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We know you love your pet very much and want to bring it with you on Malaysia Airlines. So in this post, we explain how you can carry your pet on Malaysia Airlines. Also, we discuss the requirements for the reservation of dogs. Let’s start this post,

What Types of Transportation Does Malaysia Airlines Offer for Pets?

Your baggage will be checked in the pressurized and temperature-controlled area of the aircraft.

Can I Check My Pet in as Checked Baggage?

Pets that meet certain qualifications are allowed to travel as checked baggage.

  • You can only have pets that are domesticated, like dogs, cats, and fish.
  • The kennel meets all the necessary requirements. Please see below for more information.
  • Make sure your pet has all the necessary health documents for your destination. See below for more information.
  • Baggage is a necessary item during travel from one country to another. If you don’t want to pay an extra amount, you must be aware of Malaysia Airlines’ baggage policy.

Pet Reservation Fees

Fees are like excess baggage fees and are determined by weight. To get more information, you can contact Malaysia Airlines.

Kennel Requirements

In addition to the maximum size and weight limits, both the IATA and Malaysia Airlines have specific requirements that kennels must meet.

  • Ensure that there are no leaks or ways to escape.
  • Make sure the container has good ventilation, but make sure no part of the animal sticks out.
  • Make sure there is enough space for the animal to stand and move around comfortably.
  • It should be made of metal, wood, or a durable plastic/composite material.
  • Use material or litter that can absorb liquids.
  • The kennel’s exterior has handles that are functional. These handles help prevent tilting and any direct contact with the animals.
  • Make sure to close it tightly, but don’t lock it.
  • Make sure to put labels on the crate’s top and at least one side. These labels should have the words “Live Animal” written in letters that are at least 1 inch tall.
  • Please add labels with upright arrows to indicate the correct position of the kennel.

Health Documents Req.

Malaysia Airlines does not ask for a health certificate for your pet, but it’s important to note that some countries do require health documents. To make sure your pet meets all the necessary requirements, it’s important for you, as the passenger, to be aware of all the regulations. Consult your veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture for guidance.

Other Restrictions

Malaysia Airlines has the right to decline to transport an animal if it is sick, behaves aggressively, is not properly housed, or if the temperatures at the airports of origin, transfer, or destination are too extreme.

Service Animal

To find out about traveling with a service animal, it’s best to contact the airline directly.


In summary, Malaysia Airlines allows domesticated pets like dogs, cats, and fish to travel as checked baggage, provided their kennels meet specific requirements. Reservation fees are based on weight, and health documents may be required depending on your destination. Malaysia Airlines can refuse transportation if the pet is unwell or aggressive, or if extreme temperatures are a concern. For information on traveling with service animals, contact the airline directly.

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