KLM Airlines Pet Policy

Pet Policy

KLM Airline Pet Policy

KLM only accepts dogs and cats. The cost of bringing a pet along ranges from 75 EUR to 400 EUR. The price depends on the size of the pet and where you want to take them. KLM Pet Policy allows service dogs to fly without any extra fees. Their customer service is excellent and they allow pets.

KLM Airlines Pet policy lets dogs come with you inside the plane and they stay with you for most of the journey. Pets can also be transported as checked baggage. Most of their flights allow pets, but there are some restrictions on certain destinations.

KLM Pet in Cabin Policy

KLM Pet Policy allows pets to travel with their owners inside the cabin. Passengers are allowed to bring one pet with them on the plane.

Pets as Checked Baggage

If your pet is too large to fit inside the cabin, you can check them as baggage with KLM Airlines Baggage Policy.

  • You can carry up to three animals in the hold. If the weight of each item is less than 14 kg, they can share a crate.
  • You can keep two adult pets together in one crate. Alternatively, you can keep three pets that are younger than 180 days old in the same crate.
  • If you have a transit of more than 3 hours, you cannot check your pets as baggage.

What Pets are accepted by KLM Airlines?

KLM Airlines Pet policy only allows dogs and cats to travel inside their cabins or in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

KLM Cargo

If you have a pet that is not a cat or a dog, or if your pet is too big to fit in the cabin or as checked baggage, you will need to use KLM cargo to transport your pet. As per KLM airlines pet policy, they don’t allow single-cargo bookings. If you want to send your pet through KLM cargo, get in touch with a KLM pet travel policy agent near you.

KLM Pets Reservation Fee

To bring your family pet with you, you will need to pay a fee of EUR 75 to EUR 400 for each one-way trip. The KLM airlines pet fee of your trip depends on where you’re leaving from and where you’re going, so the price range can be quite broad. When you book a trip, you can see the exact cost.

Age Requirements

Your pet must be between 5 and 10 weeks old and must travel on the same plane as you.

Carrier Requirements

Service Carrier height Carrier width Carrier length Weight limit
Best Carry-on Pet Carrier 18” or 46 cm 11″ or 28 cm 9″ or 24 cm 8 kg
Checked baggage Carrier 122 cm 81 cm 89 cm 75 kg

Container Requirements

  • The animal should fit in a small carrying case or kennel.
  • Make sure your KLM pet carrier is small enough for your pet to move around comfortably during the trip since you won’t be able to take your pet out of the carrier.
  • The animal should be able to stand, move around, and lie down comfortably without touching the ceiling.
  • Use a fiberboard or plastic casing for the kennel.
  • Cover or remove the tires of the kennel.
  • The gate needs a basic lock that can secure both the bottom and top parts. Make sure that the flap and holding rivets stick out 1.6 cm more than the lateral tubing on both sides of each doorway.
  • The crate should be solid so that the animal cannot escape through any stitching or joints. Is the kennel split into two sections? As per KLM Airlines pet policy, ensures that they are securely fastened with bolts. You cannot use any other types of horizontal closing processes.
  • The container should have two empty pots that can be accessed from the outside for water and food.
  • To make the pet carrier comfortable, you should put a bedsheet, magazine, or some other insulating material on the bottom. Please be aware that straws are not allowed.
  • KLM advises against tranquilizing your pet. It may take them more time to get used to their new surroundings, and their body temperature could drop while they’re flying. Before using a tranquilizer, always consult with your vet.
  • Stick a label on the pet carrier with the customer’s title, address, and mobile number. Attach a tag with the dog’s name to the corner of the kennel.

What Documents are required to travel with your Pet?

  • Health Certificates
  • Travel Permits
  • Medical Credentials
  • Computer Chip
  • Pet Passport

As per KLM Pet policy, there are many rules for transportation outside of the European Union. To find out what information you need, get in touch with the diplomatic staff of the countries you’re leaving, going through, and entering.

Destination Restrictions:

You cannot bring an animal inside the cabin in Deluxe Comfy Class and Business Class during an international flight. Do not store a dog crate under the chair next to you during travel. It is not safe.

Aircraft Restrictions:

The biggest size allowed for pet crates as checked baggage on Embraer planes is:

Carrier height Carrier width Carrier length
102 cm 69 cm 76 cm

You cannot bring your pets as checked baggage on these airplanes:

Boeing 787-9 Boeing 787-10

From March 31st to November 1st, you cannot bring your pets as checked baggage on Embraer aircraft.

Breed Restrictions

As per KLM Airlines pet policy, KLM does not allow snub-nosed dogs to travel inside the cabins at the moment. You should transport this type of animal as checked baggage or through KLM Cargo.

Snub-Nosed Cats:

Exotic Shorthair Persian
Himalayan Burmese

Snub-Nosed Dogs:

Boston Terrier Chow Chow Brussels Griffon
Lhasa Apso Affenpinscher Mastiff (all breeds)
Cane Corso Great Dane Bulldog (all breeds)
Petit Brabancon (Small Brabant) Boxer (all breeds) Pekingese
Shar-Pei Spaniel (Tibetan, Japanese, English) Pug (all breeds)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Shih Tzu King Charles breeds

Service Animals

Support for emotions and assistance. Well-trained dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin with their owners. KLM pet policy only required to allow dogs as therapy animals. Other types of therapy animals are not mandatory. KLM does not charge extra fees for service dogs.

KLM Airline might ask for proof that your dog can hold its bladder and won’t create a mess on flights that are 8 hours or longer. This is to make sure that the flight is safe and clean for everyone onboard.

You need to inform the airline at least 48 hours before your flight if you plan to bring an emotional support animal.

  • Guide animals must be dogs.
  • To bring service animals onboard, you need to download and fill out this form. Send the completed form to [email protected].
  • If you’re traveling to the US with a service dog, you need to complete the DOT Form.
    The guide dog won’t block areas that need to be kept clear for safety reasons. If you are traveling with a guide dog, you cannot book a departure row seat. You can choose different seats if you want to.
  • The dog needs to wear a harness throughout the flight. Please buckle your seatbelt using this strap.
    If the guide dog is too big for the assigned seat, you will be given a different seat in the same class of travel.
  • If your dog can’t fit in the seat you paid for and there are no empty seats, you can buy a container that follows the rules.

Note: KLM Pet Policy does not allow emotional support dogs on all routes except for some specific ones.

How do I buy a Ticket for Pets on a KLM flight?

  • Get in touch with KLM’s customer service at least two days before your trip.
  • Give them all the information they need.
  • Visit the doctor to make sure the animal is healthy enough to fly.
  • If you are going outside of Europe, you should always check with the government of the country you are visiting to find out the rules.
  • Buy a container that meets the rules set by KLM Airlines pet policy and get your dogs used to it.
  • Do not feed your pet in the two hours before your flight.
  • Check-in when you have extra time.

Traveling with your pet on KLM Airlines can be a rewarding experience with proper planning and preparation. By familiarizing yourself with the KLM airlines pet policy, adhering to requirements, and ensuring your pet’s comfort, you can look forward to a stress-free journey with your furry companion.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What Types of Pets Does KLM Accept for Travel?

KLM allows only dogs and cats to travel on their flights. KLM cargo may be used to transport some types of pets.

What Are the Options for Traveling With Pets on KLM Flights?

KLM lets pets travel with their owners in the cabin or as checked baggage. If your pet is too big to fit in the cabin, you can check it as baggage in an appropriate crate.

What Are the Requirements for Pet Carriers on KLM Flights?

KLM has different requirements for pet carriers depending on the type of travel. The size and weight restrictions are not the same for pets that are taken on board with you and those that are checked in as luggage. The pet carrier should be big enough for the pet to stand, move around, and lie down comfortably.

How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Pet on a KLM Flight?

Bringing a pet on a KLM flight can cost between 75 EUR and 400 EUR for a one-way trip. The cost varies based on the pet’s size and where you’re traveling to. You can view the precise cost while booking a trip.

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