United Airlines Name Change Policy

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United Airlines Name Change Policy

The name on your boarding pass and ID must be an exact match, as per T.S.A. rules. In order to meet this requirement, United Airlines has a policy for changing names. It states that the name on your boarding pass and ticket must be completely accurate. If there are any mistakes, you may not be able to board your flight.

Overview of United Airlines Name Change Policy

Passengers flying with United Airlines have the option to change the name on their tickets. You can change the name for both domestic and international flights. Here are a few important points to remember:

  • You can change the name on your United Airlines tickets if you are:
    • fixing the spelling of your first or last name, a word or title, first and last names that are backwards, a nickname, or whether your middle name is included or not.
    • If you get married, divorced, or get a court order, you can legally change your name. This is true for all kinds of tickets as long as the person whose name is on the ticket is travelling and not someone else.
  • You can easily request to change your name if there are any mistakes or typos. Just give us a call or visit a ticketing office with your valid ID proof.
  • To change your legal name, you need to provide the necessary documents and visit a United Airlines ticketing office.
  • Mileage Plus account holders have the option to change their name either online or by submitting a written request. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met.
    • You can easily change your name online by accessing your MileagePlus account profile, without needing any supporting documents. Some examples of simple name changes include fixing the spelling of the first or last name, switching to or from a nickname, correcting a prefix or title, adding or removing a middle name or initial, or fixing the order of the first and last names.
    • You can easily upload significant name changes online through your MileagePlus account profile. Just make sure to attach the appropriate supporting document for the change. To prove your current and former names, you can use your marriage license, divorce decree, court decree, or a government-issued ID.
  • All tickets are non-transferable unless otherwise specified on your ticket when it was issued.
  • You need to make sure that your name is written correctly on your ticket. If you try to use someone else’s ticket, it will not be valid and UA will not accept or refund those tickets.
  • If someone who is not supposed to use your ticket, whether with or without your permission, causes any delays, damage to your belongings, harm to you, or even death, United Airlines is not responsible for it.
  • United Airlines may deny your boarding if your ID does not match the name on your ticket exactly.

How Does United Name Correction Work?

United Airlines makes it easy for you to correct your name on your ticket. You can do this by calling them or visiting a ticketing office. Just make sure you have a government-issued ID to support the name correction, in case they ask for it. Name corrections can involve fixing misspelled names (first, last, or middle), adjusting name titles or prefixes, and switching the order of first and last names.

If the name on your ticket is different from your legal name because of marriage, divorce, or other reasons, you will need to provide a valid copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or similar document to correct the name.

United Airlines Name Change Due to Marriage and Divorce

If you have changed your name because of marriage, divorce, adoption, or any other reason, and you have the necessary legal documents, you need to get your name changed by United Airlines before you travel. It’s best to let United Airlines know as soon as you find the mistake. If you notice the error on the day of your trip, you’ll need to have your legal documents checked at United’s ticket counter at the airport.

If you have legal documents, they can show the authorities that the name on your government ID matches the name on your ticket, even if your physical ID doesn’t show it yet.

If the name on your physical ID doesn’t match the name on your ticket or boarding pass, you need to contact United Airlines right away to get it fixed. You may not be charged if the correction is simple and does not require your ticket to be reissued. If you need a big correction that requires your ticket to be reissued, you might have to pay for it. The cost will depend on your fare type and could include change fees or a difference in fare.

What is the Fee for Changing the Name on a United Ticket?

If you need to correct a name, you might not have to pay a fee for the change. If you’re changing your name because of marriage, divorce, or other legal reasons, you may need to get a new ticket. In that case, you’ll have to pay the fare difference between your old ticket and the new one.

United Airlines Name Change Policy for MileagePlus Members

According to the TSA guidelines, the name on your ticket and boarding pass must match the name on your government-issued ID exactly. The purpose of this is to make sure that each passenger’s name is checked correctly and that the person who received the ticket is allowed to fly.

If the name on your ticket is not correct, United may refuse to let you board the plane. However, even if you believe it is too late, you should still inform United Airlines as soon as you find the mistake.

If you’ve already booked your ticket with United Airlines, you can correct your name using their name change policy. There are two types of name changes: simple name changes and significant name changes.

You can easily change or correct the name on your MileagePlus account without needing any supporting documents. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Small changes were made to the spelling of the passenger’s first name.
  • A few writing mistakes were fixed in the passenger’s last name.
  • Changes to the passenger’s name or job prefix.
  • Fixes for first and last changes that were written backwards.
  • Changing a nickname to a real name or the other way around.
  • Adding or taking away a given name.

Significant Name Changes Need to Be Backed Up by the Right Legal Records:

  • To change your name after a divorce, you need to have a divorce decree as proof.
  • To change your name after getting married, you need to have a marriage license.
  • To change your name, you need to have a legal document that proves the name change.
  • Please provide a government-issued ID that shows both your previous and current names.

Here are United Name Change Tips

  • Make the most of the 24-hour period. You can make corrections to any errors within 24 hours without any additional charges. This includes fixing a single letter or the entire name.
  • When you buy your ticket, make sure to include your full name (first, middle, and last) exactly as it appears on your government-issued photo ID.
  • To get started, create your MileagePlus account with United Airlines. Make sure to include the accurate passenger details in your profile.
  • When you buy another ticket from United and enter your frequent flyer number, your passenger information will be automatically included in your reservation.
  • If you already have a MileagePlus account, please ensure that your profile information is accurate.
  • Sometimes, in an emergency, you need to change your flight date and time. In this case, you must read about United Airlines Flight Change Policy.


In summary, United Airlines enforces strict adherence to name matching on boarding passes and IDs according to T.S.A. rules. The airline provides a Name Change Policy allowing passengers to correct minor errors easily. MileagePlus members enjoy online name change options for simple corrections, while significant changes require legal documentation. Proactive measures, such as accurate ticket information during purchase and utilising the 24-hour correction window, are emphasised to ensure a smooth travel experience.

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