personal space that includes desks, restaurant tables, and entertainment services. In the Business Class cabin, you can enjoy a variety of delicious food from different parts of the world, including exotic recipes. Flyers can also have a wide selection of drinks and beverages to choose from. If you have financial obligations, you can choose this cabin to have a fun-filled flight journey. 

First Class Seat

These seats on Air France are the most expensive. People who have this fare are able to enjoy chauffeur services when traveling to the airport. The airline will personally handle the baggage of La Premiere passengers. Air France’s seat selection policy offers excellent lounge services, including spa facilities and beauty treatments. When you get on the plane, you can enjoy great services like having your own space, watching TV shows, having a private bed, and eating food from different countries. Travelers can also enjoy a selection of fine wine and other beverages. The First Class seating option is a good choice for businessmen or working professionals. 

Methods to Select Seat with Air France

The option to change seats on Air France can be helpful for many passengers. They may want to change or upgrade their seating for various reasons. In these situations, they can use this option. Whether or not you have to pay extra fees for changes depends on the availability, destination, and timing. 

To access the seat selection option for Air France, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Air France Airlines website and open the main page. 
  • To access the check-in feature, go to the home page and choose the “Check-in” tab. Alternatively, you can also tap on the “Manage My Bookings” option.
  • To proceed, please provide the “Confirmation Code” and the “Passenger’s Last Name”. 
  • To proceed, simply click on the “Search” option. 
  • To change your seat, simply click on the “Change Seat” option after looking at the seat map. 
  • To switch or upgrade your old seat, simply click on the option you desire. 
  • Next, simply click on the “Confirm” button. 
  • You might need to pay a fee to make changes or upgrade. 

Air France, a big airline, provides many advantages to its customers. Passengers can choose and change their seats whenever they want. Frequent flyers may find these features helpful. The Air France seat selection policy is easy to understand and straightforward to follow. The airline offers different seating choices, which makes flying comfortable and efficient. 

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