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Would you like to modify a recent or past booking you made with Air New Zealand? You can easily modify your Air New Zealand booking within 24 hours of your scheduled flight departure using the manage booking feature. To manage your booking with Air New Zealand online, follow these steps:

  • To start, open your web browser and visit the Air New Zealand website.
  • Click on the “NZ Manage Booking” section located at the top.
  • You can enter the booking number and last name in the field provided.
  • Next, click on the “Continue” tab.
  • You can change your booking to fit your needs. Just follow the instructions on the screen to manage your booking.

Benefits of Air New Zealand Manage Booking

There are several benefits to the Manage Booking Service. You can do several things with this service. Let’s check below:

1: Correction or Change in Flight Ticket Name

In case your name is incorrect on your Air New Zealand Flight Ticket, you can use the Manage Booking option to correct the name on the ticket.

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2: Seat Selection According to Your Desire

You can select your dream seat through Manage Booking.

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3. Book or Add Your Baggage.

Baggage is necessary while traveling. With Manage Booking, you can easily add your bag to your ticket.

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4: You Can Make Your Pet’s Reservation Through Manage Booking.

Oh yes! You want to travel with your favorite pet, so with the use of Manage Booking, you can easily add your pet and buy tickets for your pet.

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5: In Case You Want to Make a Flight Change, This Service is Also Available on Manage Booking.

Sometimes plans change, but you’ve already booked a ticket, so with Manage Booking, you can change the date of your flight.

6: In an Emergency, if You Want to Cancel a Flight, Do the Same With Manage Booking.

Sometimes plans change, but you’ve already booked a ticket, so with Manage Booking, you can change the date of your flight.

7: Do Check-In

Check-in is necessary at every airport. Air New Zealand has a service called Manage Booking, where you can easily do the check-in process.

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8: Avail of the Minor Service

You can avail of minor services from the Manage My Booking options

9: Check Flight Status

You can check your flight status in Manage Booking.

10: Apply for a Refund.

In case you want to request a refund for your flight cancellation or delay, you can easily apply for a refund.


Can the Name on My Air New Zealand Ticket Be Changed?

Yes, you can always change the name to match the real-time length of the flight. However, the airline usually charges a $50 management fee to do this. If your name is spelled wrong, you can change it for free by going to the Air New Zealand name change tab and following the rules and policies.

What Happens if Air New Zealand Cancels My Ticket?

There have been times when Air NZ trips were canceled, which put a lot of people in need of financial help. But there are mostly only two reasons why your flight might be canceled. Let’s look at them to see what they’re about.

  • If you need to cancel a flight, you need to do it within 168 hours for standard fare rules to apply. Tickets for flights in business class can be canceled even before the flight leaves.
  • When an airline cancels a flight, you will get a return for the part of the ticket that you didn’t use. Or, the company could let you change your plans for free.
  • You can cancel both online and in person. Aside from this, if Air New Zealand Flight Cancellations are made by the airline, customer promise rules mean that the airline will start a return. But the most important rule is that when a flight is delayed, every customer gets a refund in some way.

How Much Does It Cost to Change to an Air New Zealand Flight?

If you want to change an Air New Zealand trip through the call center, you might have to pay an extra $30 each way. All kinds of tickets are charged the same amount. It costs $150 to change a flight for an adult or a child, but it’s free to change a flight for a baby. If you want to switch to business first class, you don’t have to pay a fee to change your trip.

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