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Allegiant only lets cats and dogs that live in the same house ride in the passenger area. According to Allegiant’s policy, pets cannot be sent as checked luggage or air cargo.

Allegiant Pet Policy- In Cabin

According to Allegiant Air’s pet policy, cats and dogs from the 48 contiguous states, Puerto Rico, and San Juan can fly with the airline.

  • Pets Allowed: You can only bring pet dogs and cats with you in the cabin during travel.
  • Countries
    • 48 contiguous states in the U.S.
      Puerto Rico
      San Juan
  • Age Limit
    • Your pet needs to be 8 weeks old at minimum.
    • The person who travels with the pet needs to be 15 years old or older.
  • Form Requirements
    • You don’t need a health certificate for domestic flights.
    • You might need a health certificate when traveling to Puerto Rico by plane.
  • Pet Reservations
    • When you buy your ticket online, you can also book.
  • Check-In
    • Check-in at the desk at the airport at least one hour before your trip leaves.
    • Check-in at the airport starts 4 hours before a flight.
    • If you’re going to another country, make sure you have the right papers for that country.
    • For smooth check-in read out Allegiant Airlines Check-In Policy.
  • Pet Fee
    • For each carrier in the cabin, a one-way fee of USD 100 will be charged.
    • The pet fee is charged for trips within the US, to/from the US, and within Canada.
    • People with disabilities can bring their service animals, like dogs, for free.
  • Carrier Requirements
    • Must be cleared by the FAA.
    • Must be no bigger than 22cm x 40cm x 48cm (9in x 16in x 48cm).
    • Can have hard or soft sides (soft is better), but it can’t leak.
    • Must be big enough for the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down.
    • If they are small enough, a single pet cage can hold up to two puppies or kittens of the same type.
  • Restrictions
    • Route Restrictions: You can’t fly your pet to or from Hawaii unless it’s a therapy dog and it meets Hawaii’s rules for bringing in pets.
    • Seating Restrictions: People who are traveling with pets won’t be able to sit in the exit row, the row right before or after an exit row, or a bulkhead seat.
  • Carry-On Restrictions
    • The pet case doesn’t count toward the normal amount of luggage, so you’ll have to pay extra for it.
  • Emotional Support Animals
    • Allegiant will no longer take orders for Emotional Support Animals unless they travel as regular pets and follow the rules of the Allegiant Pet Policy.
  • Your Pet Have
    • Stay in its carrying case at the airport and during the flight.
    • Must not stink, be safe, and not bother anyone.
    • Must not be sick, in pain, or dangerous.

Allegiant Pet Policy- Checked Baggage

Allegiant’s policy says that pets can no longer be carried on as checked luggage.

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Allegiant Pet Policy- As Cargo

Allegiant does not take pets on its planes as air cargo.

How to Fly on Allegiant with Service Animals

Allegiant lets people with physical, sensory, mental, intellectual, or psychological disability bring their fully trained service animals into the passenger area for free. But the following things must be true:

  • This includes animals. Only dogs, no matter what breed or type they are.
  • Documentation Requirements. The U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form must be filled out and emailed to [email protected] at least 48 hours before departure, and a hard copy must be given to an Allegiant employee at the gate or check-in desk.
  • Check-in. Must show the service animal and the necessary paperwork at the ticket booth or gate.
  • How many service animals can each passenger have? Each person can take up to two help dogs with them for free.


To comply with the Allegiant pet policy, you must meet these conditions:

  • The owner’s service animal should stay within their foot space and not take up any additional space. If the passenger is too big, they might not be allowed to board or they may have to buy an extra seat.
  • The service animal should not stretch any part of its body into the aisle.
  • If you’re traveling to a place outside of the 48 contiguous United States, you need to follow the specific regulations of that area.
  • The service animal can sit on the floor, under the seat, or on the passenger’s lap if it is as small as a 2-year-old child and weighs no more than 30lb.
  • The animal you bring to help you cannot sit on a seat or eat from the tray table.
  • You must keep your service animal with you and make sure it is always on a leash or harness and tied to you.
  • If you have a service animal with you, you cannot sit in an exit row seat.
  • Allegiant Airlines only allows service animals on their flights, as per the regulations in Title 14, Part 382 of the Code of the U.S. DOT’s Federal Regulations.
  • If a service animal behaves disruptively, it will not be allowed. Disruptive behavior on the plane includes growling, biting, barking, or acting aggressively. It also includes running around or jumping on other passengers, going to the bathroom inside the plane or airport, and more.
  • To get help or information, send an email to [email protected].

About Allegiant ESA Pet Policy

Starting from January 11, 2021, Allegiant will no longer take reservations for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs). Emotional support animals can no longer travel for free in the passenger cabin. If your pet meets the requirements in the Allegiant Pet Policy, you can pay a fee to bring them along as a regular pet during your travels.


What Types of Pets Are Allowed to Travel in the Cabin With Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air only allows cats and dogs that live together to travel in the passenger area of the cabin.

Is There an Age Limit for Pets Traveling With Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air requires pets to be a minimum of 8 weeks old to travel.

Are Health Certificates Required for Domestic Flights With Allegiant Air?

You don’t need a health certificate for domestic flights. If you’re traveling to Puerto Rico by plane, you might need a health certificate.

How Much is the Pet Fee for Bringing a Pet in the Cabin on Allegiant Air?

If you want to bring your pet in a carrier with you on a flight within the US, to/from the US, or within Canada, you will need to pay a pet fee of USD 100 for each carrier for one-way travel.

How Much is the Pet Fee for Bringing a Pet in the Cabin on Allegiant Air?

Pets flying to or from Hawaii have route restrictions unless they are therapy dogs that meet Hawaii’s pet import rules.

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