Allegiant Air Manage My Booking

Manage Booking

Allegiant Air Manage My Booking

Having efficient booking management can make all the difference between a stress-free and enjoyable flight in the hectic world of air travel. Allegiant Air provides a user-friendly platform so that clients may simply make adjustments to their reservations because they recognize the value of efficient booking administration. We’ll examine the features of Allegiant Air manage booking system in this article, as well as how it functions and how it may help customers like you.

What are Allegiant Air Manage Booking Guidelines?

Allegiant Airline manage booking system is a convenient tool that allows passengers to modify their existing reservations with ease. Whether you need to change your flight dates, update passenger information, or add extra services to your booking, the Allegiant airlines manage booking portal puts control in your hands.

Allegiant Air Manage Booking has some specific guidelines to keep in mind when making changes or updates to your flight reservation. Here are some key points:

  • Allegiant provides affordable flights, but in exchange, there is less flexibility. The majority of modifications made through Manage Booking are subject to a fee; ordinary revisions can cost up to $75 per person (per way).
  • There are restrictions on when you can make changes. Generally, you cannot make changes within 7 days of your departure date.
  • Allegiant offers a 24-hour grace period after booking for a full refund with no fees.
  • Consider purchasing Trip Flex at the time of booking if you would like greater flexibility with your itinerary. Although there is typically an upfront fee associated with this option, it permits you to modify or cancel your reservation up to one hour prior to departure without incurring the customary change fees.
  • Not all changes can be made online through Manage Booking. If your modifications are significant, you might need to contact Allegiant customer service directly.

How to use Allegiant Air Manage Booking?

Using Allegiant Airlines manage booking system is simple and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

  • Visit the Allegiant Air website and navigate to the Allegiant manage my booking section. Enter your booking details, such as your confirmation number and last name, to retrieve your reservation.
  • Once you’ve accessed your booking, you’ll see a range of options available for modification. Choose the action you wish to take, whether it’s changing your flight dates, updating passenger information, or adding extra services.
  • The Allegiant air manage booking portal will guide you through the process step by step, prompting you to enter any necessary information and confirming your changes before finalizing the transaction.
  • Before completing your modifications, take a moment to review the details of your booking to ensure everything is correct. Once you’re satisfied, confirm your changes to update your reservation accordingly.
  • After successfully modifying your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing the updated details of your reservation. Keep this email for your records, as it serves as proof of your changes.

What are the Benefits of using Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking?

Allegiant Air Manage Booking offers several benefits for travelers who want more control over their existing flight reservations. Here are some of the key advantages:

Flight Modifications

Life can be unpredictable, and plans may need to change at the last minute. With Allegiant Airline manage booking feature, you can easily modify your flight dates, times, or even destinations, subject to fare rules and availability.

Passenger Information Updates

Have you recently changed your name, or need to correct a misspelling on your ticket? No problem. Allegiant Air allows you to update passenger information directly through the manage booking portal, ensuring that your travel documents are accurate and up to date.


No need to call customer service or visit a ticketing counter – Allegiant Air manage booking feature puts control in your hands, allowing you to make changes to your reservation at your convenience.

Add-On Services

From baggage allowances to priority boarding and in-flight amenities, Allegiant Air offers a range of add-on services to enhance your travel experience. With the manage booking feature, you can easily add these services to your reservation with just a few clicks.

Cancellations and Refunds 

While nobody likes to cancel their travel plans, Allegiant Air understands that sometimes it’s unavoidable. Through the managed booking portal, you can initiate cancellations and request refunds for eligible bookings, subject to the airline’s refund policy.


With just a few clicks, you can modify your booking without the hassle of navigating through complicated processes or waiting on hold to speak with a representative.

Seat Selection

Want to secure your favorite seat or upgrade to a more comfortable option? Allegiant Air manage booking system lets you view available seats and select the one that best suits your preferences.

Allegiant Air Manage Booking Fee

However, the key thing to remember is that actions you take within Allegiant Manage my Booking often incur separate fees:

Change Fees

Allegiant is known for lower fares, but changes are typically expensive.  Using Manage Booking to modify your flight (date, time, destination) will likely result in a change fee, often up to $75 per person (each way).

Seat Selection

Choosing your preferred seat usually comes with an extra cost, especially for desirable options like window seats, extra legroom, or sitting together with travel companions.

Adding Extras

Allegiant is a budget airline, so many things are considered “extras” that require additional fees. This could include checked bags, carry-on luggage, priority boarding, or in-flight meals. Manage Booking allows you to add these to your reservation, but expect to pay extra for each one.

For travelers wishing to streamline their trip, Allegiant Air manage booking systems are an invaluable resource. It has never been simpler to manage your Allegiant Air reservations thanks to its extensive feature set and intuitive UI. Allegiant Air gives you the power to make changes to your reservation, such as changing the dates of your flight, adding additional services, or updating passenger information. This gives you the assurance and peace of mind to travel.

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