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Air France is the main airline of France. It was established in 1933. The airline has flights to over 200 places in more than 90 countries all around the world. Its main hub is at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Air France provides different services to its passengers, such as premium cabins, in-flight entertainment, and a program for frequent flyers.

Air France has a clear pet policy for traveling with pets. Depending on the type and size of the pet and the destination, pets can travel in the cabin, as checked baggage, or as cargo. Dogs and cats that are small and weigh less than 8 kg can go with you in the cabin. But if they are bigger, they have to be checked in as baggage or cargo. Some countries have rules about which dog breeds can be brought in or taken out. You might need extra paperwork for certain places. To make sure you can bring your pet on the flight, it’s a good idea to book their travel ahead of time.

Air France lets you bring your pets on board the plane with you, or you can check them in as baggage, or even send them as cargo. The specific option depends on the type and size of your pet, as well as where you’re traveling to. Here are the basic rules for traveling with pets on Air France:

In Cabin:

You can only bring small dogs and cats that weigh less than 8 kg (including their carrier) with you in the cabin. The carrier cannot be larger than 46 cm x 28 cm x 24 cm. Passengers are allowed to bring only one pet in the cabin. The pet must stay inside its carrier throughout the entire flight.

Checked Baggage:

Dogs and cats that are too big or heavy to travel in the cabin can be brought as checked luggage. The pet must be in a strong, well-ventilated cage where it can easily stand up, turn around, and lie down. The cage and the pet can’t weigh more than 75 kg together. The cost to check a pet depends on where you’re going. In case you do not know about Air France’s Baggage Policy, then first read out.

Cargo Hold

Pets that are too big or heavy to be checked as luggage can be moved as cargo. Air France Cargo has a special service for safely and comfortably moving pets. Costs for transporting goods depend on where they are going.

About Air France Dog Policy

Under the Air France dog policy, people can bring their dogs on some flights, but there are some rules and limits. Here are some important things to remember:

Weight: Air France will take dogs that weigh up to 75 kg (165 lbs) in the hold and up to 8 kg (17.6 lbs) in the cabin. “Companion dogs” are the only dogs that are allowed in the house.

Documents Req.: All dogs must have a legal health certificate from a veterinarian and meet the rules of the country where they came from, where they are going through, and where they are going. For some places, you may need extra paperwork and vaccinations.

Fees and Reservation: Air France’s pet policy says Passengers must make a reservation for their dog at least 48 hours before the trip, and the dog must be on the passenger’s ticket. Fees for moving a dog depend on how much it weighs, where it’s going, and what kind of service it needs (in-cabin or in-hold).

Carrier Requirments: Air France’s pet policy says Passengers must make a reservation for their dog at least 48 hours before the trip, and the dog must be on the passenger’s ticket. Fees for moving a dog depend on how much it weighs, where it’s going, and what kind of service it needs (in-cabin or in-hold).

Restrictions: Air France’s policy on dogs says that they can’t travel in the cabin on some trips, like those to and from the UK, or on certain types of planes. Some breeds of dogs may also have to wear a muzzle or follow other rules or limits.

People who want to know more about Air France’s dog policy or make plans for their dog’s trip should call the airline directly.

Air France Pet in Cabin Policy

If your dog or cat meets the requirements listed in the Air France policy, you will need a pet carrier that is approved by the flight. The bottom of the carrier must be waterproof, your pet must be able to stand up and turn around, it must be firmly closed, and there must be enough airflow. The case shouldn’t be bigger than 18 x 11 x 9 inches (46 x 28 x 24 cm). If your carrier is flexible and can be pushed down, the height might be a little bit higher. Even with their cage, your pet shouldn’t weigh more than 17 pounds (7.7 kg).

Type of Pets

Adult travelers can bring small dogs and cats with them. Dogs and cats must be at least 10 weeks old to travel in the cabin. For trips within France (including to Corsica) and between mainland France and Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Reunion, your pet must be at least 8 weeks old. Between mainland France and French Guiana, your pet must be at least 15 weeks old to fly.


Air France needs to know if you’re taking a pet with you. There is no way to make reservations online.

Carrier Requirements

The pet and the cage can’t weigh more than 17 pounds (8 kg) together. Each adult person can only bring one pet carrier, and each pet carrier can only hold one pet. On Air France trips dogs and cats that weigh more than 17 lbs. (8 kg) and up to 165.3 lbs. (75 kg) can be checked as luggage.


Since you can’t check in animals on the sidewalk, you’ll have to go to the customer’s desk. When you check-in, there will be a charge. The bag for your pet will be counted as an extra piece of carry-on luggage.

Other Requirments

On international trips, Air France does not allow pets in the Business class. Your pet must have all the necessary forms and vaccines. To travel within the European Union, your pet needs to be chipped, vaccinated, and have an EU pet visa or something similar.

Air France Checked Baggage Pet Policy

If your pet is too big to fit under the seat, if it is not a dog or cat, or if the trip is very long, Air France’s pet policy may allow your pet to travel in the plane’s cargo area. This part of the cargo room has the same temperature and air pressure as the passenger lounge area.

Type of Pets

Dogs and cats that weigh more than 17 lbs. (8 kg) and up to 165.3 lbs. (75 kg) can fly as checked bags on Air France trips.

Age Limit

Pets must be at least 10 weeks old to be taken as checked bags. Each person can bring up to three pets, as long as the plane has enough room for them.


When you travel with Air France, remember to allow 2 hours for layovers. This will give you enough time to claim and recheck your pet for the next part of your journey. Tourists from high-rabies countries may face challenges when transiting through the EU. This is because entering the EU from a high-rabies country involves following a specific protocol. The protocol includes getting a microchip, rabies vaccine, and a titer test at least 3 months before the planned entry into the EU.


Dogs and cats must be checked in two hours before domestic flights and three hours before foreign flights.

Crate Requirments

Boxes must be made of hard plastic and have enough ventilation to meet IATA standards. Wooden boxes are not allowed. The top and bottom parts of your pet’s box need to be connected with metal fasteners, and the doors need to be held shut with cable ties, which are included in our accessory kits.

Other Restrictions

  • Breed Restrictions: Air France has rules about which breeds of pets are allowed to travel in the cabin or as checked luggage. Some of the breeds that can’t travel in the cabin or as checked luggage are:
      • American Staffordshire Terrier
      • Brazilian Mastiff
      • Dogo Argentino
      • Pit-Bull Terrier
  • Temp. Restrictions: If the temperature is expected to be below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius) or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) anywhere along your pet’s route (origin, transfer, or destination), your pet will not be allowed to travel as checked baggage. There are no exceptions to these rules about weather.
  • Forms Required: Your pet will need a health certificate from a qualified veterinarian within 10 days of the trip. Air France will ask you to sign this form if you are bringing a pet as checked luggage.

Air France Pet Cargo Policy

Air France has a service for transporting pets in cargo if they are too big or can’t fit in the plane. Air France’s pet policy says that pets must be at least 10 weeks old and have all of their vaccines and health certificates. The cat owner is responsible for making sure that the carrier is big enough, has enough ventilation, and is safe enough to meet Air France’s requirements. The pet’s name, how to feed and water it, and any important medical information must also be written on the case. The pet owner must also make sure that the pet is safe and comfortable in the carrier and has enough food and water for the whole trip. The cargo pet policy also has different rules and laws for different kinds of animals. For more information and help with shipping pets as cargo, you should call Air France’s customer service or booking department.

Pet Reservations

Pet owners can make bookings for their pets on Air France by calling the airline’s customer service center or going to a ticket office. During the reservation process, the pet owner will need to give information about the pet, such as its weight, size, and breed, as well as information about the trip, such as the dates and times of the trips. The pet owner will also need to provide paperwork like a valid health certificate from a veterinarian and pay a pet travel fee, which varies based on the weight and size of the animal, where it is going, and whether it will be traveling in the cabin or in the hold. It’s important to make the ticket a long time before the date of travel, because there may not be enough room for pets on the flight you want. Once the reservation is made and confirmed, the pet owner should make sure that all the necessary preparations are made, such as getting any needed vaccinations or permits and a good carrier for the pet.


In conclusion, Air France has a comprehensive pet policy that accommodates various pet sizes and types for travel. Passengers can choose from options like in-cabin, checked baggage, or cargo transport, depending on their pet’s specifications and travel needs. The policy includes guidelines on weight restrictions, documentation, crate requirements, and breed restrictions. Pet owners are encouraged to make advance reservations and ensure their pets meet all necessary health and safety criteria for a smooth and comfortable journey.

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