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If your Royal Jordanian flight was delayed or canceled, you might be eligible for compensation according to European Regulation EC 261. You can receive a maximum of 600€ ($700) as compensation.

Here is a complete guide on how to file a claim for reimbursement if your Royal Jordanian flight is late, canceled, or you are not allowed to board, according to EU Regulation EC 261/2004.

Royal Jordanian Delayed Flights Rights

Here’s what you need to know about the EU 261 rule to get up to 600€ in pay per person if your Royal Jordanian flight is late or canceled.

If your flight is delayed, you might be able to get compensation…

  • Your flight was late by more than 3 hours. 
  • You left from an EU airport and got to an EU airport on an airline that is listed in the EU.
  • The delay wasn’t caused by anything out of the norm.

The compensation amount can range from 250€ to 600€, depending on how far you were traveling and how long the delay was.

Flight Delays Compensation

The amount of money you receive as compensation can range from 250€ to 600€. The specific amount depends on how far you were traveling and how long the delay was.

Short Distance Upto 1500 Km €250
Medium Distance 1500-3500 Km €400
Long Distance More Than 3500 Km €600

Passenger Rights Under EU 261 Rule for Flight Delay

According to EC Regulation 261/2004, if your flight is delayed, or canceled, or you are denied boarding because the flight is overbooked, you have the right to receive compensation or a refund from the airline.

You can request compensation in these situations if the airline is at fault:

Flight Delay: If you arrive at your final destination more than 3 hours late.

Flight Cancellation: If you were told that your flight was canceled without any notice given at least 0 to 14 days before your scheduled departure.

Overbooking: If you were not allowed to get on your flight because there were too many tickets sold.

If the flight disruptions were caused by unusual circumstances, there is no compensation available. Some examples of these situations include security threats, strikes, tsunamis, very bad weather, or any event that is beyond human control.

About Royal Jordanian Delayed Flight Rights

You can receive compensation for a delayed flight if:

  • Your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours at the airport where you were supposed to arrive, which is your final destination.
  • If you left from an airport in the EU or arrived at an airport in the EU with an airline registered in the EU.

Within the EU:

  • If you travel a distance of 1,500 km or less, you can receive a maximum reimbursement of 250€.
  • If you travel more than 1,500 km, you can receive up to 400€ as compensation.

Within EU Airport and Non-EU Airport

  • If you travel a distance of 1,500 km or less, you can receive a maximum compensation of 250€.
  • If the distance you traveled is between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers, you can receive a maximum compensation of 400€.
  • If the distance is more than 3500 km and the delay is longer than 4 hours, you have the right to request financial compensation of up to 600€.

Airlines Offers These as Delay Compensation

2+ Hours Flight Delay:

  • Free meals and refreshments.
  • 2 free phone calls, email, or fax service.

5+ Hours Flight Delay:

  • Meals and drinks are in the house.
  • You get two free phone calls, emails, or faxes.
  • switched to the first flight that was open.
  • If you didn’t want to travel, you’d get your money back for the ticket. 
  • If you were delayed overnight, you’d get a hotel room and a way to get around.

Royal Jordanian Flight Cancellations Rights

If your flight was canceled without giving you at least 14 days’ warning, you can get a return or ask for compensation.

There are two choices for you to choose from…

  • You can either request a refund for your ticket or 
  • You can ask to change your flight or find an alternative flight.

If your alternate or replacement flight is delayed and arrives later than originally planned, you have the right to receive compensation for a canceled flight.

The amount can range from 125€ to 600€, depending on

  • length of delay, and
  • route distance

Royal Jordanian Denied Boarding Rights

If you were turned away from a flight, you may be able to get up to 600€ in compensation under European Regulation EC261.

  • You arrived on time for check-in, and
  • You have a confirmed flight booking and all the necessary travel documents.
  • You were not allowed to board the plane because there were too many people with tickets for the flight.
  • You did not choose to give up your seat willingly.

If you are not allowed to get on the plane because there are too many people, the airline should find another flight for you as soon as possible. If you don’t want to travel, you can also request a refund for the ticket. The refund should be credited to you within the next 7 working days.

If you were stuck at the airport waiting for your new flight, you have the right to request a complimentary service.

  • Meals and refreshments
  • 2 calls, emails, or fax service
  • Hotel accommodation and transport facility

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How to Claim Compensation for Royal Jordanian Delays?

If you follow the guidelines and regulations set by Royal Jordanian, claiming compensation for flight delays can be a simple process. Here are the simple steps you can follow to claim compensation:

Keep Document: Make sure to keep all your travel documents, like your boarding pass, ticket, and any receipts or invoices for expenses caused by the delay. You will need these documents when you file your compensation claim.

Understand Rights: Make sure you understand Royal Jordanian’s policy for flight delays and the rights that passengers have in your area. It is important to understand that different countries have different rules about what compensation you may be entitled to if your flight is delayed.

Ask Airlines Staff: If your flight is delayed, make sure to quickly let the airline staff at the airport know what’s happening. They will give you information about why there is a delay when they expect the plane to leave, and any help or money you might get.

Additional Expenses Documents: If the delay causes you to spend more money on things like food, a place to stay, or getting around, make sure to save all the receipts. You might be able to get reimbursed for these expenses if they are reasonable.

File Complaint: If you think you should be compensated after your trip, you can file a formal complaint with Royal Jordanian Airlines. Many airlines have a special customer service department or a website where you can submit your claim.

Use the Airline’s Online Portal: Several airlines, including Royal Jordanian, offer an online portal where you can submit your claims. Go to their official website and look for the section where you can file compensation claims. Please make sure to include all the necessary information and attach any relevant documents.

Be Patient: It may take a while for the airline to investigate the delay and process the compensation. Please be patient and give the airline enough time to review your claim.

Stay Persistent: Sometimes, it can be complicated to get compensation for flight delays. If you have a valid claim and encounter difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact the airline again or take further action if needed.


If your Royal Jordanian flight is late, or canceled, or if you’re not allowed to board, you might be able to get compensation according to EU Regulation EC 261. The price can vary between 250€ and 600€ depending on how far you’re going and how long the delay is. To make things easier, remember to keep all your documents, know your rights, and file a complaint with the airline to get the compensation you deserve. Stay calm and keep trying, even when things get difficult.

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