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Are you trying to find a way to book flights to and from Brazil? Is waiting in line for a long time bothersome? No need to worry; the Latam Reservations official website is designed with user-friendly features. Latam Airlines provides affordable flights with excellent onboard amenities. Latam Airlines is a group of airlines that operates in South America. It has its headquarters in Santiago, Brazil, Sao Paulo, and Chile. It is a member of the Oneworld Alliance and is the top airline among other American Airlines. The company has 172 airplanes and flies nearly 800 flights every day. It provides flights within Brazil and to other countries in Latin America.

Methods to Book Latam Airlines Flights

You have two options for making Latam Airlines reservations for your next flight: online or offline. You can select any method that works best for you based on what you like.

Through Website

  • To start, go to the official website to make reservations for Latam Airlines.
  • Next, provide the location you will be leaving from and the location you will be going to.
  • Please select the airports for both the city you will be departing from and the city you will be arriving at.
  • Please provide the dates you would like to travel.
  • Please provide the number of passengers and infants.
  • If children are traveling by themselves, please let us know in the details section. Choose the fare for your preferred travel class.
  • Use any promotional codes that you have during the application process.
  • Next, simply click on the search button, and you will see a list of all the flights that are currently available.
  • Select the flight that fits your budget and make the payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation message either through email or on the phone number you provided during registration.

Through Customer Care

  • Go to the official website of Latam Airlines.
  • Please contact the provided phone number for Latam Airlines Reservations.
  • The person who works for the airline will pick up the phone and talk to you.
  • Please let me know your preferred flight and destination.
  • They will provide a detailed description of the offers and assist you in making a booking.
  • You need to make the payment before anything else can be done.
  • Your flight reservation is finished.

About Latam Airlines Manage My Booking

If you need to make changes to the flight that you booked with Latam Airlines, the easiest way to do it is by visiting the Latam Airlines Manage Booking page. You can make changes to your ticket without having to cancel it by using this option.

  • You can easily make changes to your seats, such as upgrading your seat.
  • You have the option to include special meals for your flight.
  • You have the option to include extra baggage.
  • Please update the name and date of your flight.
  • If you want to cancel your flight or make changes to your stopover details, please let us know.

So, if you visit the Latam Airlines manage booking tab, you can benefit from different things.

Steps to Use Latam Airlines Manage My Booking

  • To get started, open a web browser of your choice and go to the official website of Latam Airlines.
  • Now, click on the option called “My Trips.”
  • Please provide the confirmation number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Please click on the “find my trips” button.
  • Please select the flight you would like to manage and indicate the changes you would like to make to your flight.
  • Please provide the necessary information and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Please select a method of payment and make the necessary payment if it is required.

It is easy to add or change your booking with Latam Airlines. Just remember, you can only make changes to your flight within 24 hours before it is scheduled to depart. If it is necessary, you should contact the official Latam Reservations phone number. The airline agents will be glad to help you in the best ways they can.

Latam Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

  • Carry-on Allowance
  • Checked Baggage Allowance

Carry-On Allowance

  • On Latam Airlines Flights, you are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item with you.
  • In Economy class, the bag cannot weigh more than 8 kg. In Premium Economy and Business Class, the bag cannot weigh more than 16 kg.
  • When traveling within Brazil, you can bring a carry-on bag with a weight limit of 10 kg and a maximum size of 55X35X25 cm.
  • If any of the limits for what you can bring with you is more than what your bag can hold, it will be considered part of your checked baggage. This means you might have to pay extra for it.

Checked Baggage Allowance

  • Your checked luggage for your Latam reservations can’t weigh more than 23 kg.
  • The longest side can’t be longer than 158 linear cm.
  • How many bags you can check will depend on the type of ticket you have and where you are going.
  • Check the information on your ticket about how much stuff you can bring.

Depending on whether the bag is too big or too heavy and the ticket’s baggage limit, the person will be charged extra for any bags that are too big or too heavy.

Latam Airlines Check-In Policy

  • Online Check-In
  • Airport Check-In

Online Check-In

  • Latam Airlines Check-in can be done online through the website or the mobile app.
  • You can check in between 24 hours and 2 hours before your flight is supposed to leave.
  • You can’t check in online if you need special help or if you’re a child traveling alone.
  • You can’t check in online if you’re taking a pet with you.
  • If you are going with more than one child or a baby, you must check in at the airport.
  • Check-in for foreign flights from Brazil and Paraguay can be done online between 72 hours and 2 hours before the flight is due to leave.
  • If your flight is within the United States, you can check in up to 45 minutes before the flight is set to leave.

Airport Check-In

  • If you are taking a local trip, you have to check in at the airport at least 80–90 minutes before the flight leaves.
  • If the flight is going somewhere outside of the country, you have to check in two to three hours before the trip.
  • If you want to go to or from Manaus, you have to check in 1–2 hours before your flight is supposed to leave.
  • If you have a flight to Easter Island, you will need to get there about two to three hours before the flight leaves.


How can I book flights with Latam Airlines?

You can book flights through the Latam Airlines official website. Enter departure and destination, select airports, travel dates, passengers, and fares. Alternatively, contact customer care for assistance.

What services does Latam Airlines offer?

Latam Airlines provides affordable flights with excellent amenities. It’s a group of airlines operating in South America, headquartered in Santiago, Brazil, Sao Paulo, and Chile. With Oneworld Alliance membership, it operates 800 flights daily.

Can I manage my Latam Airlines booking?

Yes, use the Latam Airlines Manage Reservation page to make changes without canceling. Modify seats, add meals, extra baggage, update flight details, and manage stopovers.

How do I use Latam Airlines Manage My Booking?

Visit the Latam Airlines official website, click “My Trips,” provide a confirmation number and last name, select the flight, make changes, provide information, proceed to payment if needed, and receive confirmation.

What’s the baggage allowance with Latam Airlines?

For carry-on, one bag and one personal item are allowed. Economy class: 8 kg, Premium Economy/Business Class: 16 kg. Checked luggage: 23 kg max, longest side 158 cm. The allowance depends on ticket type and destination.

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