Southwest Airline Flight Delay Policy

Flight Delay

Southwest Airline Flight Delay Policy

Sometimes, your airline might cancel or delay your flight. If something like this happens, try not to worry. Each airline has established rules regarding compensation for passengers. When you travel with Southwest, you can enjoy a similar advantage. Southwest offers compensation for flight delays. Passengers can choose to either rebook their flight or take advantage of other helpful services.

What should I do if there is a delay with Southwest Airlines?

It might be okay to wait a few minutes. If the duration is at least 45 minutes, you can reach out to this airline. To get quick help and make compensation requests, it’s best to go to the airport.

How to Get Southwest Delayed Flight Compensation?

Southwest Airlines offers compensation to their flyers if their flights are canceled due to significant delays. You can claim it either online or offline. Most customers of this airline prefer using the online method because it is faster.

If you need help with Southwest compensation for delayed flights, you can also follow offline procedures.

Method 1: Using the Website

In the United States, airlines are not obligated to provide flight compensation to customers if their flights are delayed or canceled. When a flight is completely full and passengers are denied entry against their will, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has established specific rules that airlines must adhere to.

Once you have determined if you are eligible for compensation, you can easily claim it online using the airline’s website. When seeking compensation for a delayed Southwest flight, follow these steps:

  • To visit the official webpage of this carrier, go to ““.
  • You can choose the “Manage My Reservation” option. Choose it.
  • To request a return flight, you need to fill out a form or follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • The website may ask for details like the flight number and passenger’s name. Please provide as much information as you can.
  • After you submit your claim for compensation, you should wait for a response from the airline.
  • Additionally, remember to inform your credit card company about your intention to request a refund within the specified time period.
  • To request compensation for a flight delay with Southwest Airlines, you need to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • To keep a copy for yourself, make photocopies of the claim form and any supporting documents.
  • Please make sure to submit the signed copy, along with any necessary supporting paperwork, within the specified time frame.

Please wait for a call from the airline’s representative. If someone asks you questions about your booking, please give them the information they need. This will assist the individual in progressing with the payment processing.

Method 2: From the Southwest Airlines App

If your flight is delayed or redirected, Southwest Airlines will help you book the next available flight. Alternatively, you have the option to receive a refund for the portion of your ticket that you did not use. The representatives can help you find accommodations for free, but only in specific situations. Southwest will provide overnight accommodation at a nearby hotel and transportation if there is a delay.

You can see if you qualify for the above by using the airline’s app. After that, you can follow these steps:

  • Launch the app.
  • Click on “Look up Reservation”

To access your transaction details, simply log into your Rapid Rewards page and use your points.

  • Just go to your reservation.
  • Please provide your name and flight reference number.
  • Check if there are any amounts that have been refunded.
  • If you see that your name is wrong on the ticket, you can have it corrected. Once the Southwest name change on the ticket is successful,
  • you can proceed to the next step.
  • Choose the appropriate refund option. The refund will be applied to the credit card you used to buy your ticket.

Method 3: Through Customer Service

When airlines delay flights, they may compensate passengers for their future trips. To get compensation for a delayed Southwest flight, you can contact the customer assistance department of this US airline.

Here, a representative will ask about why you are applying. We will determine if this cause aligns with Southwest Airlines’ policy on compensating for delayed flights. Next, they will confirm the reimbursement claim. After the process is finished, flyers will receive information about the amount they were paid or any other benefits they were granted.

This option will be helpful when you have related questions as well. Parents or guardians can receive assistance when a flight for an unaccompanied minor is delayed.

Method 4: Through Social Media

Can you please help me find the social media handle of this airline? Please create a post that mentions your concern. Please provide detailed information when adding any piece of information. Please include the official handle of Southwest. Now, you can wait for the carrier’s response to help you during a flight delay.

Method 5: By Mail

If your flight is delayed, you can contact the airline for assistance by sending them a message. You will need enough time to use this method because the response may take a while.

  • Please visit the “Contact Us” page.
  • Please search for the option that says “Email Us”.
  • Next, simply tap on the option that says “Send us an Email”.
  • Clicking on this link will take you directly to the page where you can send an email to Southwest.

Southwest Pet Policy

Passengers can bring small domestic dogs and cats with them in the cabin during their flight. Southwest Airlines has a pet policy that requires dogs and cats to have up-to-date vaccinations. Pets must be kept in an approved carrier under the passenger’s seat, according to the standards. Pets are not allowed to travel in the cabin of international flights.

What Can You Receive as Flight Delay Compensation on Southwest?

If your Southwest flight is delayed for at least 1 hour, you can ask for compensation. Basically, if their trips are delayed by 1 hour, they have the right to make a claim. They will get paid a fair amount depending on how long the delay is:

  • I need to change my Southwest flight to a different one.
  • You have a travel coupon worth $100 that you can use for a future reservation.
  • Your airline ticket refund has been delayed.

If Southwest Airlines does not provide flyers with the next flight within 2 hours, the following can be expected:

  • The travel voucher given to the flyers would increase to $300.
  • LUV vouchers are given in specific situations.
  • If customers experience flight delays with Southwest Airlines and need compensation, they will be placed in the “Priority Standby” category.
  • The next flight arrives more than two hours later than originally scheduled. The price of the travel coupon will increase to $1350, in addition to the cost of the previous ticket.

As part of the Southwest delay compensation policy, you will have the option to choose alternative non-stop services. You have the option to approve or choose one within 14 days from your first departure date. Alternatively, you have the option to reschedule your trip without incurring any additional charges. To request a refund, simply choose the same form of payment you used when booking your ticket.

LUV Vouchers as Southwest Delay Compensation

A single LUV voucher includes $75. You might have received it at your registered email address. It can take anywhere from 0 to 14 days to receive the credit. This voucher can be used by any passenger who has had a flight delay.

The eligibility criteria for LUV vouchers are as follows:

If a traveler’s Southwest flight is delayed, they can get a 1 LUV voucher. If you made a booking using the Companion Pass and Rapid Rewards, you are also eligible.

How to Use LUV Vouchers on Southwest?

Once you have received the Southwest flight delay compensation, you can use it to make ticket reservations. No matter what name is on the voucher, any passenger can use it.

  • You can apply a maximum of 2 vouchers to a booking at the same time.
  • When you are booking a flight online, you will reach the payment section.
  • You will find the tab called “Southwest LUV Voucher” here.
  • Please navigate to the email where you received this document.
  • From that, take down the following:
    • Voucher Number
    • Security Code

Now, the document should be applied. You can go ahead and make the last payment.

Get Coverage via Travel Insurance

You can find policies that can ensure coverage against delays on Southwest. Especially for business professionals, doing so is recommended since delays can cause them losses. While they opt for Southwest delayed flight compensation, the insurance coverage will further help to make up for these losses.

Invest in a policy that covers:

  • Flight delays can be frustrating and inconvenient.
  • Baggage arriving late
  • Having luggage lost during travel delays

Rules of Southwest Flight Delay Compensation

Southwest Airlines might postpone your flight due to factors beyond their control. When the flight is canceled by the airline itself, they do offer some compensation to the customers. There are certain rules that you need to follow when claiming it.

Below are the rules for compensation for delayed flights on Southwest Airlines:

  • Not all delayed flights are eligible for benefits under the air passenger humanitarian law.
  • The airline cannot book you on another airline’s flight.
  • If your flight is delayed due to the airline’s fault and you are departing from an airport in the European Union, you are entitled to receive reimbursement. If your flight started from a country outside the EU, you won’t be eligible for compensation under EC 261.
  • Travelers whose flights are delayed do not receive reimbursement.
    • Accommodations
    • Food and compensation for missed activities.
  • If you purchase a non-refundable reservation, you may not be eligible for a refund.
  • If you’re flying from a European airport and your Southwest flight is delayed, you can sign up for compensation.
  • If a passenger’s plane is delayed for more than 3 hours, they may be eligible for a flight compensation of $700, according to European law.

What is the amount of compensation for a delayed Southwest flight?

If your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours at your destination, you will receive a certain amount as a reward. This is also based on a distance ranging from 1,500 to 3,500 km.

Amount of Compensation (€) Distance of Flights
250 More than 1,500 km
400 Between 1,500-3,500 kilometers
600 Over 3,500 km
600 Greater than 3,500 km

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

This airline in the United States has a policy for refunds that applies to both flights that can be refunded and flights that cannot be refunded. It’s important to note that the policy may differ because flights and fares can vary. It’s important to mention that a traveler can only get a refund from Southwest after they have gone through the cancellation process and it has been approved.

Refund Policy Rules for Southwest Airlines

If you want to get compensation for a flight delay at Southwest Airlines, you need to follow some rules. The implementation of the tickets will depend on whether they are refundable or non-refundable.

To request a refund, you must first identify the rules listed below, as stated in the refund policy:

For Refundable Tickets:

You can get a refund for tickets that meet the following conditions:

  • I would like to purchase tickets for Business Select.
  • If you need to make a few reservations, there are plenty of tickets available.
  • To cancel your reservation, make sure to do it at least 10 minutes before your departure time.
  • The refund will be sent using the same method as the ticket purchase.
  • You can use “Travel Funds” as an alternative to money for Southwest flight delay compensation.

For Non-refundable Tickets:

  • You can usually get a refund for non-refundable reservations within 24 hours.
  • You can get a refund for each ticket within 24 hours.
  • You can use this money as a “Travel Fund” or for reimbursement purposes.
  • If you want a refund for a reservation that is non-refundable, you have to follow the rules of the no-show policy.

Connecting with this Airline for Queries

If your flight is delayed, you might have some questions. To receive answers, you can contact this airline. If you have a complicated question about whether Southwest provides compensation for delayed flights when you’re traveling with your pet, these options can help:


Flight delays can cause problems or make passengers uncomfortable. Flight delays can occur because of changes in weather and problems with air operations. Southwest understands that passengers may have concerns, so they offer compensation. Travelers can easily receive Southwest Airlines flight delay compensation by following the rules and regulations mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get compensation for a delayed flight from Southwest?

Southwest Airlines offers multiple choices for travelers to receive their compensation. You can claim compensation for a flight delay with Southwest Airlines through either online or offline methods. Passengers have the option to personally go to the airport and claim their compensation.

How long does a flight need to be delayed for Southwest to provide compensation?

If there is a delay of at least 1 hour, you may be eligible for compensation. But, considering the situation, the benefit will be provided. Sometimes, even if the airline is not responsible, they may not provide compensation for minor delays.

What occurs when Southwest Airlines delays your flight?

There might be a delay that could impact your trip. Southwest Airlines will provide the option to rebook in this situation. It can also provide you with coupons. If not, you can request a refund or compensation.

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