Sun Country Name Change Policy

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Sun Country Name Change Policy

It is important to have the correct name details on your ticket when flying. Otherwise, it can cause problems and be inconvenient. Correcting names with Sun Country Airlines is hassle-free and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

The top aviation company in the USA lets passengers change their name details on the PNR so they can travel legally. You can comply with the Sun Country Airlines name correction policy to make changes. Let’s enjoy more breaks.

Sun Country Airlines is a highly-rated airline based in the USA. They provide passenger and cargo services. The hub station at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport was established in 1982. Sun Country is the 11th biggest aviation company when it comes to the number of customers they transport.

Sun Country Airlines operates with a fleet of over 40 aircraft and serves more than 50 destinations worldwide. In addition, all planes have the best and Standard seats, which come with many amenities and privileges. In general, the US carrier is an excellent airline to travel with.

What is Sun Country Name Change Policy?

Did you realize that there is an incorrect name on your Sun Country Airlines ticket? Passengers are allowed to make changes, so there is no need to feel disappointed. People often make mistakes when giving information about their trips and personal details.

Sometimes, people make mistakes when spelling or typing their names and accidentally submit the reservation form without double-checking it. In the end, the PNR reflects the same inputs.

Have you experienced something similar when dealing with Sun Country? Here is a guide to help calm your panic. Fortunately, the American transportation company demonstrates kindness and efficiency when assisting clients with important matters. It recognizes the seriousness of the situation and develops appropriate and user-friendly solutions for it.

If you need to change your name on your PNR, passport, and government-issued ID, it’s important to do it as soon as possible. Sun Country Airlines is known for its quick acceptance and processing of name correction requests. This helps to resolve any issues before your departure. To help customers who have errors in their name on the PNR, we have a customer-oriented and smooth policy in place.

  • Sun Country Airlines has a policy that allows visitors to make necessary changes to their name.
  • You can only correct the name by changing one letter.
  • In some cases, travelers are unable to change the name on their ticket and must get a new one instead.
  • If you change your name after getting married, you can update it with the airline by submitting a legal document called a marriage certificate.
  • Visitors cannot change the flight route while correcting the name.
  • In addition, Sun Country has a strict policy against transferring tickets to someone else’s name.

Methods to Correct the Name with Sun Country Airlines

Overall, dealing with Sun Country Airlines is not difficult. The carrier works hard to make sure passengers have a great experience and enjoy every moment of their journey. The flexible policy offers many options for correcting names. Here are the insights.

Online Method

Sun Country understands the power of the internet and adapts accordingly. Travelers can use digital technologies to fix name correction issues. To request a name change, you’ll need to visit the official Sun Country Airlines website or use their mobile app. To successfully complete the process, simply follow the instructions that appear on your screen and make sure to pay the required fee.

Offline Method

  • There are also critics of digitization. You can use any traditional method to correct your name. Visitors of Sun Country Airlines can go to the airport ticket counter under this bracket to meet representatives.
  • Additionally, individuals can connect with officials through toll-free numbers from the comfort of their own homes. Please share the details of your trip and let us know if there are any necessary corrections to the names.

What is the Fee for Correcting the Name on Sun Country Airlines?

Additionally, we can discuss the charges associated with correcting names in the policy. The answer may change depending on the situation, so it’s best to check the official website for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, candidates can call the customer service number to receive important updates.

If your name on the ticket is correct but you want to change only the flight date and time, check out this post on Sun Country Airlines Flight Change Policy.


In conclusion, Sun Country Airlines prioritizes customer satisfaction with its hassle-free name correction policy. Whether online or offline, passengers can easily rectify name errors, reflecting the airline’s commitment to a smooth travel experience. With a top-rated reputation, a vast fleet, and global reach, Sun Country remains dedicated to ensuring passenger convenience and enjoyment throughout their journey.

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