Royal Jordanian Name Correction Policy

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Royal Jordanian Name Correction Policy

You have the option to change the name on your Royal Jordanian ticket. However, there are some restrictions you need to be careful about when following the Royal Jordanian Airlines name correction policy. This blog post thoroughly analyzes the same topic.

What the Royal Jordanian Name Correction Policy Looks Like?

Nowadays, it is common for mistakes to occur in reservations within the aviation sector. When booking a ticket, people often make silly mistakes, such as entering incorrect names. Sometimes, people make mistakes when entering names quickly or when they are feeling excited. These mistakes can cause some trouble for a little while. The US Department of Transportation guidelines state that the passenger’s name on the PNR should be accurate and must match the name on their passport and government-issued ID.

I booked a flight with Royal Jordanian, but I noticed that there is an incorrect name on my ticket. No need to worry. According to the airline’s rules, Royal Jordanian customers are allowed to make changes to their booking, such as modifying the name, flight date, destination, and other details. Therefore, there is no need to worry or rush to change or correct the name on the Royal Jordanian booking before your departure.

Having incorrect name details on your ticket can lead to significant problems. You might have to wait at the airport for a few hours until the situation is resolved properly. In some cases, flight cancellation can happen and make the situation worse. So, you should be very careful when filling out the reservation form.

Guidelines for Correctly Naming Royal Jordanian

Passengers will have the following aspects to enjoy according to the Royal Jordanian name change/correction policy:

  • You can make changes to your ticket before your trip.
  • The airline lets users fix mistakes for free, but only if they involve 3 characters or less.
  • If you want to change the entire name or make additional modifications, there may be a fee according to regulations.
  • Additionally, the carrier does not accept name change requests in certain situations. If that happens, you should cancel the flight and then book it again with the correct name information.
  • If a customer changes their name after getting married or divorced, they will need to provide their marriage or divorce certificate.
  • If you got a ticket from a third-party agent, contact the authority directly to make corrections.
  • If you bought your ticket through the official Royal Jordanian website, you can easily correct your name online.
  • In addition, clients can also contact airline representatives for professional help with their issues.

Various Methods to Fix Name Errors in the Royal Jordanian Ticket

The Jordan carrier is committed to providing visitors with excellent service policies and provisions, just as they promised. Correcting names is a significant issue in the aviation industry. If not handled correctly, it can cause trouble for travelers. Royal Jordanian has a professional approach to serving flyers during this critical matter, which is a relief. There are different methods and tricks you can use to fix the issue.

Online Method

  • The first step is to visit the homepage of
  • Click on the ‘Manage My Booking‘ tab.
  • Before clicking the ‘Search’ button, please enter the reservation number and the customer’s last name.
  • Choose the appropriate flight from the list of bookings.
  • Please follow the onscreen instructions to make corrections to the names.
  • To complete the name correction procedure, please make sure to pay the required fee.
  • Royal Jordanian will send you the new ticket through the mail.

Offline Method

  • Please provide the correct name for Royal Jordanian at the airport.
  • Please provide the correct name for Royal Jordanian via a phone call.

Royal Jordanian Name Correction Fee

The aviation company based in Jordan also charges for name corrections. It depends on the situation. To find out about the fee structure, you can either visit the official website or call.


Is it possible for me to transfer the ticket to my friend’s name?

No, Royal Jordanian has a strict policy against it.

How can I modify the name online?

To find more information, you can visit the official website at

Is it allowed to make corrections on the Royal Jordanian ticket?

Yes. If visitors make small spelling mistakes on the ticket, they won’t be charged any fees.

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