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Making changes to a confirmed air booking can be frustrating and lacking in charm and joy. Humans sometimes make mistakes when making reservations that need to be fixed before leaving. Today, this blog will discuss the policy of Swiss Air regarding name changes or corrections. We aim to provide you with a clear understanding of the process. Continue reading to find out what to do if your ticket has the wrong name.

Name Mistake Affect Your Journey

There are discussions happening everywhere about how having incorrect details on your flight ticket can cause problems for travellers. The aviation industry is making progress in setting up strict rules as new technologies emerge.

In addition to other concerns, it is also important for a visitor to have the correct name on their ticket. At first, it may be hard to imagine its potential and you might not think it’s important. However, it can cause problems for your trip and may even result in it being cancelled.

Sometimes, customers enter the wrong details in the reservation form because they are in a hurry or excited. One common incident in that scenario is entering the wrong name. Whether it’s a single character error or multiple errors, the impact is likely to be the same.

Rules Regarding Swiss Air Name Change Policy

To stay informed, it’s important to know the most recent guidelines and regulations set by aviation authorities. When it comes to incorrect names on the PNR, here are some common things you should know:

  • Make sure that your name is the same on all your documents, such as your ticket, passport, and government-issued ID.
  • There should not be any difference, not even one character.
  • According to the rules of the US Department of Transportation (DoT), it is against the law to have incorrect name details on your ticket.
  • As a result, passengers are not allowed to board the flight if the name on their ticket does not match the name on their passport and official ID.
  • If you don’t fix the name before you leave, the airline might cancel your booking.
  • You must check out Swiss Air Flight Change Policy

Simply put, air travellers should take immediate action when they notice any mistakes in their names on their tickets. You can request a name change within the given time to make your flyer valid.

About Swiss Air

  • Swiss Air is a top airline in the aviation industry.
  • The national airline of Switzerland was founded in 1931.
  • Swiss Air, which had been in operation for 71 years, filed for bankruptcy in 2002.
  • Additionally, the main business center of the airline was located at Zurich Airport, specifically in Kloten.
  • In 2002, the business operations were transferred to Crossair, which later became Swiss International Air Lines.
  • In addition, Swiss International Air Lines operates regular flights to destinations in South America, Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The airline is also a member of the Star Alliance.
  • Swiss Airlines has a fleet of approximately 90 aircraft that are used to connect destinations all around the world.

What is the Swiss Air Name Correction Policy?

Swiss Air is considered one of the best transportation companies worldwide because of the services it offers. It aims to provide flexible travel options for visitors, ensuring they have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The Swiss air name change policy has user-friendly guidelines. This allows travellers to change their names and have stress-free trips to their destinations.

Below, you can find a clear explanation of the rules and guidelines outlined in the Swiss Air policy for changing the name on a ticket. This will help you better understand the process.

  • Swiss Airlines has a policy that allows users to make necessary changes to the name on their ticket.
  • Passengers have the ability to make changes to their ticket for small mistakes or typos, as long as the changes involve no more than 3 characters.
  • You can only request a name change once after you have made a confirmed booking.
  • If there is a mistake in a name that is longer than 3 letters, no one can make corrections.
  • Additionally, Swiss Air customers have the option to make changes to their names using either the online or offline systems.
  • You can request a name change if your name has been legally changed due to marriage or divorce.
  • Please remember to submit the necessary documents.
  • The carrier in Switzerland does not allow you to add or remove a middle name on the ticket.
  • Swiss Air passengers have the benefit of a 24-hour window where they can make flight changes without any risk or extra charges.

Methods to Change Name On Swiss Air Ticket

Looking forward to finding the best places to change your name on your Swiss Air reservation? What you need is what this part is about! It talks about the different legal ways and routes that can be used to do the same thing. Let us take a look.

Online Method

  • To access Swissair’s official website, simply go to
  • Now, go ahead and explore the ‘Manage Booking’ tab.
  • To change the name, please provide your reservation number, which is a 6-digit number, and your family name.
  • Choose the correct booking from the list of retrieved bookings that you would like to modify.
  • Additionally, users have the option to choose the necessary options and follow instructions in order to make changes to their name.
  • From now on, you will need to pay the appropriate fee to successfully complete the process.
  • Swiss Air will send you a confirmation email with the updated name and ticket information.

Offline Method

The airline allows travellers to easily change their names using traditional methods. It gives freedom to people who prefer not to use web technologies for important tasks. In the end, people will have the following options:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Help-desk Number

What is the Fee for Changing the Name on a Swiss Air Ticket?

Many passengers also consider the service fee to be important. Many people want to avoid extra fees and penalties when managing their flights. Fortunately, Swiss Air has implemented reliable regulations to minimize inconvenience for travelers.

The airline does not charge a fee for making small name corrections on the ticket. Customers can save money within 24 hours of making a booking. However, there may be instances where the carrier requests a service fee. The cost can change depending on the type of fare, where you’re going, and when you request the ride. In summary, you should check the official website for the most recent fee updates.


In conclusion, ensuring accurate details on your Swiss Air ticket is crucial. The airline allows name changes for small mistakes within 24 hours at no cost. Changes can be made online or offline, with fees potentially applying in certain cases. Always check the official website for the latest information.

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