Air Italy Flight Change Policy

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Air Italy Flight Change Policy

How often do you daydream about having a perfect, stress-free trip? Is it very often? If your airline doesn’t let you change your bookings, the trip can become a total mess. What are your concerns? If you’re booking a ticket with Air Italy, you’re in luck! Here, passengers can do whatever they want, unlike most airlines. The flight change policy of Air Italy is very flexible and guarantees a hassle-free process.

Do you want us to explain the Air Italy flight change rules to you in detail? Read along and find questions that are relevant to all of your queries.

Important Points of Air Italy Change Booking

Can’t we avoid checking every website for different change criteria because it’s too expensive? We have compiled all the rules about changes in one place to make your task easier. Go through the following points to be prepared for any last-minute emergency.

  • According to Air Italy’s flight change policy, passengers can make changes to their tickets for free within 24 hours of booking. You need to buy the tickets at least 7 days in advance of the departure date.
  • If the changes are made during the free change period, passengers won’t have to pay anything. But if the changes are made more than 24 hours later, they will need to pay the Air Italy change fee.
  • Even if passengers make changes within the given time frame, the airline will still require them to pay the difference in airfare. You need to pay these updated charges in order to make any changes to your booking date.
  • Passengers have multiple options to make changes, either online or offline. It is recommended to make the changes at the point of purchase.
  • If you need to make changes to a group booking, simply contact the global contact center and they will assist you. Sometimes, they can even divide the individual bookings from the group bookings.

All-Inclusive Changes For Air Italy

You can make changes to your travel date or seats with the airline. Here are some easy changes you can make to your flight ticket to Italy.

  • You can change the date of your Air Italy flight up to one year from the date you purchased your ticket. The policy regarding changing the date is quite strict and does not permit passengers to extend the time.
  • If passengers want to change the names on their tickets, they can simply send a document to verify their names and request the changes.
  • The destination can vary depending on the type of ticket you have. Sometimes, the airline might let passengers make changes, but other times they won’t.
  • Passengers can change seats even after they have checked in. You can reserve seats when you buy your ticket from the airline.
  • According to Air Italy’s flight change policy, the airline can cancel any free services that were promised on the previous flight. The passengers are not allowed to complain about this.

What is the Fee for Changing a Flight With Air Italy?

While this airline is known for being flexible, there are still some limitations. The change fee is charged when a passenger does not follow the airline’s rules for making changes.

  • The change fee for Air Italy is not the same for every passenger. The amount you have to pay for changing your ticket can vary based on a few things. These include where you’re going, when you want to make the change, and whether your ticket can be refunded or not.
  • Passengers who choose to take international trips are charged a higher fee for changing their flight compared to passengers who choose domestic trips.
  • Passengers who have insurance for their tickets don’t need to worry about the change fee. The airline does not charge them for making last-minute changes.
  • The fee for changing a flight starts after 24 hours from the time of purchase on a regular ticket. The airline offers a one-day risk-free change window.
  • If you want to find out the exact change fee, you can contact the airline directly for more information. You can also view it on the Internet.
  • Passengers can make free changes to their tickets only once. If the airline makes changes twice, they will charge the customer twice for those changes.

Various Methods To Change Flight on Air Italy

Life is ultimately about having choices. When an airline offers more choices, it attracts more passengers. Air Italy makes it easy for passengers to make changes. There are many options available. Please remember to scroll down and review the Air Italy flight change policy for information on how to change your flight.

Online Method

Modifying your ticket is easy. Just tap on your screen and it’s done! Doesn’t it sound easy? Yes. Passengers can easily change and update their tickets from the comfort of their couches. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make changes using the internet.

  • Choose any server you prefer and go to the official website of Air Italy.
  • You can choose the language you like.
  • There is now a “My Bookings” section at the top of the home page.
  • After selecting the flight option, please enter your booking reference number and last name.
  • Please click on the search button.
  • You can view your flight details on the screen.
  • Once you have logged in, you can make changes to your tickets.
  • To continue with the changes you want to make, please pay the difference amount, if there is any.
  • Here it is! You can make the alterations by following these simple steps. You will receive a new ticket through email and on your contact number. It will be regarding the same matter.

Via Call

Air Italy cannot guarantee time travel, but it can definitely guarantee you a memorable experience. Do you not enjoy making changes online? We believe that this approach has been specifically designed for you.

  • The airline is well-known for its executives who are highly skilled at solving passenger problems.
  • You can call and speak to an executive about the change process.
  • To speak with the executives, they will need to provide the booking reference number and last name.
  • The executive will first verify if the passengers are eligible before making any changes. They will explain the difference in airfare to you.
  • Please provide detailed explanations for the changes you make.
  • Here it is! The changes will be made and a new ticket will be sent to the email address or contact information you provided.
  • Passengers will need to pay a small administrative fee when making changes with the help of an executive.

At Airport

There are two ways to make offline modifications. The other way is to go to the ticket center at the airport. If you want to book and make changes to your ticket in a reliable way, this is the best method to do so.

  • Go to the ticket center and ask an executive for help.
  • The executive will ask you for your booking reference number and name in order to find your flight details.
  • Before you send the changes, explain them to your executive. If you can, bring a document with you (sometimes, name changes are only allowed after checking the documents). The executives will check if you are eligible and inform you about the change fee according to Air Italy’s flight change policy.
  • The changes would happen quickly and you would receive a new ticket immediately.


Can I Change My Flight Ticket while Traveling on Air Italy?

Yes. The Air Italy flight change policy makes it clear that customers can change their tickets however they want. There are times when travelers can’t change anything about their tickets. In this case, they can call the flight.

How Do I Change the Date on My Air Italy Ticket?

There are two simple ways to change the date on your ticket. If you want to change it online, go to Air Italy’s website, log in, and go to the “Manage Booking” area. There, you can enter your PNR number and last name and make any changes you want.

You can either call the World Contact Center directly or walk through the airport if you want to do it offline.

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