Air New Zealand Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Air New Zealand Pet Policy

Many passengers often request to travel with their pets. Whether it’s a family trip or a vacation, the owners want to bring their pets with them. Air New Zealand pet policy makes it easier and safer for animals to travel on their flights. The Air New Zealand pet policy explains the rules for passengers who want to travel with their pets. If you want to bring your pets with you on a flight, it’s important to read and understand the policy rules to ensure their safety. It will help you plan your journey more easily. 

Understanding Air New Zealand Pet Policy

If you want to bring your pet on board, there are some simple rules you must follow. The rules are in place to make it easy for pets and passengers to board the plane without any problems. Air New Zealand has created pet transport rules to make sure your pet has a safe journey. Traveling with animals and birds can be dangerous in some ways. Following these rules will help you avoid these dangers. So, it’s important to know these conditions in advance.

Here are some important rules of Air New Zealand Pet Policy:

  • Make sure your pet has enough space to sit, walk, and lie down comfortably when you carry them in a carrier. 
  • You cannot transport pets internationally as checked baggage on Air New Zealand. They need to be transported in the cargo hold of the airplane as checked baggage. We will control the temperature and pressure in this space. The rules for traveling with pets within the country are not the same for all pets.
  • If you need someone to transport your pet, make sure the agent is approved by IATA and passes veterinary checks. 
  • This airline allows pets such as cats, dogs, birds, livestock, and other domestic animals. 
  • If you want to travel with your pet, you need to tell the airline ahead of time. You can do this while booking. 
  • You can transport your pets by entrusting them with the airline’s “pet transporters”.
  • Flying with animals may result in additional fees. The amount you will be charged depends on different things. 

Permitting the Airline to Know About Your Pet’s Transport with Air New Zealand

You need to get permission from the airline if you want to bring your pets or animals on a flight. To bring your pet with you on the flight, you need to inform the airline well in advance of your departure. After receiving approval from the authorities, you will need to pay for the pet travel costs with Air New Zealand Pet Travel and then you’ll be ready to go. 

To inform the agent about domestic flights, you can use the following method, Followings Details are given:

  • Booking reference of your ticket 
  • Age of your pet
  • Your pet type 
  • Name of the animal 
  • The pet’s weight 
  • The weight of the pet carrier 

After you send the email with all the details mentioned above, the airline agents will respond to you within approximately 48 hours. We will let you know if your pet is approved for the flight. Next, you can take appropriate action.

  • If you bought your ticket from Air New Zealand pet travel, you can contact customer service with the information mentioned above to get approval for your pet according to their policy. 
  • If you booked through a travel agent, you need to contact them and give them the same information. 
  • Each person is allowed to bring only one pet carrier. If you want to bring more pets, you need to book extra cargo space in advance. 

Air New Zealand International Pet Travel Policy

You can take your pets with you on international flights too. Please be aware that animals are not allowed as checked baggage on these flights. They can only be transported as luggage in the cargo hold of the plane. To transport your pets with Air New Zealand, you need to book a transporter. This is according to their pet cargo policy. The transporters need to follow the rules made by the IATA. 

In addition, there are other rules that apply to this cargo policy. 

  • International cargo does not accept animals with these qualities. 
  • Very young animals 
  • Short-nosed breed. 
  • Certain animals and breeds are not allowed at the destination according to their rules. 
  • Wild animals are those that are not tamed or domesticated. 
  • Air New Zealand pet travel international cargo policy prohibits the transportation of racing greyhounds on flights to and from Europe and Asia. You can ask the airline authorities to transport your pet greyhounds. 
  • It’s not guaranteed that you can fly on the same flight as your pet is being transported. 
  • The cost of booking a cargo transporter for your pet depends on where you’re going, how heavy your pet is, and the size of its cage. 
  • To know the exact fees charged, you need to contact your pet transporter. 
  • At the arrival destination, passengers can get their pets from the “cargo collection point”.

How Can You Bring Your Pets on Air New Zealand?

You can bring your pets on this airline in two ways. You have two options for transporting them: you can either pack them in your checked luggage or send them as cargo. The rules for Air New Zealand pet travel vary depending on the type of luggage you have. There are limits on how big and heavy the animal can be. Some animals can only be transported as cargo and not as checked baggage, and some can only be transported as checked baggage and not as cargo. To transport your pet safely on a flight without any issues, it’s important to follow the regulations provided. 

Pet Transport Rules for Cabin Baggage

You can only bring your pets as cabin baggage on domestic flights. This baggage only allows certain animals such as domesticated cats, dogs, and some birds. Air New Zealand pet policy for pets that outlines size restrictions for different types of animals. Here are the details. Before anything else, we must review the regulations for transporting pets as checked baggage.

Here are the rules for bringing cats and dogs as checked baggage: 

  • If your pets are under 6 months old, you can bring up to three of them with you as cabin baggage. These animals cannot weigh more than 9 kilograms. 
  • If your pets are old and big, only two of them are allowed to fly. These pets should weigh no more than 14 kilograms. 
  • If your pet weighs more than 14 kg, Air New Zealand pet in cabin luggage policy only allows for one animal. 
  • Make sure the carrier you use to transport your pet is the right size according to the dimensions given. The maximum height and width for ATR aircraft are 150 cm and 120 cm, respectively. 
  • The best materials for making a pet carrier are fiberglass, hard plastic, wood, metal, or plywood. The place should have good ventilation so that the animals can breathe properly.
  • The carriers must not leak. If there are handles and wheels, they need to work properly.
  • If your carrier is made of welded mesh or open wire, you cannot bring it on the plane. 
  • Your pet carrier should have at least two fasteners. You must use cable ties on the corners to prevent the animal from opening the carriage box.

Air New Zealand Pet Cargo Rules

You can transport your pet as cargo luggage, in addition to your checked baggage. This means that your pet will travel to the destination by itself. They will be transported alone, not as checked baggage. All international flights follow this rule. People flying within New Zealand can also use this method to send their pets as cargo. Air New Zealand Pet Cargo has strict rules for transporting pets in cargo. Here are their descriptions.

  • If your pet is traveling alone, you can use the cargo pet service on national flights. If you want to bring them on a flight, you need to pack them as checked luggage. 
  • You can send guide dogs, tuataras, and kiwis as cargo pets. 
  • You cannot book a reservation for your pet directly. If you want to send your pets alone, you need to reserve a pet transporter. 
  • Pet transporters must follow the rules outlined in the Air New Zealand pet policy. They have to follow the rules of Animal Welfare Compliance and Civil Aviation.
  • This airline accepts and approves certain pet transporters, including: 
Venture PetPopular PetsGlenstar KennelsGlobal Pets
Flying PawsElite Pet ServicesCanterbury Quarantine ServicesDogtainers
Auckland Airport Pet ServicesFree Range PoochesPine Valley KennelsThe South African Restaurant Group Limited
Cat’s Cradle4 Paws Pet TravelQualified Pet ServicesKiwi Pride Labradoodles

You are able to reserve the services of any of these authorized pet transport companies. When you reach your destination, you can pick up your animal there. To find out where to pick up your items based on your location, visit the airline’s official website

How much does it cost to travel with Pets on Air New Zealand?

People who want to bring their pets on a plane have to pay extra fees. You have to pay these charges for both checked baggage and cargo luggage. The cost of traveling with pets on Air New Zealand is different for international flights compared to domestic flights. The fee you pay for bringing your animal on a flight may vary based on your flight details, the service class you choose, and the weight of your animal. 

Checked Luggage Pet Transport Charges

  • If your pet weighs around 25 kg, you’ll need to pay either NZD 75 or USD 46. 
  • If your pet weighs over 25 kg, you’ll have to pay NZD 100 or USD 62 for Air New Zealand’s pet travel costs. 
  • You can only pay this fee at the airport and not through online payment. 
  • The fee for checked baggage includes the cost of carrying both the pet and the carrier together. 

Air New Zealand Pet Cargo Travel Charges

Here are the guidelines for transporting pets within New Zealand using Air New Zealand pet cargo service: 

Type Of TransportPets Up to 15 KgPets Up to 25 KgPets with More Than 25 kgPets with More Than 50 KgPets with More Than 100 kg
Metro to Metro destinationsNZD 77 or USD 48NZD 5 or USD 3NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 3 or USD 1NZD 3 or USD 1
Metro to Regional destinationsNZD 32 or USD 19NZD 2 or USD 1NZD 2 or USD 1NZD 2 or USD 1NZD 1 or USD 0.62

Here are the charges for transporting domestic pets that are considered livestock: 

Type Of TransportPets Up to 15 KgPets Up to 25 KgPets with More Than 25 kgPets with More Than 50 KgPets with More Than 100 kgPets with More Than 200 kg
Travel within islandNZD 67 or USD 41NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 4 or USD 2NZD 4 or USD 2
Travel inter-islandNZD 105 or USD 65NZD 7 or USD 4NZD 7 or USD 4NZD 7 or USD 4NZD 7 or USD 4NZD 7 or USD 4

The cost of the national pet carrier depends on the size of the carrier box. Here are the prices: 

Pet CarrierPets Up to 20 KgPets Up to 25 KgPets with More Than 25 Kg
One cage (Within Island)NZD 200 or USD 124NZD 8 or USD 4NZD 6 or USD 3
One cage (Inter Island)NZD 300 or USD 187NZD 15 or USD 9NZD 10 or USD 6
Empty cage (about 14 kgs)NZD 50 or USD 31—-—-
Large cage (more than 14 kgs)NZD 118 or USD 73—-—–

How Do I Book Air New Zealand Pet Travel?

All pet caretakers must notify the airline in advance that they will be traveling with their canines. Only after receiving approval from the airline will you be permitted to transport your companion onboard. Therefore, you must inform the airline prior to your departure. 

In accordance with Air New Zealand pet policy, you will be required to complete the following form: 

  • Before flying with your animals, you need to complete an “Acknowledgement and Indemnity form”. 
  • Please print this form and fill in all the required information accurately.
  • To submit the filled form to the airline, you need to visit the airport. If it’s possible, you can do it online. 
  • The airline authorities will review your details and give you approval. 

To transport your pet internationally with Air New Zealand, you’ll need to book through a pet transporter because they only allow pets to travel as cargo, as per Air New Zealand Pet policy . You need to fill out this form beforehand, no matter what. If you need to change your flight, update your name, or get information about your baggage, you can contact the airline for help. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Can I Bring My Pet on Board Air New Zealand Flights?

Air New Zealand permits passengers to travel with their pets.

What Types of Pets Are Allowed on Air New Zealand Flights?

Air New Zealand permits various types of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, livestock, and other domestic animals.

Can I Transport My Pets Internationally as Checked Baggage?

Air New Zealand doesn’t allow pets to be transported internationally as checked baggage. They must go in the airplane’s cargo hold for transportation.

How Can I Inform Air New Zealand About Traveling With My Pet?

To let Air New Zealand know that you’ll be traveling with your pet, you can either inform them while booking your ticket or get in touch with their customer service.

Are There Approved Agents for Transporting Pets?

If you need to transport your pet, make sure the agent is approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and passes veterinary checks.

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