Allegiant Airlines Flight Delay Policy

Flight Delay

Allegiant Airlines Flight Delay Policy

Allegiant Airlines offers great amenities to make sure passengers have a safe and comfortable travel experience. Flight delays are bound to happen and can greatly affect a passenger’s travel schedule. Allegiant Airlines is good at being punctual and minimizing flight delays.

This guide provides information on how to apply for Allegiant Air flight delay compensation.

Guidelines for Allegiant Airlines Flight Delay

Allegiant Airlines helps passengers with guidance and assistance if there are any problems like flight delays or cancellations.

If your Allegiant Air flight is delayed or canceled, there are guidelines you should know about for compensation.-

  • If a flight is delayed or disrupted, the boarding gate area will show this information to the passengers who are there.
  • If the airline is responsible for a flight delay, they will book you on the next available flight or a partner airline’s flight for free.
  • If the new flight is not as good as the original one, the passenger can get their money back.
  • If your flight is delayed and you have to stay overnight, the airline will provide you with a hotel
  • room. This is in addition to the compensation you’ll receive from Allegiant for the delay.
  • Additionally, passengers are entitled to hotel transfers to and from the airport.
  • In accordance with Allegiant’s delay compensation policy, passengers are entitled to compensation and benefits if their flight is delayed by more than three hours.
  • The airline provides complimentary supper vouchers to passengers whose delays exceed two hours.
  • To qualify for reimbursement or compensation, passengers must have all receipts and booking information on hand.

Eligibility for Compensation

The airline may provide up to 600 USD to the passengers. Allegiant Air flight delay compensation ensures that passengers have access to the finest amenities and are compensated for the inconvenience caused.

You may submit a claim for Allegiant flight delay compensation in the following situations:

  • The flight has been delayed for at least three hours.
  • The airline cancels the flight and informs the passenger less than fourteen days prior to the scheduled departure.
  • The passenger is denied boarding because the flight is oversold.
  • Due to the delay, the passenger misses a connecting flight or arrives at the destination airport three hours later than anticipated.

Exceptions: In some instances, the airline may refuse to pay compensation or reimbursement for flight delays. Among the natural and unanticipated occurrences the airline may encounter are:

  • Closures of airports and airspace
  • Bird attacks
  • Government upheaval
  • Air Traffic control strikes
  • Bad weather
  • Natural disasters

Baggage Delay Compensation

Through its Allegiant delay policy and reimbursement policy, Allegiant provides a comfortable experience for its passengers. If a passenger is affected by a flight delay, he or she is entitled to compensation and facilities to mitigate the resulting inefficiencies and problems.

The airline has provided guidelines for passengers:

  • If your baggage is delayed due to a delayed Allegiant Air flight, you may be eligible for compensation to cover the expenses you incurred in getting your baggage delivered to you.
  • If your flight is within the USA, any delay in delivering your baggage is taken care of by the U.S.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.
  • If you bring items that are not allowed on the plane, Allegiant Air will not be responsible for any delay, loss, or damage to your bag.
  • If your baggage is delayed on an Allegiant flight, the compensation you receive will not cover the contents of items like assistive devices, mobility aids, and wheelchairs.
  • If the bag is lost, passengers can ask for a reimbursement fee.
  • Read through Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy.

Time Limit to Apply for Baggage Delay Compensation

Passengers need to contact the airline within a specific time frame to request compensation for delayed baggage.

  • If your baggage is delayed on a domestic flight, contact the airline within 4 hours.
  • For international flights, passengers need to contact the airline within 7 days if their flight is covered under the Montreal convention.

How to File for a Reimbursement for Delayed Luggage?

To get reimbursed for delayed baggage, follow these steps:

  • If your baggage is delayed, please go to the Baggage service office at the Allegiant flight check-in counter as soon as you can.
  • If your baggage is delayed, you need to go to the airport counter within 4 hours.
  • Please give complete information about your baggage’s size, design, color, and contents to help the airport staff handle it properly.
  • Please complete the baggage report and provide a detailed explanation of the request.
  • If you can’t report a baggage issue at the airport, you can send an email with your contact details, confirmation number, name tag, baggage colors, and other relevant information.

Methods to Claim Compensation for Flight Delay

Allegiant Air offers different ways for passengers to claim compensation for delayed flights. You can ask to change your flight schedule, get compensation, and more by using the website, going to the airport counter, or calling on the phone.

Online Method:

To claim the available compensation, go to the official website and follow the instructions provided.

  • Allegiant has a policy for delayed flights where they offer to reschedule the flight.
  • To get started, go to the website and click on the “Contact Us” page. Then, log in to your account.
  • To submit feedback, please provide the following information: – Type of request (Flight delay) – Passenger’s details (First name, last name) – Contact information (Phone number, email address) –
  • Booking/confirmation code – Detailed description of the issue.
  • The airline will respond to the request within 24 hours.
  • The airline will handle your request and send you an update or ask you to verify your documents through email or phone.

AT Airport Counter:

If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, passengers can contact the airline staff. To complete the task, please follow these steps:

  • At the airport counter, passengers can ask for compensation according to Allegiant’s delay policy.
  • If there is another flight available, the airline will change the schedule so that the delay time is shorter.
  • If the passenger is not comfortable with the rescheduled flight, they can ask for compensation or a refund for the delayed Allegiant flight.

What is the Amount of Compensation Offered by the Airline for a Delayed Flight?

Allegiant’s policy for delayed flights ensures that passengers receive appropriate compensation.

If your flight departs from an airport in the EU, here are the conditions for receiving compensation:

Conditions Compensation
Distance less than 1,500 km Up to 263 USD per person
Internal EU flights of more than 1,500 km Up to 422 USD per person
Non-internal EU flights with a distance between 1,500 – 3,500 km Up to 422 USD per person
Non-internal EU flights with distances of more than 3,500 km Up to 633 USD per person

If you were affected by the recent Allegiant Air delay, here is what you can expect in terms of compensation:

Conditions Compensation
Flights delayed less than four hours
100 USD voucher for future travel
Delayed between 4 to 6 hours
150 USD off voucher for future travel
Delayed between 6 or more hours
200 USD voucher for future travel
Rescheduled Flights
Full refund and 200 USD voucher for future travel

What Options Do Passengers Have in the Event of a Flight Delay or Disruption?

Allegiant Air offers the following flight delay compensation options for passengers who have experienced flight delays or disruptions.

  • Prerequisites: Under the Allegiant Air delayed flight policy, passengers with a delayed flight must arrive at the airport up to two hours before the scheduled departure time to complete security checks and other requirements.
  • Alternatives
    • Subject to availability, the airline offers passengers an alternative flight on the same day as departure.
    • Request Allegiant flight date and time changes at no additional cost, change fee, or fare difference.
    • The passenger may request Allegiant flight cancellation in order to receive a full refund for unused or unflown flight segments.

Refund Policy

In the event of a flight delay or compensation, Allegiant’s policy for delayed flights provides reimbursements and refunds up to the full ticket price.


Here are some considerations passengers must make for Allegiant flight delay refunds:-

  • If a passenger does not decide within 72 hours of a flight delay, the airline automatically issues a refund.
  • If the consumer does not rebook a flight with another airline, the original payment method is refunded in full.
  • Tickets purchased with a debit or credit card are refunded to the original payment method within seven days of a refund request.
  • Except in cases of fraud, refunds for tickets purchased with cash or a check are issued by check within 20 days of receipt.

If your Allegiant flight was delayed or canceled, you may be eligible for compensation or a refund. The quantity of compensation depends on the number of hours the aircraft is delayed, the flight’s distance, its route, the type of booking, etc. Keep all travel documents to support your claim and request for compensation.

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