Tap Portugal Name Change Policy

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Tap Portugal Name Change Policy

What should you do if you realize you misspelled your name after booking a reservation? What if you want to change your family due to marriage, divorce, or any other legal requirement? Tap Portugal has a name change policy that can assist you with any problems related to correcting or changing your name. Don’t worry if you made a typo when booking your Tap Portugal flight. There’s no need to panic!

In this post, we will discuss the rules and guidelines for changing your name, the types of name errors that TAP Portugal can fix, the fees associated with name changes, and other important information.

Rules and Regulations to Change Name on Flight Ticket ( Tap Portugal )

According to TAP Portugal’s name change policy, they do not allow a change of name when one traveler’s name is replaced with another passenger’s name on the reservation. If you need to change the name on your booking, you will have to cancel the current reservation and make a new one with the correct name.  Based on the market/fare regulations, you need to get a refund for the original ticket. Also,

  • You can only change the name or correct the name on unused flight segments.
  • The validating carrier must be the airline. The TAP Portugal name correction policy does not apply to codeshare or interline agreement flights.
  •  The airline allows passengers to change their name if they get married or divorced. To do this, passengers must show a valid copy of the marriage or divorce document.
  • You can only change the name once for each reservation.
  • If you’re on your honeymoon or get married while you’re away, it’s okay to travel using your maiden name.
  • The most important thing is that the name on your flight ticket must match the name on your passport or government-issued photo ID.
  • To change your name on your airline ticket, you need to submit a written declaration along with a copy of your new passport to the airline’s office.
  • Passengers need to ask for a name change at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Infants can have their names changed at no cost.
  • You cannot change the passenger category, such as from a child to an adult ticket.
  • If you have already purchased the name-change option, please make separate requests for any date or other changes to your booking.

Guidelines for Name Change

According to TAP Portugal’s name correction policy, you can only make name corrections for flights operated by TP. Reservations that include flights from other airlines or TP marketing flights cannot be corrected for name changes. You are allowed to take the requested action in the following situations:

  • Upto 3 Letter: If your name is misspelled by up to three letters, please contact the airlines to have it corrected. This service is available for all ticket types. There may be a fee of $200 for changing your name.
  • Incomplete Username: If your TAP Portugal reservation has an incomplete last name on the ticket. For example, changing the name from Green/John Mr. to Green Smith/John Mr.
  • Nickname to Last Name: If the passenger has entered a nickname for their first or last name, they can correct it as long as the details match their passport or government-issued photo ID. If passengers have a nickname for both their first and last names, they will need to provide it when requesting a name change. The TAP Portugal name change policy will then be applied. For example, change Ms. Kathy Green to Ms. Katherine Green.
  • Last Name Swap: If the person has two last names they need to be switched to match the passport or government-issued photo ID. For example, Mr. John Smith-Green to Mr. John Green-Smith
  • First Name Misspell: Under the TAP Portugal name correction policy, the customer can change a letter, add a letter, or take away a letter.

Methods to Name Change on Tap Portugal Flight Ticket

According to TAP Portugal’s policy on name changes, there are many ways for people to change their names or other information if they need to. At first, you can make these changes through live help, online, at the airport, or by phone.

Let’s look at the different ways you can ask TAP Portugal to change the name on your ticket:

Through Customer Care

You can call the airline’s customer service to change the name on a ticket. It will give people a chance to talk directly to an airline boss who can help them with their problems. Call the TAP Portugal customer service number to get in touch with the carrier. After speaking with the airline’s middleman, you will do the following:

  • If you want to change or fix your name, you should tell the airline. After that, the person will ask you for more information.
  • Needed information includes your full name, the ticket reference number, and more.
  • If you get married or divorced and want to change your last name or first name, you must also show the right official papers.
  • After the agent finds your ticket, he or she will tell you how much it might cost. When you agree to the fees or costs, he or she will only start the process of changing your name on Tap Portugal.
  • The last step is to wait for the change to be confirmed. You’ll finally get a new confirmation in the email address you used to sign up.

At Airport Counter

Some people may be able to change their name on their ticket by going to the airport. Representatives from the company will carefully consider your request and help you if they can. As long as the name change or name request can be made up to 24 hours before the flight is supposed to leave.

You will have to show a real legal document to prove who you are. Then, if there are any fees, an employee from TAP Portugal will let you know.

Once you pay the required fee and give the airline all the required papers, the process will move forward. Lastly, you’ll get a confirmation letter in the name that’s on your trip ticket.

Through Online and Official Websites

Passengers can change their names for free through the TAP Portugal Manage Booking area. You will only need to give the last name and the booking proof from the airline.  Online, you can only change your name. Do these things:

  • Visit the main website for TAP Portugal.
  • Go to the area called “Manage Booking” and enter the six-digit PNR number from the airline and the last name.
  • After that, make any changes or corrections to your names that are needed, and then check everything again before sending.
  • You might also have to share something official.
  • You must pay the TAP Portugal name change fee if you are qualified.
  • After the request is taken care of, you will get a validation code.

Name Change/Correction Fees

The TAP Air Portugal name change fee is only for trips that are run by TP and are charged per passenger and per reservation. To change or fix your name, you will have to pay the following fees:

Name Change/Correction Fee (in USD)
For domestic flights 100
Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, and flights between Accra and São Tomé 140
Intercontinental flights 175
To/from the Dominican Republic 200


In conclusion, TAP Portugal’s name change policy allows passengers to correct or change their names on flight reservations. Name corrections are allowed for various situations, and passengers must provide valid documentation. Name change fees vary by destination. Changes can be made through customer care, at airport counters, or online through the airline’s website.

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