Air France Manage My Booking

Manage Booking

Air France Manage My Booking

To manage your reservation, simply go to the Air France Manage Booking section. You can use this page to check the latest prices and make updates to your schedule and itinerary. You can easily change or cancel your flight without having to leave the website.

What changes can Air France Manage Booking make?

Below are the modifications you can make using the manage booking feature.

  • Flight Date.
  • Flight Time.
  • Flight Itinerary.
  • Flight Status.
  • Travel Class.
  • Passenger Details.
  • Rescheduling and Cancellation.
  • Baggage On-Board Service.
  • Advance Check-In.
  • Other Services.

How to Use Air France Manage Booking to Make a Change to Your Reservation Online?

To make changes to your reservation, please follow the steps below:

  • Please go to the Air France website and enter the required details, such as your booking reference and last name.
  • To find your booking, please enter the booking reference and the passenger’s last name in the required field.
  • Please select the specific flight segment that you would like to modify.
  • You have the option to make any necessary changes, like adjusting the flight date or time.
  • Please make sure to pay the necessary fee at the checkout counter.

How to Cancel Flights on Air France?

You can cancel your flight by calling the airline or by taking these steps on the Air France Manage flight tab:

  • On the page, click the “My Bookings” tab.
  • Give your ticket information when asked.
  • To look for your trip, click “Search.”
  • Then click the “look for” button.

How do I change my name on a plane ticket for Air France?

You can change your name by calling the airline or accessing the airline’s managed booking area. Passengers can submit a request to change their name. There may be a change fee and a difference in fare. To change your name with Air France online, just follow these steps:

  • To access your booking on, go to the ‘My Booking’ section.
  • Please enter the PNR (reservation code) and the passenger’s last name in the designated field.
  • Please select the correct name of the passenger from the provided list.
  • To enter the correct passenger’s name, click on the “Correct passenger’s name” tab and fill in the requested information with the proper name.
  • You must know about Air France Name Change Policy.
  • Once you have completed the payment process, the airline will send you a confirmation email with the corrected name of the passenger.

How can I upgrade to a higher class of service on Air France?

It is easy to apply for an upgrade on Air France’s website. To access the Air France manage reservation tab, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Air France website and click on the ‘My Bookings’ section.
  • Please provide your last name and booking reference.
  • Afterward, simply click on the search button to view your reservation.
  • Next, choose one flight from the list to ask for an upgrade.
  • Finally, choose the Air France upgrade option and decide whether you want to pay with a credit card or use your miles.
  • Before any seat changes, read out Air France Seat Selection policy to avoid any damage.

How to Claim Compensation through Manage Booking?

Once you request a refund, it will take approximately 7 to 10 business days for the processing to begin in your bank account. Typically, Air France will refund you using the same payment method you used for your reservation. However, if you paid in cash, they will contact you to ask how you would like to receive your refund.

You can use the “manage booking” tab on Air France’s website to request a refund or compensation. Just follow the steps below.

  • You can go to Air France’s official website by visiting
  • Choose the option “My booking” from the menu.
  • Please provide the passenger’s name and booking reference number for the refund.
  • Please choose the flight for which you would like a refund.
  • Select the option “Request refund” from the menu.
  • Once you have finished filling out the “Refund form,” simply click on the “Submit” button.
  • We will send an email to your registered email address to confirm when the Air France refund process is finished.
  • Air France will send the reimbursement within the next 7 to 10 business days.


In conclusion, obtaining a refund from Air France is a straightforward process. You can initiate it by visiting their official website at and following a few simple steps. Provide your booking details, select the specific flight for the refund, complete the refund form, and submit it. Afterward, you’ll receive confirmation via email, and Air France will process the reimbursement within 7 to 10 business days. This streamlined procedure ensures a hassle-free experience for passengers seeking refunds.

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