Etihad Airways Name correction Policy

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Etihad Air Name correction Policy

Errors can occur when buying flights, with misspelled or wrong names on the ticket being a regular mistake. Thankfully, Etihad Airways is aware of these problems and offers a Name Correction Policy to assist customers in fixing these mistakes. We’ll examine Etihad Airways Name Correction Policy in this article, outlining its main features, steps, and crucial factors.

What is Etihad Airways Name Change Policy?

People often make mistakes in their everyday lives. In the aviation industry, it is common for customers to make mistakes when making reservations on a daily basis. While many airlines claim to provide the best services for travelers, there are also some things that visitors should consider. It is important to be attentive throughout the entire process, especially when applying for a reservation.

The good news is that most mistakes can be fixed. Airlines have customer-friendly policies to assist visitors with name errors. Etihad Airways Name Correction policy is pleasant for customers who want to modify their name. However, the US Department of Transportation requires that the name on the ticket, passport, and other relevant documents must match.

Etihad Airways Name Correction Policy Guidelines

Etihad Name Correction allows flyers to make necessary changes to their booking. This policy gives passengers some freedom to make important changes to their PNR. Here are some different guidelines of  Etihad Airways Name change policy that are worth noting:

  • Visitors to Etihad can easily make small corrections to their name or last name without any hassle.
  • You can change your travel details by up to 3 characters without any additional charges. If you need to make more than 3 changes to a letter, you will have to pay some charges.
  • Additionally, Etihad also offers passengers the option to make corrections to their entire name, although this service may require payment of certain charges.
  • Just a reminder, visitors are not allowed to change the name on a ticket or transfer it to someone else. The company’s law strictly prohibits it.
  • If you have legally changed your name after getting married or divorced, you will need to provide a document as proof in order to update your information. It could be a document like a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or legal order.

How to change Name on Etihad Ticket?

Etihad customers need to complete another important step before they can request a name change. It is very important to know the correct and legitimate way to avoid unnecessary chaos and anxieties. To have a smooth Etihad Airways name correction policy, it’s important to read the concept carefully. Below is a comprehensive overview of the different scenarios involved.

Etihad Airways name change Online

The airline understands the importance and popularity of the internet, so they let passengers handle their bookings online. Here is a list of important steps:

  • Start by going to the official website
  • On the homepage, you will see the ‘Manage’ tab in the main menu. Please click on it.
  • To find your booking, enter the booking reference or ticket number along with the passenger’s last name. Then, click on the ‘Find My Booking’ button.
  • The next screen will show the customer a list of bookings. You can choose the correct name that you want to use.
  • To finish correcting the name, simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • The airline will send you a letter with your updated ticket information.

Etihad Airways Name Change At Airport

You can go to the airport ticket counter to make any necessary changes to your name. Make sure you have your ticket, passport, government-issued photo ID, and any other necessary documents with you to complete the procedure without any issues.

  • Allow ample time for the correction process. Aim to be at the airport well before your flight’s check-in closes.
  • Find the Etihad check in counter or a ticketing office.
  • Inform the staff that you need a Etihad name correction on your ticket and explain the misspelling.
  • Have your valid photo ID (passport) readily available. They might request additional documents depending on the correction.
  • Expect to pay a US $100 fee (or AU$150 if purchased in Australia) for the Etihad Airways name correction at the airport.

Etihad Name Correction Via Call

You can definitely try correcting a minor misspelling on your Etihad Airways ticket name via call! This might be a quicker and more convenient option compared to handling it at the airport. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Have your booking reference number and your passport ready.
  • Note the exact misspelling on your ticket.
  • Call Etihad’s Global Contact Centre at 1-800-Etihad-AIRLINE (0800 384 4237) or +1-844-838-4907.
  • Politely explain to the customer service representative that you need a name correction on your ticket. Clearly state the misspelling and provide your booking reference number.
  • The representative will likely ask for your passport details and might need to verify some information. Follow their instructions regarding any additional documentation they might require.
  • Be prepared for a possible Etihad name change fee.
  • Once the correction is processed, confirm the updated name on your ticket with the representative.

Etihad Name Change Fee

Etihad Airways may charge a fee for name corrections, depending on the specific circumstances and the fare type. As per Etihad airways name correction policy, fees vary and are typically assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Etihad name change fee depends on the severity of the change you need to make:

  • Minor misspelling correction (up to 3 characters): Free of charge. In this case, Etihad considers it a correction and not a change.
  • Name correction (other than minor misspelling) or name change: US $100 (or AU$150 if purchased in Australia). This applies to situations where the mistake is more than a few characters or if you need to change your name entirely (e.g., due to marriage).

What Type of Documents are required for Kuwait Airways Name Change?

For a name change with Etihad Airways, you typically need to provide official documentation to support the correction. Here are the types of documents commonly required:

Passport or National ID Card: This is the primary document used for identification during air travel. It should reflect the correct name that you want to appear on your flight ticket.

Marriage Certificate: In the event that the name change results from marriage, a copy of your marriage license will probably be required. This document ties your prior name to your new one and acts as official documentation of the name change.

Divorce Decree: In case of a name change due to divorce, a divorce decree may be required to validate the change. This document confirms the termination of the previous marital status and the restoration of the former name.

Court Order: If you want to change your name legally in any other way, including by a deed poll or court order, you might need to provide the actual court document approving the change. This guarantees the legal recognition of the name change.

Government-Issued Identity Documents: Additional government-issued documents, such as driver’s licenses or official identity cards, may be requested to further verify your identity and the authenticity of the name change.

For travel experiences to go smoothly, passenger information, including names, must be accurate. Travelers who find name problems on their airline tickets can refer to Etihad Airways Name Correction Policy for assistance. Through comprehension of the policy’s essential elements, adherence to the proper protocols, and proactive behavior, travelers can guarantee seamless journeys with Etihad Airways.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Is It Possible to Correct the Name on My Etihad Airways Ticket?

Sure. Customers are allowed to make necessary changes to the name on their PNR, but only for misspellings.

How Can the Name Be Corrected in Different Ways?

To modify your ticket, you have a few options. You can visit the official website of Etihad Airways, go to the airport in person, or call their customer care number.

What Happens if My Name is Changed After Getting Married?

To support your Etihad airways name change process with Etihad Airways, you can submit your marriage certificate.

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