Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

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Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

Philippine Airlines, founded in 1941, is one of the oldest airlines in Asia. The airline operates both within the country and internationally. It has a large number of loyal customers because of its excellent services and flexible policies.

The airline, Philippine Airlines, is headquartered in the PNB Financial Centre in Pasay. Over time, they have made changes to their flight procedures, making it easier for passengers to change their flights without any trouble. Read this guide to learn all about the Philippine Airlines flight change policy.

About Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

The easiest way to change flight tickets is online, regardless of whether the passenger booked them through a website or purchased them at the airport. You can make changes to your flight quickly and easily, without going through the usual long and boring processes. The Philippine Airlines flight change policy is designed to make it easy for passengers to make changes without any problems. Passengers can make changes to their Philippine Airlines flight by paying the flight change fee.

What is the Change Fee for Philippine Airlines?

If you need to change or cancel your Philippine Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking, you can do so without any additional charges. This means you have the flexibility to make any desired changes without incurring any fees. If a passenger needs to change their flight more than 24 hours after booking, they may have to pay a rebooking fee of $150 for promotional fares and premium save fares.

However, passengers with standard or economy airfare only need to pay a penalty of $50. You can easily change your bookings with Philippine Airlines without any hassle by doing it online or by calling their toll-free number. The cost of changing flights depends on the class the passenger chooses to travel in.

Philippine Airlines Flight Date Change Policy

Philippine Airlines is a highly favored airline. The rules for changing a booking with Philippine Airlines vary depending on the situation. There are different procedures for standby customers.

Passengers can easily change the date of their flight for free if they do it within 1 hour of booking through the internet. To make changes online, all you need to do is send an email. The airline will send a new e-ticket directly to your email. However, there are times when the airline may change its policy. Some conditions that may lead to policy changes include:

  • The new paths, if added, will be used during peak times and when demand is high.
  • If the time goes from morning to night and back again.
  • Should the flight not be operating on that day?
  • Any changes to the flight number?

Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

While this airline has a lot of good points, the only bad thing is that passengers can only change their name if they buy their tickets through the Philippine Airlines website. You have to make the changes at least 24 or 48 hours before the trip. You are free to either fully change the name or fix the spelling mistake. There may be a small fee, though, to change the name.

You would not be able to sell the ticket by changing your name, though. You should definitely double-check your name before you book your ticket if you want to avoid all the problems. There is a small fee to change your name on Philippine Airlines. The amount varies on the type of fare, the tickets, and the date of the booking. People on the other hand might have to deal with some problems and have to wait because of them. To prove something, you need the papers.

Methods to Change Flights in Philippine Airlines

It is easy to change flights with Philippine Airlines. To change your flight with Philippine Airlines, there are a few easy options available. You can call their toll-free number, send an email online, or visit a Philippine Airlines ticket counter in person.

If you need to change your flight, there may be a fee depending on when you want to travel, what class you switch to, and the timing of the change.

If you make changes to a domestic flight, you will be charged an additional 12% VAT (Value Added Tax) on top of the penalty amount collected for the ticket. There are certain tickets that cannot be re-booked. This means that if a passenger wants to make changes, they would have to cancel the ticket and then book a new one. It is strongly recommended to double-check the ticket before making a booking.


What is the change fee for Philippine Airlines, and when can I change my flight for free?

Within 24 hours, changes are free. After that, the fee varies by fare type.

How can I change my flight date with Philippine Airlines, and are there conditions for free changes?

Free changes are allowed within 1 hour of booking online, subject to policy changes.

What is the name change policy for Philippine Airlines, and how can I make corrections?

Name changes are possible if booked online, with a small fee, but not for reselling tickets.

What methods can I use to change flights with Philippine Airlines, and are there fees?

Methods include calling, emailing, or visiting in person, with fees depending on factors like class and timing.

Are there tickets that cannot be re-booked with Philippine Airlines, and how can I avoid this?

Some tickets can’t be re-booked, so double-check details before booking to avoid restrictions.

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