Avelo Flight Change Policy

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Avelo Airlines Flight Change Policy

Plans are subject to sudden changes in the ever-changing world of travel. Being able to modify your flight reservations in the event of an unforeseen circumstance or abrupt schedule change might be quite beneficial. Because it recognizes that its customers want flexibility, Avelo Airlines provides a thorough flight change policy. Let’s examine Avelo flight change policy in more detail so you can make any necessary adjustments to your itinerary with ease.

What are the Avelo Change Flight Guidelines?

If you need to change your ticket with Avelo Airlines, please be aware of the following conditions:

  • If the new flight costs more than the one you already have, you will need to pay the difference in fare.
  • If the cost of your new flight is lower, the extra money will be saved as Avelo Travel Funds (ATF) for the person(s) who originally booked the flight. You can use these funds for future travel, as long as you complete your trip within one year from the date the funds were given to you.
  • As per Avelo Airlines change flight policy, We will not accept any requests for Avelo Flight change after the flight has already left.
  • Passengers can ask to change their flight up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you have a flight segment that you haven’t used, you can ask for changes to be made to it.

You can save time and money by making your changes online using Manage Trips. If you need to change or cancel your reservation with Avelo, please note that there is a $20 fee per seated passenger when making these changes through their Customer Service Center.

Avelo Change Flight 24 Hours

Passengers flying with Avelo Airlines can change their flight reservations without any additional fees. You need to book your departure date at least 168 hours (or more) in advance. There may be differences in fares. The terms and conditions consist of:

  • As per Avelo change flight policy, Reservations made for groups are not eligible for changes within 24 hours.
    If you used Avelo frequent flyer miles points to make a reservation, you cannot make free changes within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • If your reservation includes flights from other airlines, any changes you make will only apply to the flight operated by Avelo Airlines.

What are the Methods for Avelo Change Flight?

If you need to change your flight with Avelo Airlines, you have two options: you can make the change online through their website, or you can call them to make the change over the phone.

Avelo Air Change Flight Online

If you want to change Avelo Flight ticket bookings, you need to follow these steps in the Avelo Manage Booking section:

  • To start, visit the official website of Avelo Airlines. Please choose the option labeled “Change/Cancel” below.
  • Next, make sure to fill out all the required information on both your original and intended flight tickets. Click on the “Submit” button.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for a message that confirms your new ticket with Avelo Airlines.

Avelo change flight Over the Phone

Passengers can call the airline’s Customer Service phone number to make changes. All you have to do is:

  • Please give your reservation details to the flight executive who is available.
  • After they find your reservation, simply ask if it’s possible to change your flight.
  • The Avelo flight changes will only apply to the part of the ticket that hasn’t been used yet. However, keep in mind that Air Airlines may charge a fee for making these changes.
  • The airline executive will provide you with a new flight option that suits your needs.
  • When you check out, you may need to use your debit or credit card to pay the change fee and any fare difference that applies.
  • After you have successfully received the payment, check your email inbox for a new flight schedule. This will be for the reservation you have already made.

Avelo Change Flight Fee

Avelo change flight policy works If you want to change your booking, you will have to pay a change fee. The amount of the fee depends on the day you request the changes.

Days from Departure Fee Amount (in USD)
0-5 days from departure 250
6-13 days from departure 200
14-59 days from departure 150
60+ days from departure 75
Within 24 hours of booking Free

The Avelo flight change policy is designed to put travelers at ease, knowing that they have the freedom to adjust their plans as needed without incurring additional fees. Whether it’s a change in travel dates, destination, or even the name on the ticket, Avelo strives to make the process simple and hassle-free for passengers.

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