Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy

Name Change

Are you concerned about the name being misspelled on your Emirates ticket? This guide will provide information on different situations in which Emirates passengers can change or correct their names. The Emirates Airlines name change policy allows travelers to change the name on their ticket.

Traveling with Emirates is always a great experience. Right now, it is the biggest airline in the United Arab Emirates. The airline was established in 1985 and currently operates more than 3600 flights per week to over 150 destinations worldwide.

Additionally, the airline based in the UAE has its headquarters located in Garhoud, Dubai. It is the biggest airline in the Middle East. Customers have the option to book flights in different classes such as Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class, among others.

About Emirates Name Correction Policy

Emirates, like other airlines, has a clear policy regarding name corrections on tickets. Sometimes, passengers make mistakes when entering their names in the reservation form. Even a small mistake can cause big trouble in the long run.

The air transportation authority requires that the name on your flight ticket matches the name on your government-issued document. Sometimes, visitors may accidentally enter their name incorrectly when they are in a rush.

Emirates has a name correction policy that allows people to change their names before their departure date. The airline may charge a penalty for the same action, but the amount may vary depending on different circumstances. Emirates has a requirement that visitors must request a name change before their departure time.

However, the airline allows visitors to change their name if it has been legally changed due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons. Emirates may also ask for the necessary documents as proof to support their legal claim.

Emirates Airlines Flight Change Policy offers flexibility for passengers to modify travel plans online or through traditional methods. While some changes are free, fees may apply in certain cases, emphasizing a hassle-free adjustment process for travelers.

Methods to Change/Correct the Name on Emirates Flight Tickets

If you noticed that the name on your Emirates ticket is incorrect, you’re probably wondering how to fix it. In this chapter, the air carrier provides suggestions on different ways to change or correct a misspelled name.

Online Method

Correcting incorrectly-written names is best done through online processes, which are widely recognized and preferred. The official website of the company is a widely used platform for achieving the same goal.

After you arrive at the homepage, use your login information to access your account and continue. To make modifications, simply follow the instructions on the screen before receiving the confirmation email. This email has the correct name details and other information for future reference.

Offline Method

Passengers have the option to make changes to their name using offline methods. Sometimes, people feel uneasy about web-oriented technologies and desire a more reliable alternative to replace them.

Offline procedures include several methods that are highly appreciated by passengers. To get the best assistance, it’s recommended to directly contact the airline officials by calling the Emirates service center number. You can quickly get help from experts who specialize in the same problem. When providing your name, please make sure to include accurate information and provide any necessary legal documentation as evidence.

If you want, you can also go to the nearest airport ticket counter or kiosk. Passengers can directly receive the necessary services from airport officials. This method is very trustworthy because any changes are made right in front of the passengers.

What is the Fee for Name Correction on Emirates Airlines?

The airline charges a name correction fee of US$30 in countries such as the UK, Brazil, and India. To meet the requirement, you need to buy the ticket either from the website or the contact center.

In the United Kingdom, passengers will be charged GBP10 if they make their reservation through the Emirates website, ticket office, or center. If the booking was made by a travel agent, there is a fee of GBP20.

If you are leaving and returning to Brazil, you won’t have to pay anything. India is similar in this regard.


Can I correct the name on my Emirates ticket, and what’s the policy?

Emirates allows name corrections before departure, with potential fees. Legal name changes are accepted with supporting documents.

How can I change my name on Emirates tickets, and are there offline options?

Use the online method on the official website or contact Emirates service by phone. In-person assistance is available at the airport counter.

Is there a fee for correcting a name on Emirates, and how much does it cost?

Emirates charges a US$30 fee in certain countries. In the UK, it’s GBP10 (Emirates booking) or GBP20 (travel agent). No fees apply in Brazil and India.

Passengers must request changes before departure, and legal name changes require supporting documents. Be aware of these requirements before proceeding.

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