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For a child, flying alone may be exciting, but for parents, it can be unsettling. With JetBlue’s unaccompanied minor policy, your child will be accompanied by trustworthy staff members who will provide assistance and guidance at every turn. 

Children aged 5 to 14 can fly independently. Let’s examine in depth how you can book their travel, leave them off, and collect them up, as well as the general guidelines you should be aware of prior to booking for your child, as well as other pertinent information. 

About JetBlue Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

JetBlue has a policy for unaccompanied minors. This means they have a special service for kids who are traveling alone and are between 5 and 14 years old. Other important information includes: 

  • If a child is 14 years old and travels alone, they are considered an adult and not an unaccompanied minor. Parents or guardians may ask for extra help for their child who is traveling alone in these situations.
  • JetBlue limits the number of kids traveling alone on each flight to three to make sure they have a safe and easy trip.
  • You can use to book travel for kids who are traveling alone. When you book your flight, there will be an additional fee of $150 per person for each way. This fee will be added to the total airfare automatically.
  • JetBlue does not allow minors to travel on flights to and from London.

Unaccompanied Minor Rules

  • You need three copies of the JetBlue form for minors traveling with consent. 
  • The contact details of the parents or guardians should be written down on the reservation for an unaccompanied minor. 
  • The parent or guardian must stay at the boarding area until the minor has boarded the plane and the plane has taken off. If there is a change in the schedule or a delay, the parent or guardian should stay at the gate until the flight leaves.  
  • If the plane has to come back to the gate, the airline ground staff will tell the parent or guardian to come and meet the child. 
  • At the airport ticket counter, parents or guardians need to get a boarding pass.
  • JetBlue requires parents or guardians picking up unaccompanied minors to arrive at the airport 30 minutes before the scheduled flight arrival time. 
  • If a child is traveling alone, the airline needs to have the contact information of their parents or guardian on the reservation.

JetBlue Minor Travel Guidelines for Codeshare Flights

These are the guidelines for unaccompanied minors traveling on connecting flights and with codeshare/interline partners. 

  • If you’re a minor traveling alone, JetBlue won’t let you fly on flights that are shared with other airlines.
  • Children who are traveling alone are only allowed to take nonstop flights. You cannot take connecting flights.
  • If your child is flying alone on a non-JetBlue flight, JetBlue won’t provide an escort for them.
  • If an unaccompanied minor is traveling from JetBlue to another airline, the responsibility falls on the passengers.

For International Travel

The airline doesn’t have any programs for minors on flights to and from London. Each country has its own set of additional documents that are needed when a child is flying alone. One of these documents is a certified letter that confirms the child’s permission to travel alone. Passengers must understand the requirements and have the necessary papers when they travel.

Flying with Adult Passenger

If a child is between 2 and 13 years old and is traveling with someone who is 14 years or older, they are not considered an unaccompanied minor according to JetBlue’s policy. Also – 

  • To avoid paying the unaccompanied minor fee, passengers should call the airline and combine the reservation if their child will be flying with someone on a different booking.  
  • You need to give the six-letter booking reference for the person who is traveling with you. Before contacting JetBlue for help with your booking, please make sure you have this information readily available.

Jetblue Id Requirements for Adopting Unaccompanied Minor Service

The JetBlue form for single minors will be on the airline’s website or you can click here to get it. It has to be filled 3 hours before the plane is supposed to leave. On top of that – 

  • You need to make three copies of the JetBlue minor consent form and bring them with you to the airport when you fly. You have to put in the person’s name exactly as it appears on their picture ID or visa. This is the person who will be checking in the child and meeting them at the airport. 

JetBlue needs a valid ID from children when they are dropped off. You must have the following documents: 

  • Parents or guardians who drop off and pick up a child who is not with them must show a picture ID. JetBlue would end the trip for minors without a picture ID. 
  • The person who picks up the child must be at least 18 years old. JetBlue’s policy for unaccompanied minors says that they must be named on a form and have a valid picture ID. 
  • When deciding who gets a gate or protection pass, the TSA looks at security suggestions and its own judgment. You need to check the JetBlue ticket desk at the airport to see if there are any seats left.

Age Restrictions for Unaccompanied Minors

According to JetBlue’s rules for unaccompanied children, there are age limits for them when they fly. 

JetBlue’s program for kids 4 and under who want to ride alone is not offered. A child must be with a person who is at least 18 years old in order to travel. 

Children between the ages of 5 and 7 – The service for children traveling alone is only offered on planes that don’t stop. On top of that – 

  • We need the contact information for the gate escort and the parents or guardians.
  • You cannot travel between 9 pm and 5 am. 

If your child is between 8 and 14 years old, they will need to use the unaccompanied minors service. Also – 

  • Gate escort and parent/guardian contact information are necessary. 
  • Travel is prohibited from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. 
  • Travel is only allowed on nonstop flights. 
  • Unless there are no other flights available, no connections to the final flight of the day, or travel layovers of more than two hours permitted. 

Children from 15 to 17 must complete the unaccompanied minors service. Additionally – 

  • It may not be necessary to provide the gate escort and guardian/parent contact information.
  • Until parents or guardians decide to sign up for JetBlue’s program for children traveling alone, passengers may fly alone.
  • Unless there are no other flights available, no connections to the final flight of the day, or travel layovers of more than two hours permitted. 

How to Avail of Unaccompanied Minor Service?

The unaccompanied minor trip can be scheduled online or by calling the airline’s customer service line. 

Online – You can choose to book your child’s flight through and register for the airline’s unaccompanied minor travel program. The unaccompanied minor form must be completed by you. At the checkout page, pay the JetBlue unaccompanied minor charge. 

Phone – Tell JetBlue or your travel company that your youngster is traveling alone by calling them. The unique services and procedures that must be followed when a child travels alone will be explained to you. Do not forget to inform the airline if your child is suffering from a medical ailment. 

At the Airport – Depending on availability, you can sign up for JetBlue unaccompanied minor travel up to 2 hours and 3 hours before the planned departure. The JetBlue Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Form would be required of you. In addition to waiting at the airport until the flight takes off, parents and guardians must accompany the kid to the security and boarding areas.

JetBlue Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee

A cost of $150 per person, each way, will be automatically added to the total price at the time of booking for unaccompanied child travel, in accordance with JetBlue’s minor policy. The specifics of how the unaccompanied minor charge would be applied to the various age groups are provided below: 

JetBlue unaccompanied minor ageTravel permitted on non-stop/direct/connecting flightUnaccompanied minor fee (in USD)
4 years and youngerNot permitted to travel aloneNot applicable
5 to 7 yearsnon-stop/direct flights150 each way
8 to 14 yearsnon-stop as well as connecting flight150 each way
15 to 17 yearsnon-stop as well as connecting flightoptional

Please be aware that there is still a cost for flights inside the United States for unaccompanied minors. 

On airplanes, it’s common for kids to fly alone. Unfortunately, most parents are unable to adequately prepare their children for such outings. We lay out what has to be done for your child to fly with JetBlue Airlines’ unaccompanied minor program safely and securely. 

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