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Do you need help correcting a mistake in the name on your ticket for Condor Airlines? The Condor name change/correction policy allows you to make changes to passenger names and details on tickets that you have already booked. Condor created this policy to help passengers with issues related to errors or updates in their ticket names. The airline wants to make it simple for customers to change their names, but there are specific rules about when you can do it, how much it costs, and what changes you can make.

You can fix mistakes in passenger information on tickets and related documents if you follow Condor’s name correction policy rules. This will help you feel calm and reassured if a mistake happens while making a reservation.

About Condor Airlines

Condor Airlines is a German leisure carrier that has been in operation since 1955. It is based in Frankfurt. Condor used to be a part of Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH, but now it is its own airline. It is currently a subsidiary of the Thomas Cook Group.

Condor offers affordable travel options for people all around the world, with flights to more than 80 destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. The airline has two options for travellers: economy class and business class. They provide different services and amenities to cater to different types of leisure travellers.

In addition to flights, Condor also helps with renting cars, getting travel insurance, booking hotels, and other things that make planning a vacation easier. People who travel often can earn rewards such as flight miles through the airline’s loyalty program called Miles & More.

Condor Airlines has been operating for over 60 years and is well-known for providing leisure air travel. They have received industry recognition, such as being named the “Best Leisure Airline” at the 2018 and 2019 World Travel Awards. Condor offers flexible and affordable vacation experiences for travellers, whether they want to go away for a weekend or a longer holiday.

Common Scenarios in Which to Req. Name Change on Flight Ticket

Passengers may come across different situations when they need to change the names on their airline tickets. Although this list is not complete, some possible choices are:

  • When making changes to the booking, please provide the last name that the person is currently using, which is their married name, instead of their maiden name.
  • If you made a reservation using only your first name, you can add additional names to it. You can change the name on the ticket in these situations.
  • Fixing any discrepancies between the first and last names that are listed on the ticket.
  • Please check the ticket thoroughly for any other instances where the last name or first initial might need to be changed.
  • You must also aware about Condor Airlines Flight Change Policy

Note: If you need to change your name by more than three letters for a domestic ticket, you can make a unique request in the PNR. These are some common reasons why people change their names. But every situation is different, so when you change your airline reservations, make sure you check with the company about your specific name change needs.

Methods to Change Name on Condor Flight Tickets

Condor Airways gives travellers a number of easy ways to change the name on their trip tickets. People who want to change or fix their name with the company can do so in any way that works best for them.

Online Method

From the comfort of your own home is the easiest and most relaxing way to change your flight tickets. Online changing is by far the easiest and best way to do it, and we’ve made the process easier by giving you clear steps:

  • On the Condor Airlines website, pick your country and language. Then, hit “Save” to make sure your choices are saved.
  • Click “My Booking” on the home page to see information about your ticket.
  • Type in your last name and the number assigned to your reservation, then click “Go” to get information about your booking.
  • Your screen will show you all the information about your flight, such as seats, meals, times, and the names of everyone on board. To make changes, click on any area you want to change.
  • If the price of your new flight is different from the price of your old flight, you must pay the airline directly to make the changes.

To make sure the changes go through, Condor Airlines will call you at the number or email address you gave after they receive your payment and confirm that the changes were made.

Changing ticket information online is easy and lets you do it from the comfort of your own home. If you follow these steps, it will be easier to change the information about your Condor Airlines trip reservation.

Offline Method

In tough times, asking customer service to change your flight tickets might be the smartest thing to do. Call the number for Condor Airlines’ customer service help line.

  • You will need to talk to a customer service rep who can see your booking in order to make any changes to your current ticket.
  • Give the person your full legal name and the number on your ticket or confirmation email so they can look up your booking information.
  • Tell the agent exactly what changes you need to make to your flight ticket and give them all the information they need.
  • The agent will make sure you are allowed to make the changes you want and can help you make any changes that are needed. The person will tell you how to pay any change fees.
  • Once all the changes have been made to your ticket, you will get a confirmation email at the address you used to book the trip.

At Airport

Condor Airlines is grateful that you took the time to give us feedback and ideas. If none of the above choices work for you, the airline wants you to come to the airport ticket counter to talk about changing your reservation. Their hardworking staff is happy to walk you through Condor’s simple change policy:

  • Ask to talk to a supervisor about your ticket when you get to the check-in desk.
  • Tell the boss what’s going on and what changes you want to make to your flight.
  • They will look over your reservation and let you know if you can make changes according to our rules.
  • After that, you’ll need to buy a new ticket for your new plans.
  • Don’t worry—you’ll be told when all the changes have been made. We are excited to help you change your flying plans.

Condor Airlines Name Change Fees

Condor Airlines gives low-cost service fees to people who fly with them often. Customers can change their names on a ticket for free for a short time only. Passengers have to pay service fees to change or correct their names outside of this promotional time. The exact fee amount varies on things like the type of ticket, where it’s going, the type of travel, and when the change is made.


Can I change my Condor Airlines ticket name after booking?

Yes, Condor allows name changes under its policy.

When might I need to change my ticket name?

Common scenarios include using a married name, adding names, or correcting discrepancies.

How do I change my name online?

Visit the Condor website, go to “My Booking,” enter details, make changes, and pay fees.

Are there fees for name changes?

Free during promotional periods; fees apply based on ticket type and timing.

What if I can’t make changes online?

Contact customer service or visit the airport ticket counter for assistance.

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