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Did you accidentally put the wrong name on your Philippines Airlines ticket? Although it is a serious concern, there is no need to worry. Passengers can change their name by following the name change policy in the Philippines. What does the process involve? Explore the affair on this dedicated blog.

What is Philippine Airlines? The flag carrier is based in the Philippines and has its headquarters at the PNB Financial Center in Pasay. Philippines Airlines was established in 1941 and is the oldest commercial air carrier in Asia.

In addition, the esteemed airline makes an effort to serve its customers by offering flights to over 30 domestic and more than 50 international destinations. It includes locations in Asia, North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East. The fleet has more than 60 aircraft, which includes a combination of Boeing and Airbus planes.

Major Highlights of Philippines Airlines Name Correction Policy

Philippines Airlines is well-known for providing excellent and high-quality services to its customers. The airline uses the best methods to make sure that all customers are completely satisfied and offers competitive prices.

The name correction policy is an important part of the airline’s service manifesto. According to the constitution, the airline allows passengers with good standing to change their name if it is printed incorrectly on their ticket. It is against airline regulations to change the name or transfer a ticket to another person. However, individuals have the option to make small changes to the name on their ticket, which can help ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Here are some important specifications of the research:

  • According to the Philippines name correction policy, you can make small changes to your name, like fixing a single-letter mistake.
  • Customers have the option to move their surname if it is not in the correct position.
  • In addition, the carrier allows you to change the name on your ticket only if you made the booking online through their website.
  • The type of ticket you have is important when it comes to correcting your name.
  • You can make name corrections for your flight up to 48 hours to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Method to Change the Name on the Philippines Airlines Ticket

Do you have a ticket booked with Philippines Airlines but the name on it is incorrect? It’s really bad when you can’t travel by air because your name on the ticket is wrong. Just one small mistake can lead to the cancellation of your flight.

Therefore, it is extremely important to take reasonable steps to correct any errors on the Philippines Airlines ticket. How can you accomplish that? The main focus of this segment is… The airline offers many options for passengers who want to change the name on their ticket. Users have the option to choose between online or offline procedures. Please have a look.

Online Method

  • To begin, you need to go to the official website,
  • To find and select the ‘Manage Booking’ option, go to the homepage.
  • Before you click the ‘Proceed’ button, please provide the requested information, including the Booking Reference Number and the Passenger’s Last Name.
  • The list of available bookings under your account will be displayed.
  • To complete the name correction process, simply follow the instructions displayed on your screen.
  • You will receive a notification by mail when the name changes are successfully completed.

Offline Method

Many people are skeptical about the reliability of online technologies due to the increasing number of cybercrimes. So, they want to find good ways to handle bookings. Philippine Airlines understands the situation and provides offline options for visitors to make changes to the name on their ticket. Here are the scenarios:

At Ticket Counter

If your name is incorrect on your ticket, you can go directly to the nearest airport ticket counter. To make important changes to your ticket, you can share the issue with officials.

Through Phone Call

You can call customer care to change the name on the flight ticket.

What is the Fee for Name Correction in Philippines Airlines?

Yes, there may be a fee for making corrections to a Philippines Airlines ticket. The cost can change based on different factors like the type of ticket, where you’re going, and when you make changes. Additionally, individuals can visit the official website for more accurate and up-to-date information on the fee structure.

Philippines Airlines Flight Change Policy offers flexibility for passengers to modify travel plans online or through traditional methods. While some changes are free, fees may apply in certain cases, emphasizing a hassle-free adjustment process for travelers.


Can I change the name on my Philippines Airlines ticket if it’s incorrect, and what is the airline’s name correction policy?

Philippines Airlines allows passengers to make small changes to their names, such as fixing single-letter mistakes or repositioning the surname. The policy applies to passengers with good standing, and small corrections can be made for a hassle-free journey.

What are the specifications of the Philippines Airlines name correction policy?

According to the policy, passengers can make small changes to their names, and move their surname if needed, but transferring tickets to another person is not allowed. Corrections are applicable only for online bookings, and the type of ticket and the timeframe for corrections are essential factors.

How can I change the name on my Philippines Airlines ticket, and what are the available methods?

Passengers can change names online by visiting the official website, going to the ‘Manage Booking’ section, providing necessary details, and following on-screen instructions. Offline methods include visiting the ticket counter at the airport or calling customer care for assistance.

Is there a fee for name correction on Philippines Airlines tickets, and how is it determined?

Yes, there may be a fee for name corrections, and the cost depends on factors like the ticket type, destination, and timing of the changes. Passengers are advised to check the official website for accurate and updated information on the fee structure.

Can I make name corrections close to the departure time, and what is the timeframe for making changes?

Passengers can make name corrections up to 48 hours to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. It is essential to initiate corrections within this timeframe to avoid disruptions to travel plans.

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