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Qantas Airlines Name change Policy

The well-known Australian airline Qantas Airways is well-known for its dedication to ease and customer care. But occasionally, unanticipated events occur in life, and we might have to modify everything about our vacation itinerary, even who is listed on our tickets. We’ll go over Qantas name change policy in this article so you’re prepared to handle any changes to your flight reservations with ease.

What are the Qantas Name Change Guidelines?

Qantas is aware that circumstances sometimes occur when travelers need to update the name on their airline tickets. Through its name change policy, the airline seeks to accept requests for spelling corrections, legal name changes, and straightforward name changes.

  • By adhering to the specific name correction guideline, travelers can quickly fix any typos in their name on their Qantas ticket.
  • Customers are allowed to make up to three small changes to their name without having to pay any additional fees.
  • If you need to fix more than 3 characters, you can contact the customer service center or seek help from experts.
  • Additionally, the Australian air transporter has a policy that does not allow clients to change the full name on their booking.
  • You can make minor corrections to your Qantas name either online or offline, depending on your preferences.
  • The airline suggests that visitors should use the same method of booking when making their request.
  • In the event of a name change resulting from a marriage, divorce, or other legal proceeding, you may submit your request with the supporting documentation.
  • The airline does not accept requests to change names for international trips. If you need help, you should contact customer service.
  • Qantas Airlines may require a fee for name corrections in certain situations.

How to change name on Qantas Airlines?

The Australian aviation brand offers various ways to request a name change or correction. It suggests using both online and offline systems. Here is a detailed analysis of the same:

Qantas Name Change Online

  • Please go to the website
  • Click on the tab labelled ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Please provide your booking number and the last name of your family.
  • Choose the booking that you would like to make changes to.
  • By choosing the right settings, you can make the name appear identical to the one on your passport.
  • If you are eligible, please pay the service fee to complete the digital process.
  • Qantas Airlines will send you a confirmation email about name changes in the end.

Qantas Ticket Name Change Offline

To change the name on a Qantas ticket offline, you’ll need to contact Qantas directly through their customer service channels. Here’s a general outline of the steps you can take to request a Qantas name change offline:

  • To change the name on a Qantas ticket offline, you’ll need to contact Qantas directly through their customer service channels. Here’s a general outline of the steps you can take to request a name change offline with Qantas:
  • Once connected with a Qantas representative, explain that you need to change the name on your ticket.
  • Qantas may require supporting documentation to process the Qantas ticket name change request. This could include identification documents for the passenger whose name is being changed, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • Depending on the fare rules and conditions associated with your ticket, there may be fees involved in processing the name change. Be prepared to pay any applicable fees as required by Qantas.
  • After completing the Qantas name change process, Qantas should provide you with confirmation of the change. Make sure to review the updated details to ensure accuracy.

When Qantas Name Change Fee Applicable?

Qantas actually handles name changes a little differently than name corrections. The Name Change Qantas Fee applies in various scenarios, such as:

  • If there’s a typo or a misspelling in the name on your ticket, you’ll likely need to pay the Name Change Fee to correct it.
  • If you can’t use your ticket and want to transfer it to someone else, you’ll likely need to pay the Qantas Name Change Fee to update the passenger details.
  • You may be charged a Name Change Fee to alter the booking details if your plans change and you need to move your ticket to a different flight.

For name changes, Qantas will cancel your original booking and create a new one under the new passenger’s name. The value of your original ticket will be applied towards the new booking.

When can Passengers change names on Qantas Flight?

Passengers can typically request a Qantas name change on a Qantas flight after booking but before the scheduled departure of the flight. The possibility of changing a name on a Qantas flight depends on whether it’s a correction or a complete change, and the timing:

Qantas Name Correction

  • Qantas allows free corrections for minor mistakes like typos in the existing passenger’s name.
  • You can likely handle this through self-service options on the Qantas website or by contacting their customer service as long as the ticket is unused and before travel begins.

Qantas Name Change

  • This requires contacting Qantas customer service at 13 17 11 (Australia) or (081) (international) as the entire booking needs to be changed.
  • Fees of A$99 (Australian Dollars) apply.
  • Although there’s no mention of a deadline, it’s advisable to take care of Qantas ticket name change as soon as possible to prevent issues closer to departure and maybe greater fees.

The Qantas Name Change Policy provides travelers with the adaptability they require to modify their itinerary. Qantas works hard to effectively meet the demands of its customers, whether it’s fixing a small typo or updating a legal name change. Passengers can guarantee a seamless name change procedure and have a worry-free travel experience by comprehending the instructions and doing what’s required.

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