Air France Flight Chane Policy

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Air France Flight Change Policy

When flying with Air France, it is easy to avoid experiencing any losses. Air France has created some outstanding policies to ensure a fantastic trip, and their change flight policy stands out among them. 

The Airline started operating on October 7th, 1933 and has been providing excellent services to its passengers ever since. This guide will provide you with all the information you need about Air France’s flight change policy. To have an amazing trip, be sure to carefully review all the details. This will help you have a unique and enjoyable experience. 

About Air France Ticket Change Policy

Air France has created special policies to help customers avoid last-minute problems because plans can change unexpectedly. Don’t worry if you’re someone who likes to book tickets on a whim – Air France’s change flight policy has you covered. 

  • As per Air France’s change flight policy, passengers are allowed to make changes to their tickets without any additional charges. You need to make the changes within 24 hours of booking. 
  • To change your Air France flight, you can use the same method you used to book your tickets. If you booked a ticket online, you can only make changes online through Air France’s official website. 
  • If passengers don’t make a change within 24 hours, Air France will charge a change fee. 
  • If the price of the previous flight is lower than the new flight, passengers will need to pay an additional amount to cover the difference when making changes. If the price of the new flight is lower than the previous flight, the airline will refund the passengers. 
  • Passengers can make changes to their date, time, itinerary, meals, and seats without any charge as long as the changes are made within the specified free period. 
  • If a passenger has booked round-trip tickets and wants to make a change to just one leg of the journey, the airline will only charge a change fee for that one leg and not for the entire round-trip ticket. 

24-hour Flight Change Policy 

  • Air France has a policy that allows passengers to make changes to their tickets within 24 hours without any additional charges.
  •  If passengers make changes to their booking within 24 hours, they won’t have to pay any extra fees for changing their Air France flight.
  • The 24-hour change window applies to all fare types, regardless of the ticket class. Non-refundable tickets may have restrictions on making certain changes. 

Methods to Change Flight with Air France

Air France always takes care of the needs of all types of passengers by providing specific facilities. You have many options to make the changes in the way that suits you best. We have listed below all the steps for a passenger to make changes. 

Online Method

  • Check out the main website for Air France. 
  • Enter the flight information in the “Manage My Booking” part on the home page. This will take you to a new page that only deals with changes. 
  • You will now see the “Review/Modify” button next to your ticket. Select that choice. 
  • Before you press the “Continue” button, type in your name and ticket number.
  • Click on the link to go to the page where you can change your Air France trip. 
  • Don’t forget to double-check your information before you make changes. Then click the button that says “Continue.” 
  • Once the process is done, you’ll get an email or text message on your registered email address or phone number.

Via Call

Even though you can’t go back in time, you can still have a great time. If you don’t want to make the changes online, you can just call the customer service center and do it there.

  • Call the airline’s customer service center at. 
  • You would be given an executive who would make the changes you asked for to your ticket. 
  • Make sure to explain in detail how you want to change your ticket. 
  • The customers would then put you on hold while they checked your eligibility based on your fare type and the date of the change. 
  • The manager would tell you about the current situation and any change fees. The change will happen as soon as you agree with it and pay for it. 

Air France Change Date Policy 

  • Air France has updated its flight policy to allow passengers to change their flight dates as desired. If you want to change your travel date, it’s important to check if the airline is operating on that day. 
  • If the cost of your previous ticket is lower than the cost of the new ticket, you will need to pay the difference in price in order to make the change. 
  • If a passenger buys a group ticket but wants to change it to an individual ticket, the airline will only charge a change fee for one ticket. 
  • To change their date online, passengers can simply visit the official website and click on the “Time to Think” option. Go to the “Manage your booking” section and change the date according to your preference. 
  • Passengers can change their travel dates for free as long as they do so within the free cancellation period. 

Air France Time Change Policy

  • Changing the flight time for Air France can be done easily, whether you choose to do it online or offline. If the time change is made on the same day, passengers won’t have to pay any extra change fees. 
  • The airline can only change the time if there are empty seats available for people with valid tickets. If you already have a ticket with Air France, it does not automatically mean you can reserve a seat on any flight. 
  • Passengers can only change their time of flight if the fare rules permit it. Certain tickets cannot be modified. 
  • If you need to change your flight time at the airport, there will be an extra service fee of $20, regardless of whether it’s within the 24-hour window. 

Air France Change Seat Policy 

  • The airline offers a standard seat service that lets passengers choose their seats in advance. 
  • If passengers check in online, they can choose the standard seat option without any extra charge. 
  • Air France is an airline company. You need to change your seat selection at least 30 hours before your flight departs.
  • The fee for changing seats varies based on when you’re traveling, where you’re going, and the type of ticket you bought. You can pay for the changes using either Flying Blue Miles or Blue Credits. 
  • If passengers have a Flying Blue, Silver, or Gold membership, the airline offers free changes for flights to any destination. Children who are traveling alone and passengers who have a flex fare ticket can also request a seat change at no additional cost. 
  • Passengers can easily change or select their seats using the app. Choosing a seat is quick and easy, with no problems. 

Air France Name Change Policy

  • According to Air France’s Name Change Policy, it is not possible to change the name on an Air France flight ticket. If something goes wrong, the passengers cannot change their names and sell their tickets. 
  • If passengers have made a mistake, they can contact the place where they bought the ticket to fix it. If you make the modifications through the service center, there may be a small service fee. 
  • You should make name corrections at least 72 hours before your flight departure. Passengers may need to pay a fee to change their name on Air France tickets if they make the change after a certain time period.

Fees and Cost

  • Passengers must pay a fee if they do not make changes according to Air France’s flight change policy. 
  • If passengers want to make changes at the airport or city ticket office, they will need to pay $20 for the service. 
  • Passengers who have purchased their tickets from a third party, like agents, can easily get their tickets reissued at the city ticket office or the airport. The cost for this service is 50 USD. 
  • If you have insurance for your ticket, you can change it whenever you want without having to pay a penalty to Air France. 
  • The amount you have to pay for changing your ticket depends on where you’re going, what kind of ticket you have, and when you make the change. 

Rules for Flight Change

  • You need to make any changes to your flight at least 24 to 72 hours before it departs. This will help the airline meet your specific needs and prevent any last-minute problems. 
  • The ability to change your destination on an Air France ticket depends on the type of ticket you bought. When you book your ticket, you have the option to check for any changes to your destination. 
  • If you bought a ticket that cannot be changed, the airline won’t be able to assist you with any modifications. It is simple to cancel the ticket and make a new booking.


In conclusion, Air France’s flight change policy offers flexibility and convenience to passengers. With a 24-hour change window, various change methods, and options for seat changes, it caters to diverse traveler needs. While name changes are restricted, passengers can make corrections in advance. Fees vary, but ticket insurance can help avoid penalties. Air France prioritizes passenger satisfaction, making travel adjustments hassle-free.

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